Saturday, May 21, 2016

First Haircut

She got a trim a few months back, but now she really got it cut in preparation for school starting back in a few months.  We hope she'll be able to brush it out herself by the time August rolls around.

 The hairstylist was crying a little bit from something else - and this made her very emotional, too.  Esme cried just a little bit because of it, but it turned out very nice.

I saved a lock of it for her in her baby book.. it was over four inches long.

//and update : My dad was out of the hospital and seemed to be back in spirits... it sounded like a very scary time for them.  We talked to him on the phone for about an hour a few nights ago.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I'm worried about my dad being in the hospital - haven't heard much from them.  I sent them a text but didn't get anything back so maybe it didn't go through.  Will try again on FB.

Esme had her pediatric dental exam at the big office in Jackson yesterday - it went better than I was thinking it would.  She is scheduled to go back in June for the actual treatment.  We bought a new easel at the store there, some more pastels and a sketchbook.  When we got home several boxes turned into a dollhouse for birds.

Esme with several of Minion's kittens.  They are exploring the world.  We watched National Treasure 2, a documentary about the Antiktherion mechanism and Cracking the Maya Code since school officially ended... and now Esme is reading a book from the library.  We've started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for night reading but it is slow going.  I'm trying to get over a sinus crud and the weather just keeps fluctuating.

We have a playdate set up for this weekend... not much else to report.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Family Photo board project

I came home with a spare piece of wood framing out of some packaging tonight  - and was wondering if I should stretch some fabric over it and make a painting.  But, I had this idea instead - something I could put family photos in, keep the dust out and change it once in a while.

I cut a piece of cardboard to size, stretched muslin craft fabric over it, stapled it with a staple gun around while pulling it tight, then painted it with gloss acrylic paint.  After it was dry we cut some old trim to length for top and bottom and cut a piece of vinyl tablecloth type material (remnant from Walmart) to size.  I stapled the top of it to the top edge and then pilot-drilled the outside-corner in three places, screwing it down over the top of the top edge.  After pinning each photo in place with tiny sewing pins, I pulled the vinyl down tight and used Jumbo binder clips to bind the bottom quarter round and vinyl to the bottom edge of the surface.

And, tada.  We have framed photos.  I don't think we really have any up in the house otherwise - just on computer and in books put away in drawers.  We have lots of family art up.. and now some photos.  I think Esme was saying she might want one for her room at some time...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday test week last day of second grade homeschool

8.45    - PE; stationary cycle
9a    - CC Math Workbook
9.15    - reading: Changes for Felicity ch 3 to end
10a    - cooking: scrambled egg sandwich
10.15    - video: Hidden Kingdoms ep 2
11.15    - PE: running laps
11.30    - writing two pages 74/100
2p    - done

We had a long discussion about public school and expectations when she returns tonight.  We told her to think about third vs. fourth  - in case we have a choice.  She doesn't have to decide just now, but there are a lot of things she does have to mull over.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday test week

9.15    - CC Math workbook
9:30     - Felicity book : Changes for Felicity ch 1-3
10.30    - reading: A Good Day's Fishing, Too Many Tamales (she wanted to read it again)
11    - TCAP Science test (all)
    - 66/69, 96%
12.15    - break

1.15    - test review; writing 2 pages about School of Dragons 75/100 (68, +7)
4pm   - done

I discussed with her she will have to do more writing with me this summer to keep in practice.  We have still been discussing whether to try to get her to start fourth grade this next year (if that is even possible with this school system) or to simply accept they will put her into third grade if she returns this year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


She had an utter failure this morning to cooperate at her dental cleaning. She was bawling and screaming at every attempt to touch her, open her mouth, look inside or even spray water.  The lady couldn't even do one thing that she needed to get done.  I was really stressed out as well, nothing worked and the entire hour went by with no progress.  So, now we have an exam at the pediatric surgeon's office in Jackson for Monday.  And she is frightened to death of that, too... 

12.30    - TCAP MAth test (all)
    - 50/55, 90%
2p    - video: Life in the Undergrowth ep 3
3p    - break

3.45    - video: Lewis and Clark pt 4
4.45    - writing: two pages about School of Dragons - 68/100 on scoring +5 bonus points for spelling =73 (infested, gronckle, zippleback, explored, volcano)

(50 points for writing 2 full pages, using punctuation and capitalization in general throughout... then , 2 points off for each spelling error, missed capitalization and for incomplete or run-on sentences.  +1 point back for each difficult word attempted correctly, whether she asked for help spelling it, looked it up or spelled it herself.)

6p    - done

I sent out her writing from March and got back a critique that it wasn't third grade ready, but that it was equivalent for the end of second grade.  We will have to keep working on it.