Wednesday, July 01, 2015

bits in summer

Esme: I was playing Sims today. And I found Klundge! You buy it in a store - the trapdoor place, and it is yellow and white. It is a spray, and it makes flowers grow all around you like *mine a marshmallow expansion effect* Have you ever bought Klundge? Me: Err,no ...I haven't *brain starts to dawn* OH - You mean Cologne? Esme: Does it have an 'e' on the end? Me: yes-and it is spelled like Bologna, because they are both place names. Cologne made really nice smelling perfumes, so they called that perfume Cologne.  Bologna made nice sausage, so some food we eat today is called Bologna, after their recipes.  Esme: Can we go there? For a school field trip this year? me: Where? Esme: Cologne. Me: Err.. it's across the ocean, in Europe. Esme: That's okay - we'll walk to South America and then go around. Me: OK, then - we will have field trips, but not to Europe. Esme: OK.....*sigh*

Some day she is going to read these and say 'Mom - I never ever said anything like that!' And I'll say - why do I have them all written down by age then...really, it's way too creative for me to make up on my own :)  She has started to enter into the same territory with words as she one did with signs - saying so much more than we expect with so little.  And, showing what she knows, at the same time.  She has been making more suggestions for things to do for school coming up in August..

Update on the teeth.  I am still scheduled for July 30th.  I am in variable pain - it keeps wandering back and forth across three or four teeth and ranging from annoying to damn ice pick sensation with throbbing.  The part that worries me is my neck, tongue and parts of my face will go 'just slightly fuzzy' - I can feel all the surface touches and it doesn't hurt, but at the same time it doesn't feel quite 'mine' or like the inside is on a different dimensional layer of time than the rest...  it doesn't affect my sleep like the pain.  I guess I'll have to take that as a good thing.  But the slightly numb feeling does make me worry that it is going to turn into something else....

Saturday, June 27, 2015

teeth, sleep, whatnot

I've made an appointment at the end of July to have my teeth extracted  - seven of them.  Not all of them, seems to include the ones that are hurting me so much.  I've had a very hard time sleeping the past  week -- worked all but one day when I stayed home to try to figure out what to do with all of the reactions.  Their pain medication isn't working for me - spending hours pacing, taking hot baths to reorient the pain - cooking myself on a heating pad etc...back to OTC stuff until Monday, at least.  Sunday I have off -and maybe I'll find some sleep as well.

In the meantime, Esme and Daddy play Minecraft and build lots of things.  We've watched some episodes of Emily of New Moon when I get home from work.  Esme hopes I'll be able to play more with her too.

Esme comments on New Moon - What is the purpose of the show?  Every child has a destiny.  Except the Emily child - she has to work for hers.  //hmmm... interesting  point of view. She has really started to pay attention to some of the comments, and how Elizabeth's restrictions effect Emily and everyone else in the household.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Capture this before it passes me by. 

I have seen Esme grabbing cards off of our bulletin board -ones sent by her great aunt and others, and reading bits of them, and putting them back.  There is an element of 'you didn't tell me to read that' in it.. curiosity... and sometimes I see her expression flicker and I wonder what she has found.   I an glad to see it.  And she has been scanning the spines of the books on our non-fiction shelf -and saying she has seen those before.  I told her she could take any book from that shelf and look through it, even if all she wanted to do was look at it for a minute... or read a lot, as long as she takes care of it and puts it back.  She said she thought those were our books, so she had been leaving them alone.  We said she could look at any book in the house -if it was fragile or looked very old we would appreciate her asking for help with it.

I wonder if that would be a good time exercise for homeschool, too, a day or two here and there ...pick anything you want to look at - and get to know what is in the shelves. We have so many books - it can be intimidating!  And as I mentioned before - she has always taken books sort of 'for granted'...seeing any curiosity is a good thing.

Last night she read a page or two of the chapter in Little House in the Big Woods I had been reading to her. She really wanted to get up and run around the room in laps.  Mark was a bit exasperated by this behavior.   I know she is getting some out of reading this- but it doesn't use up all of her energy..and she has been having huge bursts of energy whenever I get home she just can't sit still etc... something we need to work on and figure out what is the best method.

We went to the flea market this morning, and bought some more wool, some vegetables, and saw goats, chickens, ducks and more.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

6 squared on Father's Day

Ready to blow out the candle

Esme helped

We baked and frosted a cake together yesterday.  Esme wanted to ensure I had a 'birthday party' with presents and a cake and ice cream.  Somehow it all came together.  Mark and Irene gave me some lovely thoughtful presents -and Esme drew me some pictures and made a puppet, and helped Mark pick out yarn.  Mark insisted I buy a copy of Banished, a town building survival game he had found that is like the kind of games I like to play.  Irene gave me a lovely purple shirt (shown in the picture) and some sweet things.  Mark got his steak the other day, and a paper blue caterpillar from Esme in a tube.  His Mom sent him some oven gloves to counteract his love of flaming hot things ;)

I woke up and wandered the world for a few minutes just as the sun was coming up. It is my yearly tradition.  I saw the flowers that were blooming and was invited by our dogs to chase rabbits in the long wet grass.  I felt a little like a Highland lady walking along the road next to the misty valley with my blanket thrown over my shoulder and a long skirt skimming the wet leaves.  Then I had a bit of a nap until Esme came bounding upstairs wanting to have all the presents opened immediately.  She didn't understand (couldn't fathom at all)why anyone would want to wait a single minute.

We cut the cake about noon, and brought a piece up to Grandma about two.  We had planned to spend a nice day at home and try not to get really hot.  Some sad news happened while we were there talking to Grandma - our sweet dog Loula was hit by a truck on the road.  They probably would have all been home if we hadn't been out visiting ourselves.  Mark did the necessaries for her - he said we didn't want to see.... I will miss her.  Esme will miss her, too....she is more worried that I am sad about it.  A sad thing in such a nice day.

My dad gave me a call and Gale also left me a message on Facebook.

My sillies having a puppy dog eye staring cntest 
Soon after this I ushered her off to a bath, bed, and finished telling her the fairy tale of the Snow Queen.

Comments to remember
Watching 'Idiocracy' : Esme says: "I need to see their inventor person. Maybe he isn't living anymore. That would be bad - they need one, because they don't have good ideas. And they need to learn how to spell hospital, and get non-green water. Their machines don't even work." How many times have we watched this and she hasn't commented on it at all?
Talking abut numbers while she washed her hair in the's millions, then billions, then zillions, then gazillions. 
(me: and then a googleplex- that is where the word google comes from, because there are that many things to search through to find things) 
and a googleplex plus one? 
(yes, and then there is another number, infinity, which is the biggest number you could ever have, and it is always getting bigger, because it is the largest number there ever can be) 
and infinity plus one? 
 It's just like the Earth.
The Earth is always getting bigger,all the time.
(No, the Earth stays pretty much the same size - the Universe is getting bigger around it, all the way to the edges and growing all the time.) 
Oh, yea, that - and it is growing because time is passing, and going out further and further
(me: That could be.  Scientists are working on that).  
And the smallest number is zero, then, because it is nothing at all.  
(me: No, - zero is zero. Nothing added, nothing taken away - balanced.
Oh, yea.
( Remember infinity?  Think about that the other way- negative infinity)
 nods - I know that one.  And you go the other way (from zero) one two three four --...and it is less all the time 
(Yes, and then the smallest number then would be (negative) infinity minus one.  ) you want a frog?  I have a frog.
 And ...that was that.

I'll leave this with the very first picture we had of Loula, from Christmas Eve, 2011, and one from when she grew up into one of the best dogs we have had-- a 'classic all-around' dog.  Poor girl.

Friday, June 19, 2015


The weekend is coming up - Father's Day and my birthday.  Mark got a steak :)  I have a cake to bake with Esme tomorrow.  Not much going on today - finished reading the Emily series in book form, and started reading some of the kids poems and stories that I had downloaded earlier.  I adapted a very old book of poems from 1899 to use for her homeschool next year - some cute things there and I can add illustrations.  There are several witty puns and topics (birds, squirrels, cats and dogs) she will be able to relate to.

Esme read us her bird book from the library today as incentive towards playing bird with her in Minecraft for a while.  She read very well - and only missed some rather large words- like clamoring, territory etc... I wanted to mark down that I heard her read a lot of new words with understanding -- the level I thought she was at is confirmed.  When she is interested in the subject the book isn't 'too long' either.. as long as there are some pictures.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Second Grade Curriculum

This is just the beginning of our collection... I will update this as needed until August, when we will begin again.

Art :
More drawing and painting on the easel.  Introduce chalk pastels at some point.  I really like how many details she is putting in her art now, and the way she is working on background.

Social Studies and Geography (Tied together with History):
People Together: Adventures in Time and Place :: I got this at the library book sale.  It is social studies, history and geography with lots of big type and graphics. (comparison shopping, this was an expensive book and we got it extremely cheap)  // paired with Our Neighborhoods (1979) also library sale.  Continue with maps an geography games.

Using Minecraft to talk about economies, transportations, projects and goals - recognizing and accomplishing goals etc.

Geology - Rocks and Minerals book, microscope, crystals, geology samples cards (tie with geography, too).  The Pinson mounds  are close to us, and she has expressed great interest in the archaeological finds on display at the library - try to tie some of that together.

Astronomy -online night sky program, Zoo in the Sky book, maybe we could visit the planetarium as incentive to know what she is seeing.

Looking for more Chemistry experiments etc..
She wants to make oobleck again.
She asked to investigate how real the DNA idea in Jurassic Park is - can it really be recreated from amber? 
Amber is tree sap.  We discussed what tree sap is - 'resin', and how it captured the mosquitoes.
We discussed seeing tree sap in a tree in our forest in real life - and sealing some plants in acrylic resin from the hardware store as a project in 'pretending' the process from the movie.
What are fossilized fuels - and how do we know about them?
Don't want to forget the Space book Aunt Dot sent us.

Language / English:
Thrid grade vocabulary words (we did second and some third last year)
Continue with the first grade and move to the second grade spelling words when appropriate.
Continue dictionary use.
Reading - Stink series, Little House etc.  Try to advance to less picture books as possible - might try some short stories on her to see how she fares.  I'd like to find more Encyclopedia Brown - I loved those (although I was reading my brother's copy at her age).  Movie series : Emily of New Moon Farm, about a little girl who dreams about becoming an author and just 'has' to write - it is in her bones.  Poetry : I am copying and illustrating some important poems for her to go over with me.  We've mentioned her helping me illustrate some of them as part of her art projects.

Harcourt Language: probably grade 1... This is the subject she needs the most catch-up in, so having this to go over topics will be good.  Also a Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing book grade 1, for the same reason.  The library was selling them at less than a buck each :)

Script - reading script writing, writing her signature.  I won't do official penmanship unless she shows some interest - but it can't be 'a foreign language' to her like she claimed this summer.
First Grade writing prompts - on to second grade after we finish the first grade ones.
Poetry - Will introduce her to some basic poems beyond the kids book she has.. some wider variety, have her take her hand to writing a few more two or three verse ones on her own.
Science explanation/exploration - She will need to write a sentence or two of what she studied, and/or discovered in her science.

Continue with Khan math where we left off, we were 70% of the way through the K-2 material.
Review addition and subtraction borrowing and carrying.
Review money counting and change making.
Review measurement- add more real world scenarios and tasks.
Continue with multiplication - use in real world scenarios.
Continue with geometry/coordinates - review graphing and data from where we left off.
Continue with parts-to-whole, percent etc.

There is a quilt show in September by Murray, KY.