Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wool Cravings

We try to live well below our means -- but I am feeling wool cravings! I made a wool shawl last year out of Cascade 220. AtM, it is a cherished object. I felt the yarn was expensive at the time (lys splurge), but it has lived up to every anticipation. J is envious - he says our culture won't let him get away with wearing a wool shawl or cape ;o) He nudged me a bit more on learning how to make him a sweater. I have to master increases first!

Today's Adventures :
I am trying to get a large amount of wool off of ebay - but not trying too hard.

We went to the storage center and pulled out another load of boxes. We were looking for our ceramic mixing bowl, and didn't find it :o(

When I made a set of long curtains for a doorway here in the house, the kittens invented a new game. It consists of attacking any movement behind the curtain, whether it be human foot or kitten tail.

Willowpede channels Confucious:

"Spearing cat accidently on DPN may well be in future..."

Sally keeps jumping into my lap at high speeds while I knit socks... this is worrisome.

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