Saturday, December 09, 2006


Progress at the Softie Toy Shop
for the Holiday rush

These two were a LONG time coming, and I really wish they could have been done earlier - but now they are, and hopefully the rest will get done tomorrow, so I can do all my mailing on Monday. I just haven't felt particularily 'artistic' this last month - although I've been doing things. The applique work on these aliens really takes my time and concentration to end up 'right' - which up until today, I hadn't had enough of either.

A thank you for her
made from scraps
Everything at KnitOwl is hand-stitched.

Off to start the finishing-work on the next order.


mrspao said...

Your work is beautiful :)

Vleeptron Dude said...

hey hey rhelynn/Geeky Girl!

hmmmm did you see the feature movie of Hitchhiker's Guide? did you like it when they (and their puke) were all transformed into Knitted Objects?

meanwhile thanks for trying to answer the last Vleeptron PizzaQ. The answer was:

It was a 3D Rapid Prototyping Solid of a few gazillion computed zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function. You compute the data points, and then the data controls a laser which shapes the solid from a hunk of special laser-sensitive resin.

Muy starwarz! (And they're also using RP to use MRI/CAT data to make practice/rehearsal solids to separate coinjoined twins.)

I know of 2 of these Zeta Function solid objects that exist with us in our spacetime, one at UCSD and the first at my alma mater, NYU (Courant Institute).

Okay well anyway i got a new PizzaQ!

You're smart, you can get this one.

Anonymous said...

That blue bird is so pretty! and the aliens are cute too. (Don't want them to feel slighted).

RheLynn said...

mrspao and CarrieK: thanks!

Vleeptron: Yes, I saw that movie and that was a very neat part when they went all 'knitted.' Riemann Zeta Function hurts my head right now - but very cool. I may get some time later to look at your next challenge.

Jennifer said...

Loving the softies! My kids still adore their aliens and sleep with them every night.

Chris said...

They turned out great - very, very cute!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! *Love* 'em. I've been off my feed, too. Maybe it's crafty slump month.