Thursday, September 19, 2019

Vintage sewing patterns for SALE

I have put up for SALE an assortment of the vintage sewing patterns we have used over the years here.  There will be more over the next few days as I photograph them and double-check the pieces again.  These range from 1940 to 1978, from Simplicity and McCalls, mostly.

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Wrote another  version of the business plan.  Added a whole bunch of inventory files into our shop program.  Put 3,000 words on a story I was writing with Esme.  And we washed all the dogs (although that took us two days total).  My left wrist hurt some yesterday for no reason I could remember, but it stopped quickly.  However, after carrying Tansy down the stairs and fighting Rex into the tub today the right wrist has real reasons to hurt.  I'm ignoring it for now.. but its being quite loud.  Good news is the tooth feels quite a bit better.  Tomorrow is PTC in the afternoon.

The story I am working on is 'Cat in the Forest'.  Am up to 5,000 words and I am working a bit more on the outline that is in my head - have to do some more research.  I did research this morning on the rope climbing and now I have to look in my herbals for a bit more info on the mysterious plant that they think will save them but is actually a powerful poison.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Gearing Up

Gearing up to launch.

Friday, September 13, 2019


Worked towards the business a lot today.  Esme and I are going to a booksale tomorrow.  Reading Hemingway and another I found at the library 'little fires everywhere.'  Listening to French podcast and thinking more how to make my office here.  We watched Aquaman.. and our brains still won't come back anywhere near us because it was just too much to ask of them.  *ha*

weird note rant : I remarked a while back that my Pinterest now shows me pins in multiple languages, french and welsh and russian, norwegian, japanese and spanish... odd that spanish you would think would be prevalent, but  no it shows me much more french and welsh things now because it knows I've looked at those more.  So, there is algorithm going on. 

I've noticed my Facebook feed has recently begun doing this, too - where it hadn't before.  I looked at several job offers in French, and I must have stared too long at a few in Spanish.. now it is showing me French, Spanish and Norwegian with a little German thrown in.  It shows me Welsh already, because I belong to several Welsh-speaking groups.. so that one wasn't a surprise. 

Somewhere I've ticked off the 'this person might be bilingual' cues on someone's program.  I'm also getting job offer advertisements for bilingual people, Spanish and French (the Spanish ones are in English, but the French ones are in French, which I find even weirder).

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Mark said since I've had this tooth out I have my bounce back... sounds good to me.  I know I don't want to sleep in the middle of the afternoon now and the pain with it out is nowhere near the pain I had with it in. 

Got out of the house today and went journeying with a stack of business cards and some motivations.

Had a great day out talking to people, seeing what the region has to offer.  I looked at an office space (from the outside) and handed out lots of business cards.  Need to make another big stack today.  Have a few things I'd like to go out and take photos of, today, too.

Got a great couple of books, like the Universe was listening in on me and led me to a few of them.  I need to take Esme back there Saturday.

Got some price lists to look through, and have a few more skills I want to think about studying for and in practicums that I need to arrange for myself.  Would like to go next week to the salvage store and see if they have some things for me to do a few of those with, and maybe we can make some howto videos.

 Esme's shots above and below
apparently she felt obligated to take a picture of her mother from behind... *smirk*

pine tree pic off my camera

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


I had out the tooth this morning, the one that was 'referring' pain all over that side of my mouth - so sometimes it felt like there was pain at the top back or the bottom, until I pressed against this tooth, then it would stop.  They said it was a very long root.  It has mostly stopped bleeding but extra pain has not set in, and that is with only two regular ibuprofen.  So, I'm thinking the pain of it 'in' and hurting was equal to the pain I am feeling now with it out, and it can only get better from here.

Had a few more calls today (but my mouth was swollen) so I hope I was clear enough.  Got some information on several things we needed to know about.  Have to ask more questions tomorrow and call back.  We also have the lawyer appointment tomorrow.

Mark said to take it easy today, so I am learning some SQL.  I completed the first course and a half on Khan.  Every Python programmer job that lands in my inbox wants me to know SQL.

Monday, September 09, 2019


Working on our business plan, made lots of calls today, got lots of numbers and sources and ideas.  Printed a few very basic flyers.  Looked at a 'physical location' but we will probably have to start with a mobile unit because of the monthly rent costs.  We will see someone about all the paperwork on Wednesday.  Researching small business loans and ways to advertise.

Tomorrow morning I go in for my tooth extraction.  I've spent two months (and then some) waiting to get this tooth out.  And, I know it affected how easy it was to get me further stressed out this month.  I hardly take ibuprofen for anything (and of course, that and aspirin are the only things that work at ALL in me..) and I've taken it for this tooth almost once a day, sometimes up to three times a day.  For me, that is a lot.  And the ibuprofen doesn't help at all with the bruising I normally have, which is another reason to not take it unless I have to.

BUT.  hoping that they get that tooth out and it all starts to turn around.
Went into Khan tonight and restarted some of my chemistry lessons.
Took a walk around the garden and pulled in a few late tomatoes.
Shelled all the rest of the Whipporwill heirloom peas, and need to take a picture of that haul.
It was the only thing this year that did 'well'... and that is because it is so hard to keep down you'd have to stick bricks over it to have it not produce.  There were six to nine plants like usual and they produced handfuls of small brown speckled cowpeas.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Saturday, August 24, 2019

hypermobile Ehler Danlos Syndrome and the broken robot

I don’t want to be defective.  I want to ignore it.  I’ve lived with it so long without knowing what it was - ignoring all the ways I was 'weird' and 'broken robot waiting to be fixed', that I want it to actually be the normal way bodies work and I’m just the one having trouble dealing with it.  But I know it is not how normal bodies work, just how mine works and it is not going to get better unless I stop doing the damaging activities or at least reduce them.   I need to find a happy medium where I am not moving thousands of pounds of product every day, but but not a sit down all day job either, as that stiffens and atrophies the muscles and will cause other problems.

And it is a personality issue that I get frustrated with the delayed work-pain response and instead of taking it easy for the day I get angry at the pain itself -  and then enter some adrenaline stress mode where I do physical things even a normal person has trouble doing – out of the sheer will to do it and extra-stretchy ligaments and some sort of stubborn death wish – and pay for that even harder than my normal days.  On a normal day I feel the pain response about 10 to 12 hours later.  When I've overworked and stretched beyond physical limits it can come on even sooner.  But then at least, I feel like I’ve earned those hours of pain and fever and crashing asleep for ten hours at a time.  And I’m tearing myself apart, bit by bit.  Now that I’ve come to that mountain where I’m looking down and saying ‘I can’t do this to myself anymore’ is where the real hard part begins.  So, what am I going to do instead?  And why do I always feel unworthy unless I have beat myself right to the edge of tolerance?  And the other scary part is, where will I be in ten more years if I keep doing this?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Monday, August 19, 2019

The hard part

I was listening to a conversation the other day between a woman my age who doesn't want children, and a man who doesn't have any.  The woman described having a baby growing in her as an alien symbiote that then must be expelled from the body.  But, I said, that is not the hard part.  They didn't want any further explanation, and I didn't give any.  But.. carrying and birthing is not the hard part.  Being a parent is. 

The hard part is having them with you every day, year after year, while keeping them and yourself safe and sane.  And, it is trying to make sure they transition into good people, through all the anxieties, fears and hard times in between.

That's the hard part - and the most rewarding, and the reason we wanted to be parents.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Heds probably hypermobile ehler danlos syndrome

You have to remember youre only human.  Although, sometimes it seems just the opposite because that shoulder stretches unnaturally far under 'normal circumstances and effort' and that big weight seems to move naturally for you as you pivot it around its center if gravity and use the extra reach and bounce in your limbs and torso to do something difficult for someone twice your size.

Just because you can stretch the limits of your body doesnt mean you really should.  Just because someone wants twenty bags of softener salt diesn't mean you have to load them all and bruise every finger.  And you can hip check the 200 lb vanity against the cart and the wall and load it yourself but you will pay for it twelve hours later.

 You're used to it happening, expect it, but still it is a sign not to be ignored or worn like a badge... which it is hard not to do that because it keeps you feeling normal, maybe even 'super', when you are really breaking yourself in a thousand little cracks and tears.  All the big muscles take that long to realize the strain and complain loudly... the small ones usually kill immediately after because you didnt think about the repetitve strain, but it caught up to you as soon as the muscles had time to cool down.  Those hurt now, and in twelve hours will not only hurt but also throb and/or feel stiff like poured concrete between the strands.

Your muscles are made of weakened cotton string and too much pulling on them is going to show one way or the other.  Save that for feeling the burn of swimming for a few minutes earlier in the day or knitting ten rows on your shawl.  Save it for completing that project at work that needed to be done up and down the ladder but was somwthing a normal human could accomplish alone.  Because yes it is going to hurt but maybe if it has to it should hurt from things you intended to do in the first place, and weren't a stupid thing for a normal person to attempt!

And remember it might take a day for today's muscle strain to heal or two months of struggle... you really never know, or something might not heal right at all.  Youre only human... maybe uncommon in ways that make you feel alien - but still human.

// it is in the family but doctors had never mentioned it to me.. postural orthostatic intolerance was all they could agree on.. everything else was growing pains or from female 'issues' or migraines or just plain not healthy.. pneumonia and sinus infections and poor diet and weak muscles... a severely dislocated shoulder, two broken ankles and one broken wrist and another fractured wrist was just my being clumsy and choosing dangerous sports in gymnastics and martial arts.  well, this explains nearly all of it, including the crowded teeth that are always inflamed and falling apart.  Im not an alien... just a little broken in my code.  Now that i am getting older the cracks and tears are going to cascade some and take longer to heal... so i have to change my habits which is not easy

Monday, August 12, 2019


We went out to Oishii Chinese buffet and Japanese Hibachi tonight.  There was a really good selection at the buffet.  Esme mostly ate fried rice and watermelon, but she was able to find some things she wanted to try.  I tried  a lot of things.  Stuffed clam tastes something between meatloaf and thanksgiving stuffing...

I made this jute string basket with a crochet hook size I. Then I added black acrylic yarn for decorative stripes, to finish the top edge and to add a handle.

OK It's been a long day.  I went grocery shopping, picked cowpeas in the garden and processed them for seeds, made a pillow, wrote a short story/essay, worked on the tapestry a bit and took Esme to the library and the dollar store and the restaurant, then talked with my Dad for an hour, and worked on the tapestry some more.  I'm tired, and I probably should get some sleep.  Tomorrow off and I still need to do some more laundry and process a pumpkin - but haven't decided yet if I want to let Esme Jack-o'-Lantern it, or actually eat some of it, or just chicken it, and save some of the seeds.  Really, we could kind of do it all with it, because just because you cut a Jack o' Lantern out of a pumpkin doesn't mean you have to leave it to rot that way.

Thursday, August 08, 2019

bit o bits

I've gotten a lot done today, took pictures in the garden, did some maintenance tasks, sewed two tea towels and three pillow covers that were waiting for me to do them.  We took the trash up, and I found and ordered another foot stool for Esme's room where we read (like the one by the chair in the hall - it was still available to order on clearance).  Shelled some cowpeas to dry, processed the onions into a potato onion soup and have done a little knitting.

So far, not having coffee is not biting into my productivity - but bringing it back.
We'll see how it continues.


So I've given up coffee now, for what, five days running?  I've had a little bit of powdered coffee each day just to use it up and not waste it, but it is nothing compared to the two full pots of coffee (plus the powdered in between sometimes) I was consuming before.  It's the equivalent of one cup to two gallons.. crashed caffeine levels.

I'm not ready to say that it is 100% better. I miss the coffee, and warming up some water is my 'tic trick' or grabbing a piece of Trident gum if I'm at work and have to go out on the floor... but it's not the same.

But am I feeling better?  It's hard to tell.  My leg is not swollen at and under the knee anymore... and I noticed some changes in it again last night.  My leg  has felt 'twisted' (inside the muscles) on the outside calf for the past week after I used the ice pack and Salonpas and compression brace to ease down the ball-sized knot in my inner calf muscle.  Last night, one area above my right ankle had a large 'white' patch that was slightly cool to the touch (and I wasn't wearing jeans.. so maybe I was getting cold, too)  - but when I massaged it I realized it was the remnants of the 'muscle knot' I had further up my leg earlier last week - the one that went down when I put the compression brace over it while I worked.

Its still 'weird' this morning.. it feels like a pad of fat or something on that side compared to the other leg's regular muscle, or like it has a layer of water slightly swollen?  It hurt briefly last night which was why I noticed it, but after massaging it and putting hot water over it I felt a 'shudder' in those tendons and it hasn't hurt since.  So it still looks odd but doesn't hurt and it isn't remarkably cold or anything.  Massaging it made the veins in my foot below it stand out.  I couldn't bend my leg at the knee upwards towards my waist earlier in the morning, but after the hot water treatment and the shudder I realized I could bend my leg all the way up to my waist without pain.  So, something is happening and it might actually be good.

So, no coffee (or next to no, and once the box is gone and not being wasteful I doubt I'll buy more).  Lemon ginger tea.  Brushing my teeth 30 minutes after a meal if I can, ACT mouth rinse morning brush and night, trident gum if I can't.  I've got to find a better 'get up and get Esme on the bus' routine for brushing my teeth after having tea and a food item with her in the morning.  I've ended up brushing after 'second breakfast' each morning after I get back home and have more time to make something substantial.

I noticed I am NOT going back to sleep dead tired after putting her on the bus, and I'm not getting 'dead tired' until 8 or so at night.. so 5:30 am to 8 pm is a good run compared to before.  And I'm doing things.. I've done some other self-care and laundry and crafts and thinking about lists of things that need to be done etc etc...

The other two things I'm doing is limiting wheat bread items (exception for dinner time with family and one fruit and grain bar for snack at work) and sugar and avoiding corn.  I am mixing a smoothie some mornings with a banana in it to add magnesium and was adding black beans to my meals for the week for the same reason.

Will see in another week if I can say these observations have continued.

Monday, August 05, 2019

First Day of Sixth Grade

 We're already to sixth grade?  Time flies.

Saturday, August 03, 2019


We are so glad our Minerva dog is back.  She unhitched herself from her collar the other day and ran off and had been gone for two going on three days.  We were worried the  coyotes had gotten to her.  But then she came slinking back in the house completely exhausted tonight. 

I have gone to minimal caffeine intake.  Yesterday and today.  We will see how well it lasts.  Had a very bad dental appointment and am looking at some reactions with other things in the rheumatology stuff I was looking up.

Esme starts school on Monday!

Recipe File : Sardines and Olives with Zucchini and Nectarines

Place into a frying pan: 
1 can of sardines, boneless and skinless, in olive oil, the whole can undrained
-- break up the sardine filets until small
About three tablespoons of sliced black olives
About 1/3 cup of raw zucchini, cut small

Pan fry on medium heat, putting on a lid and turning down to low as soon as it really starts to sizzle.
Cook for a little while longer until heated through and zucchini has started to soften, then turn off heat.

Wash and cut one large nectarine into small pieces, set aside half for something else.
Wash and rinse a handful of blueberries
pulse the nectarines and blueberries together in a chopper until it forms a salsa

Spoon the fish mixture onto one side of the plate and the fruit salsa on to the other, pair with seeded rye bread

I see no reason why you could not use mackerel for this recipe as long as it was boneless and canned in olive oil, as well.

Thursday, August 01, 2019


Happy to get these photos today :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Chicken Recipe

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

3 lbs defrosted chicken
3 peeled potatoes, chopped
About one leek, cleaned and chopped
A few handfuls of frozen onions and peppers
2 small fruit cup containers of mandarin oranges (in water, not syrup)

Place all that in a stainless steel deep pan
In a glass measuring cup add 1/2 cup of water, about 3 tbsp of olive oil, lots of ground black pepper, about a tablespoon of dried oregano, 1 teaspoon onion powder, 1/2 tsp celery salt and 1/2 tsp curry powder, also mix in at least one egg.  ((Added about half a stick of butter and some salt after cooking for an hour.))

Pour liquid mixture over the chicken and vegetables.
Place aluminum foil over the top of the pan, prick twice with a fork.
Place chicken in oven and cook for at least two hours (probably more, we'll see)

Serve with dinner rolls.

(( next time, only a little bit of water))  But I'm boiling the leftovers down for soup.. so, well....

Friday, July 26, 2019

Tapestry mountain and rainbows

Getting the rainbow part done, and then will work on the sky above it and the sun.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Potato Leek Soup


1 whole leek 'white', cut into rings and washed
1.5 leek greens, washed and chopped up
1 medium potato, scrubbed and  chopped up skin on (or more, but longer cooking)
3 cups water
1 tablespoon Kerrygold butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup whole milk
black pepper
celery seed
curry powder (hot madras)
1 tsp prepared brown mustard
1/3 to 1/2 cup dried potato flakes

cut up and rinse leeks
boil water and butter, throw in leeks and raw potato
cook about 7 to 10 minutes on low
add olive oil, milk, seasonings and cook another 10 minutes, stirring often
add the potato flakes for thickening and remove from heat, let rest for another 5 minutes or so

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Knee brace

I've been wearing an elastic knee pad as a brace at work for two nights.  It made a difference like night and day.  Before, I was almost limping because every step made the back of my leg hurt.  With the kneepad I was walking at my regular pace.  The kneepad has an elastic velcro band and I was feeling the instinct to hold that muscle 'tight' to my leg to help it heal.  It felt like there was a baseball sized knot.. caused from twisting my leg oddly when I come back up from kneeling.  I try not to do this but sometimes it just happens, because my knee joint is hypermobile.  It caused an injury several months ago that caused my entire knee to swell to the point it barely fit in my jeans leg.  That one very very slowly went away with rest and aspirin pads and elevation.  But this one scared me it could be a blood clot, it was so condensed and in a different place.  But I remembered 'feeling' it twist the same way the other part of the knee did, and a 'charlie horse' type pain right in that same place. 

I am going to wear the knee pad again tonight but I am not going to draw the elastic strap tight into the same support structure I was using it as the past few nights... that way I will remember not to go down with that knee bent, but keep it stuck out and then I won't twist it that same way getting back up.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tapestry weaving

After many years hiatus, I'm trying to do a little tapestry weaving again.  I upgraded my regular 'frame' to have pegged screws, to keep the tension even.  I used a drill press (not shown) after first marking out regular pinpoints in pencil on the backside of a picture frame.  I actually used lined wide rule notebook paper to get my spacing.

It took a long time to warp the string, and I tied it at the edges with a good amount wrapped around the frame for extra on each end.

Tapestry is a technique where you will have to go back later and clean up all the threads - leave them there and don't tie them all tight yet - the tension of the whole piece may shift a little as you go.. so you want room for that.  Leave a tail of at least three to five inches sticking out after finishing any color - tuck it behind while you work if it is getting in the way.. but we'll clean them up with a big yarn needle (tapestry needle) at the end.

This is how the tapestry is coming along... still a bit of a ways to go but I am about three quarters there.  One thing about tapestry -when you draw the picture out, the results will be 'squished' vertically.. so plan wide if you want tall...

About making the loom...


After the screws were all in, we began to warp the loom by running the ball of yarn back and forth and catching it on the pegs like this.  At times, we had to stop and take the screwdriver to a screw and adjust it a tiny bit to get the yarn between them.

Adjust the screws with the screwdriver.

 Running the yarn back and forth

Planning shapes and building up bit by bit.. if there is too big of jump between areas of colors, best to make a new tassel of yarn and start that as its own section. The bottom of this weaving has two levels of 'rya knot' fringe.. which I was practicing with.


Sunday, July 21, 2019


Did some more rows on the beach shawl, which - I don't have any better name for it.. guess I'll have to bring it to the beach again so I can say I knitted it more than once there?  The circular needle is very very nice.  It's making me doubt whether I want to weave the cot-lin scarf or knit it after I finish with this.. which is about 1/3 of the way done.  Worked on the tapestry a little more -- it has been so long since I did this that I forgot how very vertically condensed everything gets.. if you are planning for tall better start wide etc etc.  Still, it is coming along nicely enough.

Took Esme over to our friend's house and she played in the pool and stomped around with her friend.  I read some more of 'Magic Kingdom for Sale'.  We went to the store and got leek soup mix and good potatoes and some apples.  Mark made steak for dinner with lots of mashed potato and I made leek soup, which was quite good.  Of course, I'm the only one brave enough to eat it.. but oh well, then.

I've been trying to keep my leg elevated, and put an ice pack under it.  It is much better now than it was this morning, and tons better than yesterday after we returned from Murray, when it was swollen noticeably. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

A visit to my LYS in Murray, Kentucky Red Bug Yarn and Gifts

I found a good quantity of 'Linsey' yarn by Berrocco, which is 65% cotton, 35% linen, and 'Creative Linen' by Rowan, which is 50/50.  The yarns have a beautiful drape and the contrast will go nicely in a woven project.  I need to build a new larger skinny frame loom to do the project I'm thinking of.

The drape and feel of it was a big draw.

 Esme also found some 100% wool and a cute measuring tape. 
I told her if she is going to a yarn store she should at least buy one skein of yarn to experiment with.

This is the 'Shawl in a Ball' continuation.  I found a circular needle to help make this project not so heavy on my elbow.  I had started it on straight needles before I realized how much it would weigh as the project got longer and longer.


This is what the tapestry project looked like at stage one

And I'll call this one stage two point five...

A showy butterfly on the zinnias

The only 'Teddy Bear' sunflower that has bloomed so far

Blast from the Past :
I was trying to remember the name of the yarn store in Fargo, North Dakota when I used to live there.  It was called 'Yarn Renaissance" and it was in the downtown area., but within biking or walking distance (2 miles) of my duplex on 7th avenue.  I remember biking down that long stretch straight to the store and then cruising back with whatever little thing I had found, usually a skein of Baby Ull DK (merino wool 6 dollars) or Sugar n Cream cotton.  I made a green and white woven wool purse from their materials (they had wool felt, too) with green glass turtle buttons that I used the year that I graduated from NDSU.  I remember swinging that purse on my shoulder in my graduation gown and then having to hand it off to my mom and dad when it was time to line up.  I found a news article that said it closed in July, 2007.

Monday, July 15, 2019


Shawl in a Ball yarn by Lion Brand 151 stitches plain garter on size 7 needles.
colorways : Namaste Neutrals and Cleansing Quartz (alternated)

I've been knitting, reading and working on one of my other stories. 
Esme and I went to town today to the library, and a few other things.
We had a good time, and I bought a huge body pillow for her reading spot on the daybed.
I liked the color and the pattern, plus it was big and soft and fuzzy.  She likes that it is big and soft and fuzzy, and the color and pattern are 'ok'...

 This is the volunteer pumpkin out of the old chicken pen.  It is so far from the garden we really didn't even water it much.. the vine has only produced this one fruit and probably won't have anymore.

This is our 'original' Pumpkin (also big and soft and fuzzy, btw), and she is unimpressed with my garden variety hunting prowess.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


Read 'Bring me Back' by B.A Paris, and 'Flying by the Seat of my Knickers', by Eliza Watson, and am working on 'Magic Kingdom for Sale' by Terry Brooks and 'The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton' by Katherine Hayton.  Before all that read 'The Gray and Guilty Sea' and 'A Desparate Place for Dying' both by Scott William Carter.  I've got another three to five lined up

Knitting a bit with the new glittery yarn.  Writing more in a new story.  Pulled a pumpkin out of the garden and a smattering of tomatoes.  Also got a whole bunch of jalapenos, and cut them up - and ended up with the juice under my fingernails which has kind of plagued me all night but it could be worse.

Planning to bring Esme into the library on Monday.  We went out on Wednesday and did her school supplies.  Then I took Irene out for groceries on Thursday.  I got some Damson jam yesterday - it is a type of plum.  It's not bad.  It's from that Tiptree company I like the black currant jam from.

Work has been very long every day.. longer and longer as the night rolls on.  My left foot hurts as well as my right knee.  Tolerable.. but annoying.  I've also had some vertigo.. also tolerable, but annoying.

I'm early tomorrow.. need to do some laundry and go to sleep.
I told Mark the other day that it feels like I've lived three months since June 21st.  I don't know why.. it just seems like these last few weeks have taken much longer than that... some in a good way.  July 4th was very nice.  But other days.. I'm just working to the weekend.  Which comes on Monday.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Fourth of July

I love those eyes :)  That is my big floppy summer hat. 

 A little knitting project I started last night.. 

Kif dog, after we got back from the beach

These are the clearance lilies I got last year that just said 'red and yellow tulip style'.. they didn't bloom last year but wow, they're knockout now :)

 At the 1000 acre lake beach with Esme this morning.  It rained on us a little but not much - we had fun.  I swam with her and she showed me how much she learned at summer camp.

 She wanted me to take a picture of the far shore because she said it was pretty

'Pysgoden bach ar y traeth'.. A little stone fish on the beach.  I saw that they did this at the Say Something in Welsh (SSIW) boot camp and tried to make one of our own.

Happy girl!
We have watermelon and I'm going to try to make onion rings.
I got my tooth under control (hope it stays that way)... we'll see if the weather is going to cooperate to go find a fireworks show tonight.

What I did for my tooth:
I called into work -which I hardly ever do.  But I was in pretty bad pain and I was sure it was becoming a fever.  Nothing is open around here until at least the day after the fourth... small town yay.

I mixed up baking soda with a little peroxide, and put it on the tooth I suspected was the problem with a toothbrush.  It was hard to tell - it kept moving from my ear to my jaw to the upper tooth to a lower tooth to all the middle of my teeth where there isn't even a problem.. basically a pressure thing.. and that was why I was in so much pain.  I also was running a fever of a sort.. but eventually, that was a good thing.  After putting the 'toothpaste' mixture on the area I waited for a bit.  It HURT.  It really hurt.  It was 'knocking out a rhythm on the side of the sink with the toothbrush waiting for it to be over' hurt.  Then I rinsed it out... and rinsed it out.... and rinsed it out. 

Then I put some of the really good local honey we have in a clean dish with a spoon and dripped it onto the teeth bit by bit until it was gone.  I sat there letting that soak in and it felt a bit better.  It still hurt, but not as badly.  After the honey had all run away slowly I went and brewed a strong cup of green tea.  I sat there and drank that slowly... letting it run over that area.. until the cup was gone.  I put a little peroxide on a cotton ball and dropped a few drops in that ear canal... let it fizz and then let it drain out.  I soaked a teatowel in some almost hot water and laid it over the area underneath that ear on my neck until it cooled down. 

Then I took more ibuprofen and went and crawled in bed with a sweatshirt on.  I was sweating 'nicely'... enough to feel it.  I slept for about four hours.. got up, did it all again.  It hurt again... a lot... but felt better even quicker than last time.  Slept another four hours.  Got up and felt almost alive.  Made some chicken broth garlic(powdered) ginger(also powdered) cashew (ground up) cayenne pepper soup with some brown rice in it and drank it all. 

This morning I've only taken ibuprofen once and stuck to drinking coffee or green tea.    -- This doesn't mean I won't have to have a dentist or doctor look at it next week... but I'm not feeling pain so bad.   I was reminded of being in labor... it was almost as bad as one of my worst contractions back then.