Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easel, bike and chair

We got Esme an easel and bike at the flea market. She loves them both! She can't move the pedals herself on the trike but she loves me to push her around on it. She is drawing lots of pictures on her easel and knows the paper goes under the clips at the top.

Also today she was climbing in and out of Daddy's chair just like she does with the kitchen chairs downstairs. Except - one time when she got up and turned around she caught me watching and said 'I chair!' hehe - yes you do little one!

Mark called this Chthulu chasing the unbelievers hahaha - or dinosaurs chasing stick figures. I like the latter better, but Esme mostly just calls her drawings 'pretty' or 'kitty' or 'I draw'

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Hannah said...

Esme is just a beautiful little girl...and a bright one at that!