Friday, December 01, 2006

How to use a receipt book?

Thanks Everyone!

Can I ask for a survey here? When using a carbon-copy receipt book, does the business keep the original (white) copy and give the yellow (duplicate) copy to the customer, or the other way around?

Please post your answers in the comments -- it seems to be a simple method, but there is disagreement here.

Answer: The customer gets the white (original) copy and the business keeps the yellow (duplicate) copy. thanks to all who helped us out!

And why? Because the company had a residential job last night - the first since the split-off from our parent company. We were all surprised it came in so quickly. Newspaper advertising works!


The Case:
User cannot reach Google or Yahoo on his browser. His network connectivity had dramatically slowed and other techs in the area had been unable to solve the problem.

The Diagnosis:
All network hardware was in working order. All computer settings seemed correct. A text-based browser was able to connect to the internet with no problem. The machine could still ping remote browsers and receive back packets.
The diagnosis was that the machine was suffering from viruses and/or spyware affecting search results and advertising, which were crashing the browser.

The Solution:
After spyware removal software refused to find and eliminate the issue, and anti-virus software refused to install - we were faced with a backup of the drive and reinstallation of Windows XP from the user's original disk. We then installed a less virus-prone browser and new virus protection software (which had no issues after the Windows install).

User's Internet connectivity was restored. Further protections were made against recurrences of the specific problem.

So, which copy does the company keep and which does the customer get, for future reference?


superstar said...

life just good

The Bashams said...

Here at our office the patient gets the original and we keep the copy. That works for us.

Jeanne said...

At the various yarn stores I've worked at, the customer gets the original. Isn't it fun to have customers?

Ladeewolf said...

When I got to actually buy yarn at a yarn shop on tuesday-I got the original. I mention it only because it was such a big event. I never get to go to yarn shops anymore. I was so happy to buy real honest to goodness sockyarn.

Chris said...

Hmm, I seem to have a mixture of originals and copies - but I think it's more common to give the original to the customer. Congrats on your first customer, too!

Rhiannon said...

Interesting question!!

At my business, we give the original receipt. But for credit card transactions (we have an old machine that prints the duplicate charge slip) we keep the original.

I don't know if there is really a standard.

It's nice to have new/first business... congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Usually the customer gets the original receipt, especially on carbon copy receipts.

On credit card transactions, you need to keep the original signature.

RheLynn said...

Thanks everyone! Your answers were extremely helpful and informative!

mrspao said...

I agree - the customer gets the original :)

Anonymous said...

I say, original to customer...carbon for business.

Bill said...

In my experience, it feels really petty and disrespectful to get the copy if I'm the one paying. Too many times I have come back to find faded ink when I am trying to input my expenses. My customers always get the original. They come first in my book.

arkangel michael's blog said...

reason you keep copy and they get original, if dispute arises and the original is altered.. it would be very hard to explain why those markings aren't on the copy. (even if they were able to match ink color and pressure to alter the receipt).