Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Non Parade

We have a dog named Columbus...but we couldn't get Esme to walk him on parade.  Spud came to town with us, instead.  We had given Esme the day off of school, as the local district also had it as a day off.  She had a nice sleepover with Grandma, and spent a lot of time playing games on the new tablet that is sort of  pre-birthday, part clearance-deal and Mark's way that we can all use one if we need to now and she won't be hogging the only one for the entire day. 

We watched Nanny McPhee Returns, and the Secret of Moonacre, from Grandma's Netflix.  They were both quite good.  Esme enjoyed the first one quite a bit.  I've been reading more : Sarah Prineas' Magic Thief series, and more Septimus Heap, and a few others thrown in there.  Tomorrow is school, again.  Since Esme got to go to the roller rink on Saturday, I reminded her that she can't just fall off into bad attitude now that she doesn't have a special thing planned for the end of the week - or we will doublethink next time she asks for a special outing etc.  She was slipping into one tonight while I was reading with her - after she begged for me to read because I had spent an hour or more playing a Farm game that Mark downloaded to the tablet and she had already tried and not thought very interesting. It was a bit of jealousy...she didn't like the tables turned when I am playing a game that she doesn't like (Stray cat simulator and Goat simulator on her part) for a long time. 

We are almost done with Hiccup, though, book one.
I work all this week.  It might be a long one.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Friday week 9

8a    - dragon city; new game reports
9a    - PE, 200x jumping jacks, 50x rvs situp, 50 situp, 50x 10lb
      bench press, 10x 20lb bench
9.45    - outside: constructing acorn storage bucket that can be pulled up with the pulley system and tied out of reach of the goat.  She collected acorns and practiced putting them in the bucket and pulling it up and tying it off.
10.45    - break

11.30    - washing and building out water dish from a new dish and the old one's water feeder valve
12    - outside exploration
12.30p    - break

4.30p    - America: Story of Us ep 4: "Division"
Discussions about slavery and the changing roles of working women, abolition, Abraham Lincoln and the start of the Civil War.  I stopped the film many times to answer questions and talk about issues.
5.45p    - done

We have the Tale of Desperaux she really really wants to watch.
//We are getting close to the end of How to Train Your Dragon book one which we have been reading before bed, a chapter at a time.  She is getting a lot more of the big words and her rhythm and understanding are much better than at the beginning of the school year.

Thursday, October 08, 2015


8a    - dragon city
8.45    - multiplication table (12x12)

9.45    - break

11a    - excersize outdoors (.5mi run, 50x 10lb deadlift, 10 squats)
11.30    - rock tumbler setup
12p    - break

12.15    - video: Egyptian Engineering
//She said there were lots of Pharoahs, and one Pharoah wanted to build a dream house, for after he was dead.  We put the date on the timeline with a picture of the Pyramids.  One Pharoah was eaten by a hippopotamus.  She said Imhotep built things for the Pharoahs.
1.45    - done

//6pm - She is building a dragon temple with columns made of some cardboard tubes I brought home from work.  She says it is like the Egyptian tombs, but not a tomb - it is a dragon temple for Violet and Bumpy.  They seem to like it very much.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wednesday explorations

giant spider web 

9    - dragon city
9.30a    - game research: writing summaries on two games she tried.
10.30    - excersize outside 100x jumping jacks, 30x 10lb deadlift
      50x 10lb bicurls, .25mi run, rope climbing
11    - microscope exploration - dog hair, tomato section, acorns, rocks, flowers
11.30    - break

12p    - multiplication table: 1-12 x 1-6
12.30    - quadcopter flying
12.45    - break

3.30    - giant spiderweb construction
4p    - break

5.45    - quadcopter flying
6p    - quadcopter cleaning - taking apart with jeweler's screwdrivers, cleaning the rotors, putting back together, flies again!
6.15p    - done

She had today with I had to work early.  We had talked about her being 'very good' to go somewhere fun on Saturday.  She asked to go somewhere specific and I told her she would have to be 'almost an angel' to get that this close to her birthday when we were saving money for that...  Tonight when I get home from work she said 'I was good today...was it enough to say I was an angel, or was it just good?'  *heh*  Nice try.... one day is all fine and good, keep going for the rest of the week ;)  Am I turning into a cynic?

Mom Notes //I'm reading Math Girls by Hiroshi Yuki in tandem with Palimpest (beautiful language....hard for me to read at times, but still entrancing visual images).  I took an hour or so tonight to reacquaint myself with sin and cos so I could figure out what they were talking about in the omega waltz section!  And yes, I'm still teed off at Miruka for knocking Tetra out of the chair, too...maybe they get on better terms?

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Sulking Tuesday

There was a bucketful of bad attitude today - starting out with her complaint that the Goat simluator quest was unfair and could not be solved.  She had a full meltdown during chicken feeding time about 3:30, but it had been building since the very minute she came upstairs this morning.

10.30    - Writing: Blog post about Goat MMO Simulator
11    - break

11.45    - America: Story of Us ep 3 : Westward
12.45    - break

1:30     - Khan Math 3rd grade to 24%
2p        - break

2.45    - Lifting with pulleys
3.15    - designing toy cable car system in her room
3.30    - break and emotional meltdown which ended with very serious talk

4    - building cable car
4.45    - history timeline
10 billion years BC to the present day. Although, nothing really happened before 4.5 billion years ago with the creation of Earth?  Hmm...

5.30    - done

Goat mmo simulator: Portal to riches: Android version

by EML, age 7

I went to every place in goat mmo simulator and no demon. 
I looked in Old Goat Mountain.  I found the old goat and no demon.  In Android version, there was a blue portal near a tent.  I went in and I was in a stone room. It wasn't fair to send me on a quest to get a demon horn. I couldn't find the demon. The portal to riches isn't true.

If we find out more at a later date, we will update this post. If you can help answer this question, please leave a comment below.