Monday, October 16, 2017

exotic pet fair

It was at the Fairgrounds in Jackson, TN, and they had a lot of animals.  It was a dollar each adult to get in.  There were snakes, lizards, sugargliders, birds, mice, rats, a hamster, hedgehogs, salamanders and even alligators (caimans).  We didn't buy anything except a little souvenir pen for Esme.  The other family we went with didn't buy any animals, either, much to the sadness of their little girl.  I was in a down form (little black cloud, someone said) because of the poison ivy and the Benadryl.. but I was there and we looked at everything.  We stopped and had some chicken on the way home.

Off to work today.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

the bits and the snags

Oh, this poison ivy is making me irritable... today seemed to take forever to get over at work.  It's getting better for the most part,  but new spots keep showing up at the same time.  GROWL!  I felt so bad I went and ate some sugar last night... and had to tell myself that it will be okay, I won't gain all ten pounds back in one night just because I did that.  Just get back on the program.   I'm trying not to be obsessive.. to roll with the punches.. but the poison ivy is a pretty big punch to go along with a full week of closing shifts.

I have a day off tomorrow, and we're going to an exotic animal fair for a bit.  We will NOT, not I tell you - come back with an Arctic Pocket Giraffe or a sugarglider or a pony. 

Esme went to the birthday party today and they all had fun.  It sounds like she had a really good time with her friend.

She also told me about what she wanted for a Halloween costume, but that I could help her make it after my poison ivy went away - so I wouldn't have to deal with two things at once.  Sweet, actually.

I will be much happier when it is gone... but at the rate its going it is going to be a while....

Friday, October 13, 2017

run by bit

I'm still fighting the poison ivy.  Benadryl makes me tired, and the weather is now cold.  Esme has the birthday party to go to tomorrow.. and we've all been sleeping in the mornings this week off of school - transitioning is going to be hard next week.

I'm stalling too much this morning.  It's 10:45 and I have to leave for work at noon.  My lunch isn't packed yet.  GROWL. 

Did I mention I really hate poison ivy?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I've started a new Pinterest  board called 'sketchy', and have a sketchbook with me at work to try to draw some of the wonderful figure and action drawings I've saved... this is a five minute sketch - and I know the head is not on 'right'... but it's a start.

Practice can't hurt, anyway.

It's very very cold outside!  60s today... and 73 tomorrow.  I need to go put on a sweater.
And then I need to go check the chickens, and put on another sweater.

Work again tonight.  It got crazy for a while yesterday - quiet crickets-chirping like and then everyone came at once about 5 o clock.  Probably do that again tonight - I already have one appointment scheduled for faucet repair consultation 'coming after I get off work' today.

Chickens, and laundry, and cooking dinner for tonight.  I was good and did not cheat yesterday.  I wanted to this morning - the frozen biscuits in the freezer were calling to me.  I made chicken and put swiss cheese on it instead.  I realized I had been skimping on the coconut milk in my 'bulletproof' coffee in the mornings and added some more in to load calories on the front-end so I'm not hungry and restless later.  I was so happy yesterday to get to lunch early because I had only 3 tbsp of milk in my coffee instead of the normal 1/3 cup.

Don't skimp on the coconut milk! *heh*

// The Squirrel Pancake Story // other wise known as why Pancakes Electrocute Squirrels
I was thinking of this, and another (less fun) epic story I've heard secondhand yesterday.  I think this one deserves to be memorialized on the Internet for posterity...

My elderly neighbor in Fargo told me this story.  Her name was Kay.  We worked at the Michaels store together. 

Every Sunday she would make a big batch of pancakes.  She would put the leftovers on the back porch on a plate for the squirrels and neighborhood dogs to clean up.  One Sunday she was washing dishes and the power went out.  No storms or anything..seemed strange.  But, she was washing dishes by hand and it was light outside so she just kept washing.

She saw a man in a bright yellow jacket cross through her yard in front of her window and walk towards the back of the house.  This is someone from the electric company... okay.  She kept washing.

Another man follows the first.. and then another.. and then another.. so many people in yellow jackets coming through one after the other that she stops washing her dishes and goes out and stands on her back porch. 

All the guys are standing under the electrical wires in a circle, looking at the ground.
She walks up behind them and peers between them and lo and behold, there is a large pancake on the ground with a tail sticking out from it.  All of the men are between shock and hilarious laughter.

The poor thing had gotten greedy and tried to walk with the pancake across the electrical wires, and somehow fried himself - causing a blackout in the like the power guys had never seen before.

 As she told it, Ms. Kay slowly backs up and walks back to her house quietly taking the empty plate inside.  Apparently there were no more pancake leftovers after that.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

poison ivy like plant reaction

I got into something in the chicken yard, and have a poison ivy like plant reaction all the way down one arm and in between the fingers on my other hand... *oh joy*  sometimes this can turn into a nightmare for me... watching it

Made a ketogenic (near) meal to take to work - have to close.

1/2 cup pumpkin with 1 tbsp butter on top
1/3 cup frozen bok choy
1 large egg cooked
1.5 oz of chopped sirloin beef (leftover from the dinner Mark cooked last night)
1 oz of kerrygold cheese (score on clearance, it is really good)
1 tbsp of sunbutter

I'm taking that for lunch.  For breakfast I had 3 tbsp of coconut milk in  coffee and the last serving of salmon with some mozzarella cheese and an 'extra fluffy' (not low-carb, but less carb than usual) tortilla wrapped around it.

This Friday I'll have been trying to adhere to the near-ketogenic diet for three weeks.  I've cheated some days - I admit it.  I've had a piece of pizza with the girls on their sleepover, and made a peanut butter and jelly (1 tbsp and 1 tsp of each) on a single piece of bread in the late evening when things weren't sticking from dinner.  But most days the carbs have been between 40 and 65.  And I like what the Primal Blueprint said about sometimes you have to 'refeed' and deal with the consequences, because this is real life, and even in the 'primal wild' there would be those days when you would find something really good that was outside the norm, eat it, and get on with things.  Just don't make it an every night occurrence or it isn't really an 'extraneous circumstance' anymore.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Bit o sketch and walkies

Sketch of trees and fence (pic from my tablet camera)  Esme and I walked our dogs out on the road and saw two large deer. I am closing at work all this week.

Chickens were happy today, no eggs but they had eaten their food from yesterday and were glad to see more.