Friday, June 24, 2016

bit in bit

Finally got the placement test scheduled.  Also, gave Esme a simple math placement test off of a reccommended site and she is well above grade level, which is good.  I'm not sure I can get her to do their reading assessment, though - it was tough for me with their format that didn't let you read the page again while referring to 'paragraph four' etc... I think she'll really do fine.  I've been approved for a vacation during the days leading up to her starting school - all but one day, so it is kind of split.

I worked HARD at work today - probably moved about fifty times my own weight over the course of a few hours.  One thing I almost didn't get moved... but with some physics finagling I worked it onto a machine and then did the same sort of physics trick to get it into a safe place on a shelf... using gravity in my favor etc.  Our new manager has been really bad about putting anything in topstock - even though he has licenses for more than I do... so I took it to heart today and along with a little help from the other two part-timers in my dept we cleared the board and got us back on track.  I think my muscles are going to hurt tomorrow!

Not much else to report.  Esme and I are both (almost) down to one book left to read for our week, but I don't have a weekday off until next Friday.  We might have to squeeze a morning in there somewhere or have Mark take her.  I do have this Sunday off but we  can't get any new books then!

We've been watching Pirates of Dark Water, Thundercats and also watched Freaky Friday tonight.  We finished 'Bunnicula' together the other night and it is now firmly a part of Esme's imagination.  Heh.  I knew she would like it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

birthday bits

 I took my usual walk this morning at sunrise.  Thought about a lot of things.
Came back from the garden with this little beauty, made green tea with honey and listened to music.
The cleome was blooming, too - but only one and I left it there.

A flower from my garden this morning, among the clay trinkets I made last year.

Mark and Esme gave me some pretty and useful gifts :)  and a big sketchbook.  I got Pirates of Dark Water last week and we've been watching it.

Experiments in basketmaking - two different little brown baskets made with a crochet hook stitching brown weaving yarn around sisal twine.  I'm using them to store thread in on the hooks above my sewing machine.  I'd like to try to make a few washable ones for Esme's room out of nylon cord and the rest of her pink and purple rug yarn.

I also finished the blue shawl (and wore it this morning to walk), and the floor rug for Esme's room.  

Saturday, June 18, 2016

book bit

So we've been doing the summer reading program with Esme, and she has read all the first five of her books in less than a week.  We checked out five more today, a few a bit longer, and we read the short one tonight before bed.  She is getting much quicker with her reading - and she has noticed it, too.  She is already planning ahead to look for the sequel to Flat Stanley next week.  We'll see how well she does with the longer book - a Felicity mystery, and the other ones are in between. 

I found a few short Gary Paulsen books and read them myself today while she played in the library.  I had of course read Hatchet when I was in school, being from Minnesota, but I hadn't seen the sheer quantity he had written all laid out before me on a shelf before - the library had so many. 

Also, we finally got Homeward Bound, the Incredible Journey to watch.  And Mark bought me the Pirates of Darkwater series for my birthday.  Esme bought him assorted vegetable and fruit matter for Father's Day as well as candy and bacon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

dentist and bits

Esme had her first 'work' appointment at the pediatric dentist.  They did one side.  She was in pretty good spirits about it after a few hours.  We watched some videos and then she got antsy and wanted to do chores for money.  We're planning on going to the library today and then try to relax for the rest of the day.

My cosmos and gladiolus are blooming in the garden.  The peas are starting to put on pods which is really great as it has been so hot I've worried they'll just die off.

I'm reading a book 'Sisters of the Raven' by Barbara Hambly - A world that is dying in drought because they had relied on magical spells to bring the rains for generations.  Now, the men are losing magical powers and women seem to be gaining them where no woman ever had magic before.  Some of the wizards are proud to see magic somewhere, anywhere- others think the women have found a way to steal their power.  The society is suffering political and social strife at all levels of the class system while dark forces are moving against sorceresses (Ravens) that have no one to turn to for protection...  and some of the darkest wizards are turning to necromancy to keep any shred left of power they can manage, performing awful deeds that must be stopped.

I'm also working on a rug for Esme's room she wanted.  I hope I can get her to get a few books to read for the summer reading program and turn them back in this Saturday for a prize. 

Friday, June 10, 2016


I had my dentist appointment on Wednesday - they did a good job and the cracks are gone/filled.  They suggested I drink cold(er) coffee with a straw to prevent staining and damage to the composite they used.  That will take some getting used to, but I'm trying.  Grandma went to Jackson for some dental things yesterday, too - and we tagged along to look for a few cheap school clothes for Esme while we were there.  I scored a few things at a Goodwill (that I had never known was there) that fit her well... will still have to get a bit more at our local stores.

And I am still worrying a bit about the meeting with the principal - but cross that bridge when we come to it.  We went to homeschooling for very good reasons - which I don't want to focus on now, because there has been enough time passed that we should be able to find a way to make it all work better.  Esme has gained a lot of skills that she didn't have then, and she is older and less easy to force into anxiety than she was then.  I do want her to be with the other kids but don't want her to turn to a messy puddle of tears or a storming silent robot every night after school -- there has to be a balance.  I know some of it is just 'little girl' natural drama - but it was so severe at the time and not helped by the teacher's attitude, that I just felt we needed to settle everything down at home, focus on the skills she needed, keep learning from becoming identified with all of that bad emotion and then restart at a later date.  Now, it's the later date.

I have a slight headache today left over from yesterday, all that running in Jackson wears on all of us.  We are very much the introverts.  I sat down and read two books yesterday when we got home - High Country by Nevada Barr and The False Princess by Eilis O'Neal.  I've got a few more downloaded for today but I'll be at work, so I won't even get through much of one.

We have Esme's dental visit on Monday, also in Jackson. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016


We had a successful day at the flea market, gave away our striped kittens.  Esme met a friend from her old school and played and talked with him for a while.  We still have my dentist appt tomorrow and to meet with the principal sometime this summer to get the testing information.

Grandma took one of our kittens to her house yesterday - and Esme wanted to do a sleepover to see how they were doing together.  We watched Hook, and Esme liked it very much - after I had to convince her to sit down and actually watch it even though the beginning was a bit slow.  We have another movie for later in the week - Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold.