Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Geek Craft: Rhombicuboctahedron

stage 1

OK - my brain is seriously on overload lately:

Materials: wooden dowels
each stick is 4" long and joined at ends
pruning shears
tape measure and marker
floral wire
this page

I might cover it with rice paper and hang it from the ceiling...
maybe no rice paper, we'll see how the framework looks afterwards.
I'm sure there are better ways to make these -- but I've had a fun morning.


Anonymous said...

You are nuts! I think I love you!

mrspao said...

Looks like you've been enjoying yourself again :)

Chris said...

It hurts to read that word! :) Very cool, tho!

Anonymous said...

You always have the most interesting stuff. You remind me of my sister.

Kelly said...

I agree with Chris, it hurts to read that word. Rice paper may be cool!

Lynn said...

well it is beginning to look like a cage.