Thursday, March 26, 2015


8.30a    - minecraft - built a water 'ride' that was many levels high.. lots of thought required and she built something very cool!  The goal was to start at the top and not have the player press any keys, but flow down the 'ride' without stopping, hanging up anywhere etc..  She had to work out several things- enough space for the player, containment of the water, and how to keep things flowing.  The second picture shows a flock of chickens riding down - and they were all 'alive' at the bottom.

12.30p    - break

3.30p    - cleaning up
4p    - paper snowflakes
4.30p   - cleaning up her work table that was full of stuff!  Putting things away, reorganizing supplies.
reading The Way things Work (mammoth version) and Pokemon book on her own
5:30p - done, off to play downstairs, bounce around and return to reading now and then, supervise me making a dress for her a few times here and there...  She wanted to go outside and play more baseball but came right back in saying it was too  cold!

McCalls M6594, 'B' version,size 8ish
I made one 2 years ago in a size 6, and put the dress pattern up as it was 'not my favorite' type of construction, lots of casing and tiny elastic.  She is wearing that dress in the snowflake picture. I tried to copy the 'makedo' waist elastic that it has... the way in the instructions just isn't something I could wrap my head around then and not now, either... but this is a technique from a sundress pattern I had back then and it worked again.  She says she loves being a flower made of leaves and twirling and curtseying like a princess. Her requests are another one in purple and one in blue, too - like Cinderella.  I was planning on making a few more now that I've gotten some more practice under my belt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


8.30a    - minecraft
11a    - break

12p    - reading alone, childcraft Poems & rhymes
12.30p    - reading aloud The Ant and the Dove, the Dog and the Bone
1p    - break

4p    - gardening (plating hyacinths)
4.15p    - PE (2 person baseball)
4.30p    - done

//We watched Yours Mine and Ours movie over dinner.  She had a few questions after that.  I made her a pair of new pants and she investigated the rest of the cloth.  She did some time math before bed, some Spotify music listening and more radio tuning.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday misc

8.30a    - dragon city
9a    - khan math - got to 71% mastered on K-2 math category.
9.30a    - break

10.15a    - reading aloud: Stink the Shrinking Kid,, pages 1-47
11a    - break

12      - Photo processing and post office.  I made her ask the questions and do the procedure at the photo counter, the checkout and the post office.  I did help with change a little.
1       - P.E. at city park and walking track - There were lots of kids, and she played in trees and up and down the slides with some boys.  // Now get this guys, remember, this is Esme, you got that? (one of the boys to the other boys after she 'didn't die' climbing to the top of a cedar tree).  After the crowd dwindled, we did the half mile track there and back (1mile) played on the equipment and in trees, checked out plant stuff, pinecones, wild onions, johnny jump ups and also the new exercise bar equipment they have on the other side of the track.  She did a lot of running, until she was bright pink in the face at points... we stopped to get a drink and look at landscaping plants on the way home.
2:3     - break

3:3     - radio and music, tuning to radio stations, different types of music, talk radio, sports - holding the radio up or to the side to get a better signal.  She really hates the static, like her Dad it drives both of them up the wall somehow - but it is a skill to learn too, everything in life isn't crystal clear DVD sound etc...she thought the radio news was VERY boring and buried her head in her beanbag chair claiming she was NOT UNHAPPY can't you tell that? // short nap and came up with ideas for Minecraft in less than ten minutes.
4:15     - Minecraft
9.30p      - done

//When she was doing math this morning she realized some of it was 'second grade' math again.  She began to balk after she had been complaining it was easy moments before.  We never did second grade math in school!  Well, your teacher didn't even think you could do first grade math.. so no, you never did some of this, but you're actually doing a very good job on it.  Her response:  Oh, well ... she didn't listen to me very much so I didn't do things for her when she asked.  // So after nearly six months of homsechool she can articulate that.  She said it offhandedly, as if she always thought that but never said it until now.  *blink* and on we go... hope to be done with the masteries by 'summer break' in June.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday lots

11a    - town errands and store
//we bought supplies to make bread another day - and a new bat and softball for her to play with.  We found some clearance farm animals to add to her farm 'model' that she has been playing with - and she played with them some when we got home.  She helped put away the groceries and even knew where most of it went without asking - the yeast she made a guess at, which was decent, considering we keep flour in that cabinet.
12.30p    - break

1.30p    - gardening, baseball
//We found carrots hidden from last year!  I could really hardly believe my eyes but there they were...we gave one to the chickens because it split all over getting it out - and the rest we chopped up and cooked.  Then we chopped up the dirt, mixed in sand and planted peas and carrots.  I showed her where the mints and lemon balm and oregano were coming up in the garden.
3.30p    - Hidden Kindoms: Secret Forests
4.30p    - HK: Urban Jungles //Snowflake design app
5.30p    - done with school
//We played more baseball, harvested some oregano. and made a pizza.  She asked to put on new toppings - what do we have that can be on a pizza?  After a short discussion we chopped up a fresh tomato and some black olives - and she said it was good.

 This is what it looks like when she flutters like an Esme with wings.

She insisted on writing this on the fridge... hmm...

I wanted her to read me a certain story in her book - will try tonight at bedtime.  I am almost done with her rug for her floor and need to take measurements to turn some new fabric into shorts and pants.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


She worked in Minecraft today (even though it wasn't school) and built a copy of my water fountain that has a switch at the top.  Mine was the white one to the left - the 'arrow' points to her lab, which is that direction.  Mark said she didn't say anything to him while she made it - and it is a pretty close copy of the mechanism but she made it taller (like she said she would) and she had a bit of trouble with the very top ..but it still works perfectly.  There is a 'chicken viewing' tank in her lab where you stand on a platform, move the lever and get risen to look at the chickens - because it takes up less room than stairs.  Mad scientist on our hands, really *heh* She said I could make a lab, too - so I did, with a squid viewing tank...and a whole lab setup with ingredients, a furnace, brewing station and chests... we'll see what she thinks of that.

quotes:  I told her I had ordered the next book in a set for her and it was about puzzles and msyteries.  She finds something in the book of poems and rhymes and says 'this one is a mystery - you never know what happened to the old man!'  // It's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring, he went to bed and bumped his head, and couldn't get up in the morning. //

Mark was telling her jokingly she needed to till the garden - she said that isn't good for girls that are seven.. we have to wait until she is older.   I said maybe we'd start to teach her when she was nine.  She said oh good, that gives me two years!  I said, no - you are almost seven and a half.  She paused, then asked when she would be seven and a half.. then paused again, and said the right month.  She said she counted the twelve months and took one off becauase she was born in November, and then added the rest forward - and that is when it will be.  // starting to get there kid!

note : She sat curled up in her beanbag chair in her room (the one I am making the rug to go under/around) and was reading aloud from her book to me.  She pulled her feet up into the chair because it is cold on the floor...and then we talked about the rug.  It makes my heart leap with joy to see her reading her books - and comic books, on her own volition.  We are writing more books in the Minecraft library as well.  I had written a 'horror' story of We have no bananas today. I might have to find a kiwi'...she matched that with a book saying there were no kiwis.  We then built a Loch Ness monster in the ocean near the sunken pirate ship... and she put a superhero cape and collar on it.

She climbed up the cedar tree in the yard all the way to the top and showed us the 'rooms' she had made all the way to the top.  I stayed out there until she had gotten all the way back down....

Monday or Tuesday we might go to the agricultural museum - got to see what the weather is like and how other things happen.

Friday, March 20, 2015


8.30a    - minecraft: costume shop
10.30a    - Hidden Kingdoms: "Under Open skies"

Her perspective of the woodlands she saw in the film - it looks like a 'fish eye lens' to me...which is only natural until I think about no one has shown her to draw this way...she draws it how she sees it.  // I think that is a frog in the puddle to the right, and of course a rabbit and a squirrel.

11.15a    - minecraft - Testing Grounds, house building, cat taming
1.30p    - 200x jumping jacks
1.45p    - drawing
2p    - done

 'King goat', which is a giant, because he has to be big enough to wear a saddle.
She also drew fifteen little goats on another piece of paper.

She had built a cow farm out of a box and all of her plastic and figurine cows she could find today.  She added a few farm implements, hay, windmills from a kit she got for Christmas a few years ago.  Then she started 'breeding' the cows and cows popped up at random from here and there.  *giggle*

She says she will have to show me how far up she can climb on the cedar pole.. she found out and marked it - and when I get some time she will show it to me.

//on to the weekend! //