Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday my Valentine

We were reading our Ten Kids, No Pets book and had gotten to the Valentine's part!  We decided to do a few Valentine's projects today.

9a    - 150x JJ, 550x 15lb bench
9.15    - spelling with mom
9.30    - CC Match workbook wk4
9.45    - Crash Course Kids
10a    - break
10:30    - Minecraft Valentine Village
12.15     - break - go to town, gather library books et al.

 Valentine's village - fountain of hearts and a romantic restaurant that serves fruit and bread.

1:00 - library and checking out books
1:15 - break - grocery store and lunch

//Two more episodes of Saved by the Bell -and discussing what the story was in each one.
4:15 - Crafting Valentine Card
5:00 - done

'Act Natural'... this kid, definitely ours.  Definitely unexpected.
Whatever the public school will do with her, we probably don't want to know.
But for now... well, she  continued her project after goffing off.

She's reading 365 Penguins. 
I'm reading The Interrupted Tale from the Incorrible Children of Ashton Place series

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday Thursday

I stayed home from work today, as the chills, headache and nauseousness I felt kept me up half the night and still hadn't entirely went away.

9a    - spelling with mom
9.15    - CC Math workbook wk3 review
9:30     - reading Caitlin the Ice Bear Fairy, 3/4 of the way through
//Then Mom had to go back to sleep... I couldn't stay awake any more.
10.30    - reading "Complete book of Dragons"
11a    - break

11.30    - 150x JJ, 50x 15lb bench, 50x rv. situp
11.45    - art: cat faces
12.15    - break

12.30    - color vision test (32 vs daddy's 19)
12.45    - 15min multiplication table (100%, 35sec left)
1p    - division problems
1.30p    - break
// I woke back up and we finished the book.
2.15    - reading Ice Bear
2.45    - done

we all contributed an artwork to the boiled eggs

//I started her watching Saved by the Bell, Mark said we should count it as cultural studies.  *heh*  I wanted her to have some exposure to the kids-in-school-environment and it does deal with some topics that are hard to bring up otherwise between kids as they grow up.. The episode was about a dance party and one girl is afraid she is too tall, one boy lies that he can dance when he can't etc etc... She thought the music scenes were very funny.

I was pretty sick when I got home from work last night, so I didn't post this.

10.30    - 150x JJ
    - writing copywork
    - spelling with mom
10.45    - CC math workbook wk3
11am      - Crash Course Kids : Engineering, Mixture/Solvent
11:30a     - PacMan / old arcade games
12.15      - Minetest
12.45    - break

1.30    - Geography, geometry, geology discussion
1.45    - Football research and report
//She read Wikipedia for about two hours and wrote down a few of the significant dates she found.
3.30    - done

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Mark gave Esme a snow day from homeschool today.  She was tired and cranky and just wanted to sleep.  He did, too.  I went into work but came home when Mark said they weren't feeling all that well - and the snowstorm was due to get worse over the course of the day.  When I got home Esme was in bed asleep which is not normal for her.  I made her some chicken soup and everyone got to rest up.  I put on Flipper and played some farm game while Mark napped and then had a hot bath.  Now they both seem a little perkier.  They're watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and soaking up the electric blanket.

I'm feeling a little tired and cold myself.  Might just be the weather. 

Monday, February 08, 2016


8a    - Spelling test
8.15    - break

9    - CC math workbook wk2 review
9.15    - break

10a    - Town: Library, directions, shop and scheduling
11a    - break

11.30    - Town
12.15    - break

12.45    - Minecraft
1    - School of dragons
2p    - reading: "How do Dinosaurs say 'I love You'" and "Snow Bear"
2.15    - reading: "Leona the Unicorn Fairy"
//She read the entire fairy book by herself!
3p    - done

Sunday, February 07, 2016

New bed

 Relaxing on her new bed, reading to Lizzie the vampire dragon.

 There is plenty of room for her to grow.

Grr!  It's my bed now!
Mark helped build the bed, so he had to test it out.

We also had to get her bigger shoes.  She informed us that her foot was so cramped she couldn't go to sleep.. and I surmised that her shoes were getting too small.  One size up and she says they feel so much better.  She is growing so fast she'll be taller than me!

I'm prereading the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency book one for her.  It's pretty good.  We'll have to read this one together.


Saturday, February 06, 2016

Mom notes

We got a shower head the other day - 10 minutes in a hot shower is worth more than 40 minutes in a warm tub.  I'm enjoying it quite a bit - saves time and actually stay warm!   I'm also doing an exercise routine, and trying to keep my calories down.  I have tomorrow off, and Esme wants to go see a friend.  We'll see if we can link that together with Grandma's shopping.

I'm reading The Other Log of Phileas Fogg.  Strange.  Very strange.