Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday measurings and letter to Santa

9.45a    - Letter to Santa
10.30a    - Measuring tape, meausure 10 things
10.45a    -
11.30a    - break

12p    - Planet Earth  ep 8 "Jungles" & discussion
1.15p    - vocabulary words (I've been having them do a list of 2nd and 3rd grade words, and she has been doing them well)
2.15p    - done

Tomorrow I plan to take her to the library - we have went through the three picture books I checked out 'Animals Santa', 'Oliver finds his Way' and 'Man in the Moon : Guardians of Childhood'... there are two other books on measuring and weighing things that we have not yet went through.  We are also planning on going to the art gallery at the Lee School.  Saturday I have to work and we have tickets for the Mr. Roger's Neighborhood stage play.

I am hoping to get a few things done on my own agenda.  I ordered some geranium seeds for a project coming up, and rebooted the purple sweater I had been knitting for Esme more than a year ago - sometime before she grows out of it!  I would like to get another pair of pants done for her - have fabric set aside for it since September but had not gotten to it.

I'm still reading Royal Assassin by Robin Hobbs... getting to the 3/4 mark and things are starting to blow up all around the main character.

I have noticed since Esme has been out of public school and in homeschool (over a month now) her thoughts are getting even more complete.. she is forming better sentences, and thinks for herself much more.. logical conclusions, arguments/debate etc.  All of this is a very good sign for us.  Other little signs - she is taking care of her 'baby dollys' again... practicing she says for when she is a grown up with a job as a babysitter.  She is thinking more about places she wants to go and days of the week, schedules etc.  Cons - 'Why do I have to get up in the mornings at all?'  Err.. because the whole day depends on it.  Oh. Ok, I'm up.  // Getting her to brush out her hair is still difficult, we always have to help... reminding her to change clothes for town - which she usually does VERY well now, appropriate choices etc.  I can't believe how she can run around the house in winter in a tshirt and not be cold! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday catchup


10a    - Musical Instruments, identifying and playing
10.30a    - Grocery store, prices and sizes comparisons
11a    - break

12.30p    -
3.30p    - break

4p    -
6p    - break

8a    -
11.30a    - cooking eggs
12p    - break

2p    - Electricity & Lasers video
2.45p    - Reading aloud, "The Story of Babar"
3p    - PE (30x 10lb bench, 30 sit ups, 10x 10lb deadlift,
      30x 10lb squats, headstands)

3.30p    - break

4.30p    - Greek letters and numbers in mathematics
5p    - Planet Earth ep 7 "Great Plains"
6p    - done

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday oobleck and more

12p    - Reading aloud, "The Story of Babar"
12.30p    - vocabulary words
1p    - math worksheet; more vocabulary
1.30p    - break

2p    - science, B&G "Dancing raisins; oobleck
2.30p    - Snap Circuits #9
3.30p    - break

7:30 p - more oobleck, Greek lessons, take apart Snap Circuits and go to bed
8:30 - done

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday post, heritage, stew

8:30a     - music song, discuss lyrics
--We've listened to Stand By Me (yesterday) and Lean on Me (today) and discussed the words and what they mean
9a      - wrap package, discuss address parts and postal system, how mail is sorted, history of postmen etc.
9.45a    - break

10.30a    - Paris Heritage center, library, post office
--The lady at the heritage center talked to us about the Civillian Conservation Corp or CCC and showed us some pictures.  I talked to Esme about how older houses were made, and all of the fireplaces, radiators and multiple window/door combinations to keep heat in or let heat out.  We looked at their big dining room, the iron stair banister and the brick fireplaces and walls.  She talked to several people about the age of the house and things that would be happening there next month, and signed the register :)
12p    - break

12.45p    -
1.15p    - Beef stew, cutting meat and kitchen usage
1.30p    -
2p    - beef stew
2.15p    -
2.45p    - done

Ive still been searching for different homeschool styles - and Esme's choice of Greek led me to looking at classical homeschooling... which is similar to the Charlotte Mason.. just the book choices on the lists lead me to many ideas.

I'm hoping I can take Esme to a theatre performance by our local troope here later next week... trying to see if I can arrange for it as it overlaps with my work schedule that day but it would be a great opportunity.  They are doing Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and the tickets are not expensive.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday capacity

9am    - Kahn academy math
9.30a    - music notation video; notes and rests
10a    - break
10:30a  - Capacity book - math with pints/cups water
11a     - break

1p    - planet earth ep 5 "deserts"
2p    - ep 6 "ice worlds"
3p     - zip line stuff with Skittles packages and pipecleaners

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday units

8.15a    - Kahn Academy math
8.45a    - break

9.30a    - town run, change at bank, units and prices at store
10a    - break

11a    - units, comparison
11.15a    - Greek alphabet video, math worksheet
12p    - break

Playing with a balloon... I made her sit down to the Greek lesson just after this
2.30p    - vocabulary words
3p    - snap circuits #8, plus experimental variations
3.30p    - PE (30x 10lb bench, 30x 10lb bicurls, 30 sit ups, 30 almost
      push ups, 30x 10lb squats)

4p    - Reading aloud "The Fantastic Flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore" by William Joyce
4.30p    - done

One of the things we worked on at the store and at home was how to tell how much something weighed - comparing lb and 'pound' and oz and 'ounce'.  She continued with another Greek lesson at my behest...then I had to go to work and it was to Daddy for the rest of the day.

While we were getting ready for the town run this morning she was looking at a picture chart that was supposed to be filled up with pictures until grade 12.  She said that grade 12 was about science.. so the conversation turned to 1- you learn reading/writing/math to be able to understand Science, which is all of those things put together.. and 2.- in homeschool she can be many grades at once.  She said she was in second grade now, right?  I said it would all depend on what books she chose and what she learned - and she could learn at any pace now.... and that some of her things were still first grade, and some even third grade...

We watched How to train your Dragon 2 as a family - it was so sweet, both the movie, and the three of us cuddled together watching it :)