Saturday, April 01, 2006

Paris Landing and Fort Donelson

Caution: Lots of Geekery and no craft/knitting content whatsoever... we went somewhere pretty though ;o)

We are off to Paris Landing State Park!

At least.. that was the plan. But the park office was closed when we got there, and we couldn't find the hiking trails. So, while we were looking for them, we saw a sign that said 'Fort Donelson National Battlefield - 11mi'

So, we went! Fort Donelson Web Site Usually I avoid places like this, but today I was brave. I get creepy vibes off of cemetaries and the like... most people do, don't they? No creepy vibes here though, it was a wonderful day.

We were geeks and even watched the slide show.. it was 10 minutes and told a bit about what happened at the fort. There were very interesting displays of old medical and surgical kits (people used these in the field???), uniforms and antique swords/pistols in the small museum. Then we went on the walking trails down to the 'Lower Water Battery' (cannons on the Cumberland River)

J and I sat for a long time by the Cumberland and watched eagles fish, and looked at all the wild onions and small white violets growing there. It was a beautiful day, with wind off the water that smelled fantastic, lots of green and blue and sun.

We were sitting just about 'in front of the gun' in this picture.

Ok, I am REALLY a geek, because this passport to national parks program looks cool. I wondered what that 'stamp your passport?' sign was about... It reminds me of the temple tour in Japan where you collect chop marks to say you've been to all 80-some temples.


Chris said...

Sounds like a very cool day.

Carrie K said...

I love doing stuff like that. I was totally mesmerized by the electric map at Gettysburg and then we spent the next few days tromping around the battlefields.