Friday, April 17, 2009

April Day out and in with Esme

Today started out funny - Esme woke up from the night but didn't stand up and yell like usual. Instead she read a book, and kicked the side of her crib for a while. Then she sat up and pointed at the letters on her crib fabric and said 'E'. Her crib fabric has letters and animals on it - and I named them for her. She said 'E', 'meow?' (there was a kitty) and pointed to things to be named. Then I put her in the changing table and she pointed to a box behind her head and said 'E, O' - and she was pointing to numbers that said 1041. What a funny kid! She also told me the doggies were barking and kitties say meow etc... her normal jabber. When I was putting on her pants near the dresser she pointed at the shelf and said 'foo!' -- she wanted her shoes which were on the shelf, so we put on our shoes. I was pretty impressed! We did our bath and brushing teeth - she's trying so hard to mimic me on everything!

We went to town and stopped at yard sales - she waved hi and bye bye to lots of people. When we stopped for a snack she stood in line with us and said hi to lots of people while holding Daddy's Skittles in her hands. She talked to lots of ladies and impressed a few. She devoured a piece of chicken and potato. She saw two little girls at one yard sale place but they were eating at a little table and were very unwelcoming (not to blame them - they had pizza and Esme was interested) We bought Esme a few more dinosaur toys and she loved seeing all the trees and grass.

When we got home Esme played a weird sorting game with her fridge letters. She brought them all to her stepstool one by one, then moved them all behind the stove, then brought them back to the stepstool, then sorted them mostly by color, then dropped them through the hole in the stepstool saying 'uh oh'. We had some sherbert with spoons and chips and cereal - which she enjoyed. She got very upset when she almost dropped the glass bowl and I told her 'uh oh NO (don't drop this)' She helped me with laundry again.

When we got upstairs again she wouldn't leave the kittens alone - tried to give them a brass plant hanger after I told her they didn't need it. She went down for a nap. Mark is planning spaghetti with really good tomatoes in it.

Last night after I got home from work we made a small pizza, and Esme was really happy to watch it cook in the oven. She kept saying 'look at that!' and pointing to the pizza in the lighted oven. She ate almost all she was given. She also made sure Daddy knew that we kept cat food in a cupboard. She does this to me all the time (opens the cupboard and points at saying 'meow?') He was pretty impressed because he hadn't seen her do that before.

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mrspao said...

Awww how sweet she is!