Saturday, April 01, 2006


I got this pattern Simplicity 8551, circa 1969, at a thrift store this morning for 10 cents!

I have most of the pieces cut out and am ready to sew. The fabric is kind of an odd pink-red linen I picked up last summer from a lady I met on Ebay (she was closing out a lot of fabric at her shop/home south of Jackson). It isn't my first choice, but since the pattern takes 5+ yards (for the short one!) it will have to work! (This is the only fabric I had 5+ continuous yards of)

Plus, I'm not all that confident in my clothes-sewing abilities yet. Maybe this will help!

The cats are in big trouble -- they have been pattern diving. That means they hear me rustling the pattern while pinning it down, and they come diving into it at full force. 'Why are you yelling at us? You have fun stuff you aren't sharing!'

Here we go.


Chris said...

Oh, I bet that will be cute!

Heh, Chaos with his tissue paper eating would be a TOTAL MENACE for sewing.

RheLynn said...

I can totally see that!

Chaos, you can't come over and play when there are vintage patterns lying on the floor ;o)

Carrie K said...

Sheba used to try to be a pattern weight. I kept telling her it needed to be over the whole pattern, but she liked the side. So helpful.

Clothes sewing is fun. It's been awhile for me so my skills are a bit rusty, but I still automatically adjust a few things. Now if I could machine sew a decent buttonhole, I'd be happy.

RheLynn said...

If I could do a buttonhole at ALL - J's shirt would be done ;o) My machine hasn't told me the secrets to button-hole making yet.. something about a missing foot ;o)

And.. I'm too chicken to do more than two by hand...

amandamonkey said...

Heh, 'pattern diving' is one of Teak's FAVORITE games, right behind 'dying bird.'