Wednesday, April 01, 2015


8a    - minecraft
9.30a    - dragon city
10a    - PE: carrying water to fill animal dishes in the yard.  She kept carrying smaller and smaller amounts in the bucket despite she knew it would take longer -- was having fun doing it, mostly.  Xeno's Paradox, Mark says - and she began to get the idea eventually *heh*
10.30a    - break

12.30p    - PE: 10x 500ft laps - playing outside in the warm Spring day, exponetial rock collecting and carrying...gave up on it after a bit, but kudos for trying
1p    - reading, puzzle book
1.30p    - break

On her own she began watching the entire first season of Avatar again - in preparation for the second season we had purchased for her.  Helped me prepare dinner for the both of us out of fridge leftovers (Daddy didn't feel like dinner after his large lunch)  There was rollerskating during and after eating.

I couldn't resist the urge - and Mark urged me on - to start breaking the ground in the garden.  I have felt stifled by the weather this year.. I didn't even really want to start the 'real' seedlings yet.  After feeling and smelling the broken earth maybe it is time...but there still might be one more freeze.

7:00 - watching and helping with the tiller in the garden, investigating the tilled earth, stones etc.
7:30 - reading the last third of the Stink Moody book, pgs 75- 103. Incredible Shrinking Kid - she wants to try to locate the next one - the Supergalactic Jawbreaker.
8p  - check on dragon city, reading descriptions of dragons to me.
8:15 -done, off to a bath and bed.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Esme's Minecraft school - we began building this a few weeks ago, and it was a shell outline then - today, she finished it all using the undefined space I had made - a classroom, cafeteria and bathroom (not shown). I added only the pictureson the wall- the rest is hers based on my shell (1 block on the ground with door openings) from weeks ago.

8.45a    - dragon city
9.15a    - outside exploration
9.30a    - break

10a    - klondike- I see she completed several quests, which requires reading,comprehension and logic.
11a    - PE, 10x 500ft laps
11.30a    - outside discovery, newt hunting
12.30p    - Planet Earth: Jungles
1.30p    - done

We watched the movie Interstellar.  She watched some of it,but got a little bored halfway through and went to work more on her Minecraft school (above)-and grumble that she had to do it alone with only Minecraft animals for friends. *sigh*...  Then after that was done to her satisfaction, she came and watched the rest of the movie with us.  We talked a bit about it, and about stars - and she tried to see some before she went to bed with her flashlight and Pokemon manual.  Rubles seems to be doing fine -Mark and Esme bought some more of the materials they need to build her a bigger cage.

I'm still avoiding coffee - but have three varieties of green tea to switch off from... drinking a little almond milk in it sometimes, thought to try that and see if it had any benefits.  So far, so good...  Really great avocado, mozzarella, black bean and red curry paste tacos for dinner tonight (Mark and Esme ate other things - so I could experiment).  Esme had pointed out to Mark in the grocery store that Mom needed one of those green things the other day... heh.

add:  Mark said he took a chair out to read during Esme's outside time yesterday - she was climbing trees for most of that...but for some time she was also bringing him bits of clover and flowers, and if he didn't accept them she was tucking them into his hair behind his hat and running away.  // remember for later *heh*

Monday, March 30, 2015


8.30a    - dragon city
9.30a    - klondike - she continued to explore all the features in this game, and discovered some new things beyond what we had done before.  When they picked me up from work she said that the new game features were things she had really liked learning today.
10a    - break

11a    - town run, tax prep place, stores, discussions of same
12p    - break

1p    - Planet Earth: Great Plains - episode included a fox trying to steal nestlings from birds, which she told me all about in the truck on the way home.
2p    - PE, 10x 500ft laps -reading her Pokemon book while sitting in the back of the truck
2.30p    -break
4p - gathering of materials for rat cage, talking to people at Lowes
4:30p - break
 5:30 - ran outside with fox toy to play wilderness with him, and feed him plastic leaves.

I want to get her to read the rest of her Stink Moody book as it has to go back to the library...// got from page 47 to 75 before I started to get tired, and I have another early tomorrow.  She is practicing piano keyboard now and soon I'll have to nudge her towards bed....
 a noodle fox pillow she talked Daddy into at the store - she wanted a picture of him...

 Picture by Esme
'Rubles' the rat

 She is a girl, and was adopted from a friend.
They would have fed her to the snake,and Esme has been asking about
having a rat for months - since she saw this one's predecessor at the same house.
She is fairly sweet -a little skittish of loud voices and doesn't like to be handled too much at one time.. have to get used to us and our routines a bit more...

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Our hyacinths survived the freeze the other day - they smell very nice. I just really need it to warm up sometime this year!    Lots of jump rope today, and she was practicing math while doing it at several points, skip counting, adding halves etc...  we made a 'park' in Minecraft...almost could have counted today as school but I was trying to take it easy.  Mark did some woodworking today and fixed two of our doors that were sticking.  I'm on 48 hours minus coffee.. although that doesn't mean no caffeine.  I've picked up some Chai green tea and made that instead..and drinking hot water just to fill in the gap of having something warm.  Last night was a terrible withdrawal headache...but today seems to be going well.  If you have ever met me -and heard I was on purpose not drinking coffee.. you'd wonder what happened...  or what I got replaced with *heh*...  

I'm in the middle of Mad Ship by Robin Hobbs... this is the second to the last book for me (since I read Rain Wilds out of order).   Esme's Puzzle Book copy came today - and she says it is a really cool book. I'm still waiting on my Crystal structure book to come in the mail.

Friday, March 27, 2015


8a    - Liberty's Kids
9.30a    - break

11a    - Liberty's Kids
12.30p    - minecraft
2.30p    -break

4p - jump rope and discussion about the settling of America, where the immigrants came from and why..
5p - town, helping with groceries, discussion about Kentucky and going there, dinner, more jump rope
6p - done

Quote:  We are going to Kentucky Fried Chicken.  No, we aren't. Mom,tell him why we aren't going there (she had asked to go to the state earlier while shopping- like we did once before -and now we were just pulling her leg about it)  We are - see it up there, the place you like to play with the salt shakers?  Oh, that is not Kentucky, it is K F.....C... And that stands for Kentucky Fried... .. Chicken.  Chicken. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015


8.30a    - minecraft - built a water 'ride' that was many levels high.. lots of thought required and she built something very cool!  The goal was to start at the top and not have the player press any keys, but flow down the 'ride' without stopping, hanging up anywhere etc..  She had to work out several things- enough space for the player, containment of the water, and how to keep things flowing.  The second picture shows a flock of chickens riding down - and they were all 'alive' at the bottom.

12.30p    - break

3.30p    - cleaning up
4p    - paper snowflakes
4.30p   - cleaning up her work table that was full of stuff!  Putting things away, reorganizing supplies.
reading The Way things Work (mammoth version) and Pokemon book on her own
5:30p - done, off to play downstairs, bounce around and return to reading now and then, supervise me making a dress for her a few times here and there...  She wanted to go outside and play more baseball but came right back in saying it was too  cold!

McCalls M6594, 'B' version,size 8ish
I made one 2 years ago in a size 6, and put the dress pattern up as it was 'not my favorite' type of construction, lots of casing and tiny elastic.  She is wearing that dress in the snowflake picture. I tried to copy the 'makedo' waist elastic that it has... the way in the instructions just isn't something I could wrap my head around then and not now, either... but this is a technique from a sundress pattern I had back then and it worked again.  She says she loves being a flower made of leaves and twirling and curtseying like a princess. Her requests are another one in purple and one in blue, too - like Cinderella.  I was planning on making a few more now that I've gotten some more practice under my belt.