Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope Grandma had a good time here today.  We went to visit with some friends and now I have to work semi-early tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

the up to date bits

We're back from town, bought the toy for the Christmas children at Lowes, and a few other gifts.  And we picked up a dessert to bring over to our friends' house tomorrow night.  I've still got to start to bake the apple crisp for tomorrow for our lunch dessert, and find something I want to wear tomorrow.

I've also been asked to do the Christmas murals at work again this year - for the third time (in a row, I think).  They gave me the theme - Christmas cartoons from our childhood.  That feels like it could be a monumental task.  I took a lot of extra time on it last year... we'll have to see how it turns out this year.

Monday, November 20, 2017

bits before Thanksgiving

A few bits.  Esme has no school the rest of this week after tomorrow.. that will be good.  I've started some Christmas shopping, taking advantage of a few offers I saw and using gift certificates I've collected.  I got Esme's big gift today using one of those, and paid less than half the sale price doing so.. which was amazing.  I hope she takes good care of it and uses it carefully, as it is a  tool and she will need to be careful, but she can make some awesome things with it, too.

I'm making apple crisp for  Thanksgiving, and I have Wednesday off, so that works out really well.  Mark says he has the meat covered, and a few potatoes and such for sides. 

I'm sharing my not large chair with a liquid gooey cat that is draped all over and around me... she's warm but still it makes it tough to move *heh*

My big chicken Wicket was gone - I found her feathers all over the back of the garden - something crawled up into the fence and took her, and fought with her all the way through the garden and over the back fence.  That was all that was left of her for me to see -- big handfuls of broken feathers.  Sad... maybe next year we will fence a bit better and a bigger place and try fresh with some friendly type chickens.  Maybe we'll just do something else.  She was a pretty Rock hen chicken... *sigh*

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Not sure if my Wicket chicken is gone... went out there and couldn't find her.  The wild one, Gennet, was still there, and she is the one who can fly.  Not sure.. we'll see.  Was talking with Esme about what to bring to the Thanksgiving food drive at work.

Reading a new series like Outlander - Timewalkers.  I'm enjoying it.

I had a dream that our home improvement store sold drawing kits and individual pencils and papers.  That would be so nice if it did... I should sit down and make another drawing some night but I just can't find the time to focus in.  I did a handmade Christmas card to send to a boy in the news.. and that took me a few days to get myself organized enough to sit down with paper and pens and do it.

I've been closing every night for the past two weeks (or almost every night), but this is the last night of that.  It's felt like we were all just ships passing.. coming home, falling into bed, getting Esme up for school -- go to work and don't see her again until night again.  Now we'll have the stress of Black Friday coming up but I have schedules with two or three days on and a day or two off.. which will bring back more sanity (read: introvert needs to recharge)  I hope.

I need that downtime to let my brain expand and branch out into the many things I've been shoving back for 'later' - like drawing, math, science, time.....   I try to remove all that to the background but it is a type of stress to do that time and time again in favor of only what is in front of you and must be done right now.  I'd never do well at an assembly line job.  These past two weeks I've felt like I was  getting that long-yard stare of the android that hasn't been charged properly....can function on some level but not as I should be.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Our little hamster died today - she had a good life and was already a mother to a half-grown hamster that we knew of before we had her...  Put the straw out in the chicken yard and gave some to to the goat for winter preparedness, as well.  Other than that, it was cold and we just sat at home and played games and read books.   I have another time traveller series I'm reading and the Harvestcraft mod on Minecraft has kept me occuppied.

I was thinking about some of the historical breeds I might want to plant in the garden next year.  We've talked a bit about expanding the chicken yard and changing things around as to what is garden and what is not.

I took one of those aptitude tests and it said I should be a plant or soil scientist, or a nano systems engineer, or a biologist, or a creative writer.  Another one said I should be an electrician or an electrical engineer or an oil rig operator.  Ha.  I would like to do more with horticulture - there are things I could really let my brain go wild on if there wasn't so much else to do already.  In honor of that I bought another houseplant and started looking at seed catalogs for gardening season.

We saw that one of Esme's teeth is being blocked by her baby tooth that has a filling in it, and is trying to erupt through the gum instead.  We worried about that when they insisted on those fillings.  If that baby tooth does not come out in the week we need to schedule her a dentist appointment to see if they can fix it.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Menu not on a diet

I thought I'd do one of these while I was 'off' the near-ketogenic diet.. to show what I would eat normally.  I'm really not even measuring anythi9ng lately, or tracking it... I'm eating what I feel like I need, instead of planning it all out ahead of time.

Breakfast (5:30 am to 10 am)
an oatmeal cream cookie (very bad for me)
a pot of coffee with lots of milk
a handful of crackers
a small amount of pepitas
a few nuts

This is lunch and dinner - I graze out of it during my closing shift at work.
(noon to nine pm)
1/2 cup or so sweet potato (boiled, with salt and olive oil)
about  a 1/3 cup? of canned spinach
1 chicken patty
2 tbsp of tikka masala sauce
a big pat of real butter
a good sized handful of Salsa Verde chips
a small apple
A quart of coffee and some black tea
maybe a small candy bar

When I get home after nine-thirty probably a tortilla with peanut butter or cheese and some more milk and coffee before bed.

Yesterday I had the same thing -almost- with green olives instead of sweet potato and some rice krispie bar.

I was talked into pulling a dishwasher down at work yesterday from a very high place - and when I got there the machine didn't go up as far as needed... not knowing just how heavy this thing was (I've lifted some before, and they weren't anywhere close to this weight) I ended up setting it down very hard on the machine because I couldn't hold onto it.  My lower back didn't like that at all - but it would have been worse if I'd tried harder to hold onto it.

I did some specific yoga when I got home, and this morning... it feels better than it did.
They said next time I see that call someone else... but that is a hard thing to do when you're the one that was sent back there because everyone else was too busy and needed help...  To get there all the way to the item and say .. I'm not sure - maybe I need to wind this machine all the way back to the floor and find someone else who wants to try to do this hard thing?

Hoping for less stress at work tonight.. then a turnaround shift though, where I close tonight and come back twelve hours later for another shift... it could be worse, they could want me back eight hours later for another shift.. which those they are not allowed to do to us anymore unless we specifically agree.

Then I get Sunday off.  Esme wants to go to the duck park then.. if it isn't raining.