Thursday, February 23, 2017


 This is Liz, Esme's new teddy bear hamster.
She came from the Fish Tank store in Paris, TN - and she is very tame.

 Unlike other things in our household.  No wonder the pies keep disappearing!

And this is Freckles, who doesn't get enough 'airtime'... and was being cute 
waiting for a treat in the kitchen.

Esme is still sick.  She threw up again tonight but mostly from coughing after eating.  We've kept her home all week and will keep her home tomorrow, too.  Maybe Monday.

I planted a daffodil in the garden today, too - a white daffodil with pink middles.  I was very surprised to find them for sale, so I had to get one!  I put it in the garden next to the hyacinths.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Esme was still sick today - she had hit 103 during the night before we gave her the Tylenol.  The fever has not went that high again, hovering just at 100 ever since the Tylenol wore off.  I got her to drink every few hours and this morning I told her to eat some soup and a bit of sandwich before she could play her dragon game and check in on her hatching egg.  She was avoiding food mostly I think because she says her coughing makes her feel nauseous.  Still watching this.  I have today off but have to get back to work tomorrow.

The hamster seems to have adjusted some - she found all the things in her cage and ran on her wheel half the night.  Esme has named her 'Liz'.  runner up would have been 'Nipsy' or 'Queen Victoria' (Mark's suggestion).

I finished 'The Girl Before'.. a little unexpected, a little disturbing in places.  I can see the four out of five because the twists were different enough to make an impression.  I have 'The Lavendar Garden' and another short little book about a robbed heiress that came on the coattails of the other one in the free book email.

Monday, February 20, 2017


So we found the jungle in Minecraft, and I built a suburban house there.  Heh.  Esme seems to have gotten partially over having the flu, still says she feels a bit weak and dizzy but mostly because she is still trying to avoid meals... made her eat some soup today before a bath and she feels better again.  We are planning to go to town to look at the pet shop and get our groceries.

Mark put my three Great Big Sea albums on a portable mp3 player for me and I'm enjoying it.  I have another CD coming in the mail sometime next week of things I have liked.

Also my Sweetie dog has hurt her ankle again... poor thing.  Her and Daphne both have that trouble of spraining a foot now and then and limping for several days.

Finished 'The Unwanted Heiress' and 'Twelve Doors of Faery' in the past few days, both nice short quirky books.  Into something more popular.. 'The Girl Before'  Usually I tank those sort of things halfway through... we'll see.

We got Esme a teddy bear hamster today at the pet shop.  She was excited.  We used the old rat cage and wheel for her.  Esme was tuckered out from her sickness when she got home - too much for her going to the store and all.  She is asleep on our bed now after getting the cage set back up with Mark.  The hamster is a little black and white female, quite sweet and inquisitive.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Really pretty dahlia bulbs Mark got me for Valentine's Day.
They are a pretty bouquet that we can plant in a pot in the garden when it warms up.
and a bunch of radishes and radish seeds, as I told him I was thinking of planting some soon.

Esme got a cute little pink lion I found at the store last week and hid from her in my secret hiding place.  I didn't forget Mark - stashed him a special chocolate bar somewhere he didn't think to look.  

Other than that I have to work later tonight and then I get two days off.

Monday, February 13, 2017

little bits

Esme had a great weekend with friends, although they watched a horror movie, so we've dealt with a nightmare or two.  I've had to work the weekend - feel like I haven't gotten anything done at home but at least I'm doing a lot at work.  Work just seems like a neverending game of 'Let;s Find Something to Do Right Now: menial task edition'.....getting it done, but I don't like that mindset of making a three million item checklist just to stay busy.  It presses my stress button.  I guess if it was someone else's three million item checklist that didn't make any sense to reality it would be worse.  So, there's that.  When I put something on the 'checklist' in my head, it makes sense and needs to be done.  This week I'm going to press harder about those signs, one of which hit me in the nose last week and caused a bloody nose and a bad bruise.

Temperature changes have brought on a lot of weird dreams.  Mark is still getting over his flu / sinus and running a low grade fever - the cold and hot weather swings aren't helping him much, either..and hosting the girls this Saturday drained him a bit but getting to sleep undisturbed on Sunday for a good while when she was over at their house was probably good again.  My hyacinths are starting to come up in the garden - went to look for them this Saturday.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

tiny memory bits

Had a couple of emails back and forth with Esme's teacher.. seems she had been 'enterprising' with her snacks at school and trying to make a few quarters - a little like her Daddy back in the good old days selling candy at his middle school that he had picked up at the gas station.  We've let her know that is not to continue no matter who wants it... a little funny considering but I know it is a little sad too because she really thought she was making friends that way.

A few stray memories that wandered through my brain the past week...

Being seventeen or so riding my ten speed bike through the town of Grand Rapids, MN from the high school area where I lived up to the Hardees on 'Hamburger Hill' halfway across town.  I remembered the two curbs specifically that were not 'let down' to the street and having to hop the bike up each one at speed and sometimes really jarred my teeth when I missed.  I remembered doing this with my uniform in my backpack and changing out to work my shift, then my brother Bill picking me up in his truck at night so I wouldn't ride back in the dark... such a long time ago, twenty years now... I would likely die just to ride one mile now much less three or four uphill.

The other memory was walking into Esme's room and finding that her cat Polliwog had given birth to kittens in her bed, just before bedtime.. and having to scramble to clean up the bed and put the kittens somewhere safe while everyone simultaneously groaned and cooed over the kittens... That memory hit me the other day when I opened the door with her clothes hamper in hand and I know our cat Pumpkin is pregnant now again... hoping history does not repeat itself there.