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How to get a Minecraft Sheep to an Island : Amularia


Porter Jackson, after building the school in West Rivertown, was set to find his fame and fortune abroad, like his father the pirate Jack Iyaga before him.  Life on the farm was getting a little crowded, with all of the new buildings they had made for the town, and the birth of a new son, making a full house with his wife and two daughters.  He was only supposed to be gone a few weeks - staking off to the West in a birch boat from the Western Gate, as Mattias Phillips has called the place of his ill-fated Nether World Gate.


The Porter Thomas school, and the Iyaga Farm

He strove to travel for a day or less - but as is written in the journal : 'Two days at sea headed West - And finally, when you feel like you are about to give up, there you find Amularia.'

Amularia was an island not entirely unpopulated - but mostly by cows.  The building and streets that were left seemed like they had been abandoned for something more sinister than the Earthquake.  It was the year 39, and a pirate's son knew what he was seeing.  Sure enough, there was a pirate ship wreck on the next island over, which showed no sign of inhabitants at all.  Porter took some risks and discovered both pirate treasure in a sunken ship, and a buried treasure map.  He came back to Amularia a rich man on an island with no people.  But, that was not for long.

A house for Porter, one for Tan, and bachelor pads for Zade and Martin until they get their farms up and running.  Martin already found a beehive on another very nearby island to the North - and he is trying to figure out how to make some bottles and start to produce honey.

With the scent of emeralds and iron come traders from near and far, and settlers from the mainland, as well.  Porter planted a few crops, and put up lit torches and then headed home to his wife Nanette to put the emeralds and diamonds in the Bank of Rivertown.  He left the iron smelting and came back with Tan Vandreas, Zade Perkins and Martin Thomas.  Porter does not want to move his family here, but Tan has agreed to stay a few years to help the young men get on their feet and collect and breed cows.



But over on the island of Pagossus - the uninhabited land full of the Spruce Trees and holding the remnants of the mysterious shipwreck?  There were  sheep there. Every good colony needs to get sheep or some trade source of wool to be able to build and expand beds and houses.   And, it is so hard to get sheep across the ocean.  But, Tan had a plan... the tan man with the plan.. I guess?  

 They mined as much hodgepodge stone and dirt as they could and made a zigzagging path from island to island.  And, using a lead they stole in the night from one of the two (TWO!) traders that somehow appeared with their llamas (in the middle of an ocean, what kind of potions are you guys using?) they led the first sheep away from Pagossus and into the cow pens here at Amularia.  They hope to go back at the beginning of the next week and find another - unless the wolves have gotten to them.  That was a big reason to go, even though the road building was hard - the sheep were not safe in their own environment with packs of wolves roaming the Spruce Forests.

Island Colony of Amularia considered officially established in Year 39.  It is located at -1248,64,-35, with Pagossus being located to the SouthEast from there.  

Another thing that has come of this trip?  Sweet Berries, found in the forests of Pagossus.  They are spreading faster than the watermelon craze of Cod Bay.  In the end, they may be worth more than the emeralds that Porter found in the shipwreck!  This is quite a good reason to return to running Iyaga Farms, as well as the news that Nanette is expecting another production of their own - 'Iyaga Jackson', born at the end of year 39 and quite a surprise to most everyone.

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West Rivertown years 4-30, Rosered years 20-50

 McElvaney ordered a team of construction men to come from North City starting in year 4.  Michael Perkins arrived with his wife, Julia, and his foreman, John Roberts (wife Rebecca, four year old daughter Alice) and a crew of ragtag men, some no more than 12 years old actually, coming along with their older brothers to help build this new city down on the river.  Perkins issued orders for another set of men and boys to come in year 12, as well. 

West Rivertown.  The Robinson house is on the right, the one that John Robinson built after his wife and he moved out of the second story of the City Hall.  They had three children in the house and took care of numerous bee hives around the area.  There are deep mines leading to lava and mineshafts on either side of the house - so you don't really want to be caught outside there at night.  In the far distance is the house Jack Iyaga built for his son and daughter-in-law.

West Rivertown after the building of the Porter Thomas school (Porter Jackson, Tan Vandreas, Albert and Argo Thomas, all cooperating)

These were

Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke moved to Ravenna when he heard they needed a roofer and that there was plenty of room for him to build as tall of a tower as he wanted, perhaps even with cannons on top.  He was an instigator in getting Conor Eastham (of the East Native villages) to make the trek to Rivertown and court Cora Robinson.  This was also the only roof in the village Burke would not work on - John Robinson's third story set high above beehives and skeleton-infested mines.  Conor helped Robinson complete the building and several months later, won Cora's hand in marriage and brought her to Ravenna.

Andrew and Mack Gordon

Andrew and Mack moved into Ravenna to work in mining and construction.  Andrew 'Andy' Gordon (as compared to Andrew Burke) was also looking to work on his inventions, a blast furnace and a composting bin.  He has succeeded in the composting bin.  Mack had his eyes on the doctor and midwife, Melodie Whitacre, a woman who built her own house, captured wild sheep and had made the trek from North City entirely on her own responding to an advertisement from Benjamin Pippington.  She had survived attacks by Drowneds along the way, and had introduced herbalism and new plants to the city.  After about a year of failed courtship attempts, Mack rescued a cow from a mineshaft using nothing but a rope, and soon afterwards, Melodie agreed to marry him.  They moved in across from the clinic in Ravenna, leaving the Gordon house to brother Andy, who was still tinkering with his gadgets.

Argo and Albert Thomas

Argo and Albert asked for their wives to come to the city in year 6, ushering them down the river with Harry Patterson, and building some of the first Perkins houses that were off the center of the town.  Argo and Albert were both very interested in trees, which John Robinson, was as well, as sources of apples and wood to build the burgeoning city.

Jack Iyaga

An old pirate, Jack has mostly kept to the barracks and helped with a few mining expeditions.  He refuses to climb the lookout towers anymore, but has written to North City Remnants several times looking for his family, which he always intended to bring to Rivertown.  As of year 35, there had been no word from any of them.  In year 37 his son Porter Jackson came down the river with his wife and two young daughters.  Jack built them a house in the West Rivertown, somewhat beyond the Robinson complex, and is enjoying watching his granddaughters grow up in a world so badly changed by the Earthquake.  While building the house, Iyaga almost died because he had not installed windows.  Pillagers arrived and shot him through the window opening while he was working on the loft for his granddaughter's beds!  He took an axe and finished off one of them before running for the hills.  It was only lucky that the little ones and their mother were over near the Robert's restaurant at the time.

the beginning of Iyaga Farm

Porter Jackson (son of Jack Iyaga), wife Nanette and daughters Ricca and Nessie, son Kyle born here after settling in Rivertown.  There has been some contention as Porter has been mining in a deep mine to the West of his house and he is trying to claim not only that area but his own house and farm as his property.  That is more property than almost anyone else in town has claimed.  Several of the elder men are saying he needs to get a partner in the mine and then between the two families he will be allowed to claim half.

Tan Vandreas was the person to answer the classified ad for miners, and he built a small house and several extra ones near the Iyaga Farm for future workers.  He also teamed up with Porter, Albert and Argo to build the Porter Thomas school, a two story three classroom school that was the city's stipulation to ceding that much land, split in half, between Jackson and Vandreas.  Vandreas plans to rent out his extra houses and eventually settle the land even further to the West.

Also, word has it that Mattias Phillips has made it to the Nether World.  He found diamonds and obsidian deep beneath the Robinson mine and came back bearing very strange mushrooms, samples of wood, and a lifetime's supply of gold.  However, he has said the doorway was destroyed, and he has had enough lava for his entire lifetime already now...

Rose Red Iron Mining Community (Rosered)

the building in the farthest right back is the school
also the home of Stanley North, Earthquake refugee brought his two daughters.  Stanley is a weaver from the old school, he can even do the flower pattern.  The community was first formed by Joseph DeCroix, his wife Isla, and a fisherman Nicholas Long.  Victor Trent and Zari Dee came to the community after the first large amount of iron was pulled out of the ground, and the mineshaft was discovered under Long's house.  There are tunnels connecting at least four of the houses to the stone tower, due to an extended Pillager fight that actually went inside the DeCroix house and almost killed several of the citizens.

Zari Dee and Victor Trent were some of the young men that had come to make their fortunes.  After learning the trade, they were lured away by Joseph DeCroix in the Southern territories when he built his Rosered Iron Mine Company around year 20.  They both moved there to mine iron and to grow their own families.  Zari took a girl from the Eastern Village with him, Osterham was her last name.  Victor took with him the younger sister of Sandra Parker (nee Knox) who had come down with her from North City.  Sandra did not want her younger sister to be moving so far away, but the city was rich with wheat coming in and the entire country was expanding.  They had come all this way from North City - a little further, her own house and a growing town?

Alan Kenzie

 Kenzie is going to travel to Vanter, the land of birches hanging in the sky over the lava fields, and make his own forge there.  Vanter Forgeworks, halfway between RoseRed and Rivertown.  He is instrumental in creating the road that connects the two.

Paul Allen

Paul Allen went on the 'Eastern Sea' expedition with Sevier and () - and then fell head over heels with the daughter of Paul Daniels, young Piper.  He established a small enclave he called Piper's Cove, and, having the 'discovery of the Eastern Sea' under his belt (we later found out North City called that place the 'South Bay') they married and settled there, forming an animal trading post with sheep, cows and a blacksmith's forge for their youngest son Kallum, with apprenticeship help from Sam Sevier (who by that time had grown quite old and who had never married).  Piper's Cove was plagued by Pillager raids, and potential contributors Niko Otrio and Thaddeus Pippington settled in a nearby bay forming the city of Cod Bay with Callum Barham, a fisherman who had come in from the Eastern shores.  Paul Allen's daughter, Iris, married a Robinson and moved to Cod Bay.  His other son, Alvin, took a long trek close to Rivertown, in one of the most dangerous swamps, and married a Parker girl (Sara Parker, daughter of Sandra and Matthew) forming Meadowview Farms. 


 East Rivertown and Benson's Pointe beyond

Abe Henricks

Goes with Alan Kenzie on the road building expedition to Rosered.  Settles in the mountains east of Rosered at Pennock Farm.

Other Settlers:

Mattias Phillips came to Rivertown after the Great Earthquake in North City (year 30) with just a pickaxe, two torches and a bucket.  After spelunking several times in the caves behind the Robinson house, he built a furnace, smelted iron and then constructed a two story house behind the Thomas orchard.  He did odd jobs until he could get his own cows and fields in, and then began to make his intentions clear to Albaree Thomas.  She was a pale, thin girl, not the prettiest of the Thomas sisters (of which there are four) but there was something about the way she moved through the trees, her gentleness with the animals - he set out to make his home lovely and inviting, and after several festivals and a long talk with her father - Argo Thomas, about orchards and cows and the West - Mattias and Albaree were married.  Their daughter Kyra was born in year 33, son Cyrus born in year 35.


the outside of the house Mattias built for Albaree, with vegetable gardens, flowers, banners and rugs

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family learning to play Magic the Gathering again

 Esme and I played a game against each other tonight - her big complaint is that the game just takes TOO LONG... so I recorded both of the decks I had built and am going to to try to pare it down to forty card decks.  Forty cards were the standard way back when but I know 60 to 70 is what is used now.  But I can see her point - and especially it was her first game and so much to learn there.

I recorded both decks so I don't have to keep going back and forth saying 'What did I do last time?'  I had bought a green/blue and a white/black/red deck box to begin with, and a 'deck builder's box' with lots of lands and basics in it .. and I really wish I would have written down those original cube decks before I started building something I thought we could play...

I'd like to try the red cards that are in the box as their own deck.. but I think they are missing some essential creature types, low plays like 1 red and 1+red.  

 There is a little shop in the next town over I discovered while delivering mail.  I hope to be able to go in there and see what kind of individual commons and uncommons they might sell.. or if they are only new in package.  I did order 4 of one of the commons in Green I really thought was cool... but I am not going to go crazy ordering different things before I see what they might sell.


And after all of this - we have Esme's birthday stuff to open and that is a whole different game ;)  see which she likes to play better.

White Blue Magic the Gathering MTG Deck

 60 cards

11 plains 

8 islands

2 Tranquil Cove

2 Mystic Monastery


Jeska Banner

Heraldic Banner

Mantle of Tides

Marauder's Axe

White Creatures

Teyo, the Sheildmage (Planeswalker)

2 Venerable Knight

Hunted Witness

Resolute Watchdog

Shepherd of the Flock

Martyr for the Cause

Daxos, Blessed by the Sun (Leg. Ench Creature)

Tireless Mercenaries


Blue Creatures

2 Long finned Sky Whale

2 Thriving Turtle

Moat Pirahnas

2 Faerie Vandals

2 Vedalken Mesmerist

Jeska Elder

Tome Raider 

Callaphe Beloved of the Sea

Aethersquall Ancient






Sea God's Storm

Void Snare

Thought Collapse

Solemn Offering



Trapped in the Tower

So Tiny

Staggering Insight

Charmed Sleep

Angelic Exaltation


Black Green Magic the Gathering MTG deck

70 cards - creeature heavy

 11 Forest

8 Swamp

2 Jungle Hollow (bicolor black/green land)

1 Golgori Amulet (3 to cast, gives black or green mana)

Artifact Creature Rampaging Monument - 4 cast - 3/3 plus benefits

Green Creatures

2 Flaxen Intruder (1 green / 1+1 with adventure)

Renata Called to the Hunt (Leg. Ench. creature)

2 Terrain Elemental 

2 Longtusk Cub

Thriving Rhino

Beanstalk Giant

Arborback Stomper

Treeshelter Chimera

Sylvan Brushstrider

Nylea's Forerunner

Guardian of the Great Conduit

Kraul Foragers

Nexus Wardens

Black Creatures

Eye Collector

Tymaret Chosen from Death (Leg. Ench creature)

Cursed Minotaur

Veiled Shade

Lampad of Death's Vigil (Ench Creature)

2 Tattered Mummy

 Order of Midnight

Mire Triton

 Burglar Rat

Plague Wight

Fathom Fleet Cutthroat

Bloodhunter Bat

Lazotep Behemoth


Barrow Witches


Demon of Loathing


Essence Extraction

Root Snare

Mystic Repeal

2 Appetite for the Unnatural

Bake into a Pie

Return to Nature


Raise Dead

Certain Death

Consign to the Pit

2 Reave Soul



Revenge of Ravens


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The City at the End of the Game Minecraft advancement repeating message glitch


This repeating message glitch only happened inside End Cities.  It just kept repeating and spamming the screen.  It was caused by an outdated data pack - Netherbound.  Once the data pack was updated to the most recent version it stopped.