Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday portal night


8a      - discussion about words 'exaggeration' and 'superstition.'
    - Friday the 13th, Halloween, black cat, brown bears in woods

9a    - Worksheet; sentence completion

9.30a    -; wild kratts

10.30a    - Blue Planet "Tidal seas"
11.30a    -
12p    - done
7 pm - Family play at game : Portal, thinking exercises etc.
bedtime : The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza - by Philemon Sturges
It would be good to do some work on contractions - She'd and Who'll were in this book and she had to think hard about them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday library night


10a    - Worksheets; word search, math (more dd addition) sentence completion, coins
11a    - Reading aloud
11.30a    - break

12.30p    - PE (30x 5lb leg lifts, 50x 2lb R&L curls, 20x situp, 50x 10lb
      bench press)

1p    - Shoe tying
2.45p    - break

5p    - Public library (math game, typing game, playing/talking with older girl)
6p    - done

bedtime: read Madame Martin by Sarah Brannen (mom read, she listened), discussed some French words.. discussed skills she needs to learn to be an adult.. she wants to play Portal tomorrow...very hard for her to wait, this led up to the questions about when she is old enough to leave and still doesn't know how to - how will we help her.. what does she need to know...ended in tucking in with Mr.Frog... so many ups and downs on this rollercoaster

topics: wants to learn how to use makeup, wants to learn to play guitar

Monday, October 20, 2014

a letter Monday


10.30a    - Writing "thank you" note; drawing self portrait

12p    - PE (30x 2lb R&L curls, 50x 10lb bench press, 30 sit ups, 30x
      5lb leg lifts, 20x 5lb deadlift)

12.30p    - break

1.30p    - math worksheet,  double-digit addition without carrying, did without trouble
2p    - knex
3.30p    - done

Bit of a fit during the K'nex...the instructions overwhelmed her after a bit while it was getting towards the end of the day.  We had a pear someone had given to me at work, and there are more left over to bake with.  Tuesday will be a library day after I get home from work.  We finished up with Earth to Stella by Simon Puttock - I read it, and she listened at bedtime. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

a Friday and the weekend

Esme's Friday was full of fun and building. We did a little bit of sewing, writing and math and English in the morning for two hours - then in the afternoon Daddy and her built this for about three hours or more...

She had gotten a 'lab coat' in the mail from her great-aunt Dot and was intent on wearing it both Friday and Saturday.  

Their project was to build a bridge that would span across the pool table.  Daddy built one with the mini K'nex set, and Esme copied it with the larger K'nex.  He said she did almost all of it herself, and selected which were the corresponding pieces as well. 

We took Saturday 'off'  I worked much of it, and it went by in a blur.

Today is Sunday and she has had something like a three hour romp out at the park and then a half hour with some kids she knew (which was coincidence) having a drink at the playplace.  We discovered a new area at the park on the walking trail and Esme lost her dinosaur toy to being buried in the leaves by a boy - and then another tiny girl miraculously found it about an hour later.  No more dinosaur toys at the park!

I'm getting ready to finish the last book of the All Soul's Trilogy.  I should take a look at the purple coat I had started knitting her last year (or more) and see if I can get it on the way to being a completed object.  Other than that - we just have birthday organizing to do... did a 'A' order yesterday for some of the things we had planned on.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

catch-up for Wednesday

We took Monday and Tuesday off from 'official' school.. as Esme's school district had the entire week off.
But, Wednesday was planned from the start to be a big day.
I have to work again today, so will post Thursday later today I hope, or tomorrow...


8.30a    - PE (30x 10lb bench press, 20x sit up, 30x 2lb curl R&L,
      20x 5lb lift)

9a    - Reading
9.30a    - Worksheets: math, maze

9.45a    - eeko creatures
    - Statue of liberty quiz

10.30a    - break

11a    - Tractor service, storm cleanup @ grandma's
11.30a    - Potato peeling and cooking

12p    - lunch break

12.45p    -
1.30p    - school journal
1.45p    - done

Then I got home from work at 2:30, left with Grandma for town at 3, and she ran with kids at the playplace until nearly 6:30 pm while we waited for Grandma to finish shopping.  She ordered her own drink,practicing speaking in a clear voice and not being shy - and spoke with several people I knew from work.  She listened well to me, came down from the playplace when I had questions, and when she had questions.

She played well with older and younger children.  We went out to get ice cream and she left her friends okay - was a little sad some of them had to leave before we got back..they were sad, too... but Esme kept her attitude mostly up.  I was impressed that she was very helpful and kind at the Walmart.  She wanted something reasonable on the way over to get Grandma - instead of a toy, because she has toys (nice comment).. she wanted a snack she likes.  I told her that was a reasonable request, and we would look for it before we found Grandma in the store. She was helpful in the line but fell asleep on the way home *heh*.. it was a long day for all of us (I was up at 3:50 am to start this all out.. so very long for me, another one today)

On the way home she asked me how phones were invented.
I think we need to cover just how sound is recorded, first - how it USED to be recorded physically, and now is recorded digitally - and then we can make the leap between how phones were INVENTED and how they work today.  So, science topics!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mixie Eingeering Primary School core values

thoughts.. haven't gotten these 'approved by the board' yet *heh*
We are still on official break - and tomorrow should be a full day of school again

Mixie Engineering Primary School
is about:
Asking questions:
---and learning HOW to find answers.
---Reading and Writing
---Math and Science
---Building and Engineering
---Art, music, history, learning new skills

Trying hard:
---not giving up
---and working together for goals.

Meeting People in our Community:
---learning from each other
---changing the world around us for the better

"Tell me I can do this again, especially as I have thus already begun."

Being the nature of me, I have worries that we can do this right - get everybody working together and keep progress up.  I've read some unschooling things.. the flavor is right, being child-led, but we still need to direct here and there, especially early on here where her anxiety and fear of failure are still high from the bad school year.

I found a few great reasources to try
Daria world music - they have a water pump idea with Archimede's screw I could see us working on
I remember Esme points at that one Astronomy book every time she sees it in the library..

Audio book reports?  as a step before written ones?
Making a choice calendar big enough where she can reach it - we set some of them - reading/writing park day etc, and she can set others like Art and Music as we go...