Saturday, December 16, 2006

In honor of 10,000

Susan gets a gift, in honor of being the closest to the 10,000th visitor that my hit counter was able to identify by location and referring URL. I'll get a nice package ready for her in January! Thank you Susan, and thank you everyone! I've really enjoyed our conversations and shared experiences throughout the last year!

Today I am looking at:
Turing Machine
Beethoven's Creatures of Prometheus video at Youtube
Word Shoot typing game, spell quick or die!


Lace Pattern.
Number of stitches - even number greater than 20
(I have 54 in size 5 needle).
Garter stitch border for bottom.
Begin to knit a stockinette lace interior with a border on each side of 5 garter stitches.

K5, work 5 stitches regular, decrease, yarn over, decrease, yarn over, work stitches to last 5, K5. Repeat for next row as above.
K5, work to last yarn over of previous row, decrease, yarn over, decrease, yarn over, work stitches to last 5, K5, Repeat for next row as above.
Repeat pattern until the eyelet stitches meet in center, begin to work pattern backwards, so eyelet stitches are moving away from center again. Repeat until end of scarf.

It would be interesting to see multiples of this pattern stemming off of each other - but that would require more 'keeping track of' than this pattern currently does. Thiis pattern was decided upon specifically because there is no keeping track, the pattern itself tells you the next step, and the next etc...


Chris said...

Congrats, Susan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rhelynn and Chris! That's just so cool!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Susan!

Escher on acid. Sounds complimentary! I think.

Your own language? You've always been geeky artistic, haven't you? Awesome.

Lynn said...

Hey that's great Susan! Good on Ya!

10,000 that is a feat