Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday at the Auction

We spent a little over six hours today wandering around a local auction, and managed to make out with a few nice household things! Part of what we picked up were two large boxes of fabric yardage (nice stuff!) It is going through the washing machine now in batches ;o)

There was also a nice little box of notions inside, with lots of old buttons, cover-your-own buttons and a few other odds and ends. I was happy we stayed until almost the end (eighty degree day too!) to wait for these.

We also have new neighbors today. People are moving in again to the other side of our duplex. The girls are not happy about all the unidentified noise. Willow is walking around on tiptoe and hiding behind things. It is as if she looks at me and says 'I'm worried, why aren't you?'

Yellow happy kitty is finished (I brought him to the auction in my sewing kit) and has had his photoshoot. I need to get the pictures to upload tomorrow. A large yellow happy kitty is cut out and being stitched now as well.

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That grey velvet may be good for Carrie K's sloth idea too!


susan said...

Aren't auctions fun? Sounds like you got some cool stuff. Will you post pictures of the fabric?

RheLynn said...

I can tomorrow -- J is having serious problems with the home computers today (I'm sneaking a minute on his right now), so no pictures yet :o(

I have yards and yards of a beautiful striped herringbone -- but not sure how the stripes will interfere with making a skirt out of it!

Chris said...

Maybe you'll be making a lot of tabby kitties? :)

linda said...

Love fleamarkets-don't have a clue what to do at an auction. I am always afraid I'll bid unintentionally on something I don't want. Or worst can't aford. And be stuck with it. Oh and love the mini-me! Am having some puter probs myself.

RheLynn said...

grin@linda -- J kept telling me if I need to scratch my head to turn around ;o)