Thursday, December 14, 2006

First sentence meme

I saw this over at Chris' blog. What was the first setence you posted every month on the blog?

Since I'm having a 'right-brain' day, this is a nice substitute for trying to make sense of real words.

How to write 'cat' in Japanese - neko!

I think Willow is saving up for tuna.

We went out to look at another piece of land today -- a place that we are quite interested in.

We are off to Paris Landing State Park today!

All of the POV-Rayed images here were generated by me.

*sighs* - I have so many little creatures to get done!

I promise lots of pictures tomorrow. (migraine day)

Yesterday was so hectic!

I'll try not to ramble too much, but I am having a sinus nightmare right now.

This was the most fun I've had in at least a couple of months ;o)

We're back at work - trying to get caught up!

Can I ask for a survey here?

Right brain day: A day when all the stars in my head are exploding with wanting to draw everything at once and the limitations of time and space are frustratingly clear with each line put down on paper.

right-brain linkys
leonardo da vinci drawings
Mayan glyphs
vesalius drawings (anatomical - discretion of viewer advised)
da vinci anatomical drawings (discretion advised)
Aratus by Johann Buhle constellation maps
Anatomical drawings at wikipedia
geometrical drawings and cartesian coordinates.


Chris said...

The "neko" one reminded me of my ipod shuffle, named "Bakeneko" from the ghost cat in Ranma!!!

How are y'all doing?? I know that you've been really busy with the new work thing and with all the stuff for your shop...

Anonymous said...

That's a cool meme! I've been right braining, too. It's getting in the way of stuff.

Anonymous said...


Oh and by the way, Tag your it. Check out my blog today (Friday) to see what I just tagged you for.