Tuesday, November 25, 2014


8.30a    - PE (Skating)
9a    - break

9.30a    - fun4thebrain.com (Murb math), addition, subtraction, multiplication
10.30a    - more skating
11a    - break

11.30a    - Thank you letter
12.15p    - bird drawing
12.30p    - vocabulary words
1p    - pbskids.org
2p    - done
some reading before bed...talking about learning and why we need to learn lots of different kinds of writing
talking about tomorrow and lots of things we need to get done

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday recycling and skates

8.30a    - Morning discussion, water pressure in leaking containers
             Hear ye, Hear ye, doctors and medicines
---She had said that she noticed water in a container with a hole in it stopped coming out at a certain point - and she had theorized that the 'hard water' was what was left, and the soft water leaked out.... I tried several other containers with a hole in the bottom and talked about water pressure with her- that we couldn't just scoop up 'hard water' or 'soft water' to put on top of the other water - it was the weight of any water - all the water was the same - but the more that was in there the more 'pressure' the water at the bottom had to leak out.. and when it got down, there wasn't enough pressure to force the water through the hole.  She really understood that, and tried a few more times.
//There was also an outbreak of 'broccoli fever' among her imaginary patients - and a wordplay on 'patience' and patients getting their medicine if they have patience.  *silly*
9a    - break

10a     - watching recycling batteries at plant- weighing scrap
10.30a    - break
11:30a     - Mickey Clubhouse pattern matching games
12p    - Grizzwold the bear book, reading aloud
12.30p    - break
----back to town for second trip, buying skates, getting dinner

3.30p   - PE (skating)
4.30p    - break

4.45p    - Reading aloud, Grizzwold again
5p    - pbskids.org, electric company word games
5.45p    - done

We went to the local recycling plant today.  Esme helped us load some of the smaller stuff, count and stack it - and we used equipment for several of the larger things.  Once we were at the plant, she talked to several people about her homeschooling (which I was very proud of her for and she said she felt brave!) and watched them weigh the batteries on the scale.  At one point the girl working there helped Esme take some of the batteries and stack them on the scale - so she could feel like she was helping in the process.  The girl also showed her where on the computer the weights came up.  I talked to Esme about how the scale was built - she couldn't see anything but the flat metal plate and asked me how it was a scale - what made it a scale?  Then we talked about how the weights were figured with both addition and subtraction (there was a pallet on one of them), and then multiplication by the price per pound for the item.  Out of the proceeds, she got a new pair of big kid rollerskates we had been looking at for her.  We are also going to get several of our dogs spayed at the vet, which we have also talked about.  So, this is a big learning day for how things are done and what are important things to do with the money.

She picked up the Grizzwold book by herself out of our latest library excursion, and read in between some of the trips.  Then she picked it up and read it out loud again to both of us with some questions about the words she had missed the first time.

Here are pics of her happy with her new big kid skates!  She has been wearing them most of the night *hehe*

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday field trip

8.30a    - Hair and fingernails and seashells explained
      'schedule' and 'hours of operation' discussed
9a    - kahn math
10a    - break
1:30-2:30p - tour of artist and pottery studios, talking
             with the artist about painting and art
2:30-3:30p - library music and photography programs, building

4.15p    - reading aloud, "Fall is for Friends"
4.30p    - sketching
5p    - done

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday measurings and letter to Santa

9.45a    - Letter to Santa
10.30a    - Measuring tape, meausure 10 things
10.45a    - pbskids.org
11.30a    - break

12p    - Planet Earth  ep 8 "Jungles" & discussion
1.15p    - vocabulary words (I've been having them do a list of 2nd and 3rd grade words, and she has been doing them well)
2.15p    - done

Tomorrow I plan to take her to the library - we have went through the three picture books I checked out 'Animals Santa', 'Oliver finds his Way' and 'Man in the Moon : Guardians of Childhood'... there are two other books on measuring and weighing things that we have not yet went through.  We are also planning on going to the art gallery at the Lee School.  Saturday I have to work and we have tickets for the Mr. Roger's Neighborhood stage play.

I am hoping to get a few things done on my own agenda.  I ordered some geranium seeds for a project coming up, and rebooted the purple sweater I had been knitting for Esme more than a year ago - sometime before she grows out of it!  I would like to get another pair of pants done for her - have fabric set aside for it since September but had not gotten to it.

I'm still reading Royal Assassin by Robin Hobbs... getting to the 3/4 mark and things are starting to blow up all around the main character.

I have noticed since Esme has been out of public school and in homeschool (over a month now) her thoughts are getting even more complete.. she is forming better sentences, and thinks for herself much more.. logical conclusions, arguments/debate etc.  All of this is a very good sign for us.  Other little signs - she is taking care of her 'baby dollys' again... practicing she says for when she is a grown up with a job as a babysitter.  She is thinking more about places she wants to go and days of the week, schedules etc.  Cons - 'Why do I have to get up in the mornings at all?'  Err.. because the whole day depends on it.  Oh. Ok, I'm up.  // Getting her to brush out her hair is still difficult, we always have to help... reminding her to change clothes for town - which she usually does VERY well now, appropriate choices etc.  I can't believe how she can run around the house in winter in a tshirt and not be cold! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday catchup


10a    - Musical Instruments, identifying and playing
10.30a    - Grocery store, prices and sizes comparisons
11a    - break

12.30p    - pbskids.org
3.30p    - break

4p    - pbskids.org
6p    - break

8a    - pbskids.org
11.30a    - cooking eggs
12p    - break

2p    - Electricity & Lasers video
2.45p    - Reading aloud, "The Story of Babar"
3p    - PE (30x 10lb bench, 30 sit ups, 10x 10lb deadlift,
      30x 10lb squats, headstands)

3.30p    - break

4.30p    - Greek letters and numbers in mathematics
5p    - Planet Earth ep 7 "Great Plains"
6p    - done

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday oobleck and more

12p    - Reading aloud, "The Story of Babar"
12.30p    - vocabulary words
1p    - math worksheet; more vocabulary
1.30p    - break

2p    - science, B&G "Dancing raisins; oobleck
2.30p    - Snap Circuits #9
3.30p    - break

7:30 p - more oobleck, Greek lessons, take apart Snap Circuits and go to bed
8:30 - done