Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Birthday and beading

I had my birthday walk this morning, and watched the sun come up.  Then we hung out at the house for a bit.  I accidentally broke my shell bracelet, and rebeaded it with other scraps to make something new, then went right on making a necklace with the rest of them and a huge pretty shell I had never used in my bead collection. 

I finished reading the Catherynne Valente book.. 'In the City of Coin and Spice' (volume 2 orphan tales) and it was so much.. I cried in the middle, and also in the end.  It shocked and intrigued and delighted and filled you to bursting with both tears and wonder... (In the Night Garden, volume 1).   And the stories overlap and intertwine and pluck the same note on different instruments, retell old tales and tell other ones you are sure mean something else... and in the end, I was still surprised as something never said I thought was true was not.. and it changed everything again.  

We went to town for cat food and dental floss, and picked up a few more beads and the Real Ghostbusters cartoon set for my birthday, which I had wanted, but didn't want to spend that much on it... we are watching it now.  Esme made the green bracelet all by herself from the beads she picked, and I made t he other two bracelets with what my kit had and the new box I bought.

green beans and cucumbers from the garden tonight...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Mark got a happy Father's Day card, shockingly chartreuse bath towel (to match his new choice in shorts), some cookies and candy he likes and of course, a holiday potato.  It just isn't a holiday without a potato being exchanged between them.  // ha

Other than that, his wish was to stay home and relax.  The weather was very rainy and stormy, too, so it was a really good idea.

I've read two more books, started on a third.  Listened to my music yesterday and drew this for fun.  Esme sat beside me and drew  something of her own, too.  Then, when I was nearing the end of the drawing, she said the rabbit needed to have a kite. 

Micron Pen. it is sort of an Italian villa... we watched Under the Tuscan Sun the other week, and a I started this drawing the tower and doorway kind of took over...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

first day of vacation

I picked our first bean crop (four), and spent some time in the sun.  I read two books.  I finally folded the laundry.

We bought Esme a new swimsuit yesterday, in case we want to go swimming.
We wrapped up some Father's day gifts and Mark found a few other things he wanted at the store.

He bought me some goat cheese I had looked at before.
Hmm.. what to do with that?  My instinct says eat it plain on crackers.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Lamb family recipe book

A few weeks ago I took down all the paper printouts that were scattered all over the fridge and rewrote them into this tablet.  We couldn't decide on what to put on the cover, so it got a little bit of everything going back and forth between Mark and I.  What's actually in here are all the recipes we've made that were good enough to keep and want to make again.  Some of them are 'family secret' type recipes, like Mark's ginger muffins and the Dragon Pork spice ratios.  My egg noodle and pancake recipes are in here, too (see the pancakes tab for easy access?)

I made the 'yellow cake' recipe out of this (also seen on one of Esme's birthdays) and layered the batter over mandarin oranges and pineapple pieces to make a cake dessert for tomorrow at work. We all just had a piece of one of the two cakes I made and it turned out good!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Flowers and egg noodles

Nasturtiums, zinnias and a marigold in the garden
Making egg noodles

The flower garden I started a few months ago is starting to produce some very pretty blooms worthy of cutting and bringing in to a vase.  The other flowers - dianthus, and verbena, are not cutting flowers but they are pretty, too.  I've reached level 11 in the French program I'm working  in (Duolingo), and a twelve day streak, which is really good.  Mark pointed out some Italian sausage (the kind with the fennel) in the store today, and I bought some and an orange pepper to make a meal for Esme.  I ended up making egg noodles again for the first time since I was Esme's age or younger.. it was pretty much a success.  I'd like to try again tomorrow or at least during my vacation and try to make them much thinner.  They would be even better cut thin.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Nasturtiums and garden

 The little garden is bursting forth with some colorful flowers.  The pink gladiolus is blooming, as are the nasturtiums (above), marigolds, dianthus and verbena.  The zinnias are almost ready to pop open -  I can see the colors of their petals in the edges of the buds.  I planted some more zinnias that Esme had chosen in two places and they are germinating.. which means more color later on.  The morning glories are finally starting to climb their trellis and the moonflowers are still unfolding leaves from their initial breaking through of the soil.