Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cotton sock yarns?...

Daily Observance :
When Willowpede lies stretched out - she is 31 inches tip to tip.

I just happened to have a measuring tape beside me for the ribbed hat when she fell asleep in my lap. She is going to be a BIG cat... : 4:00pm

I'm starting to think about Christmas presents, and I have a dilemma. I'm the only one in my family who likes wool (odd huh?). I don't really want to buy low-quality Wal-Mart yarns for giftmaking, either. Last year I made my mom a long blue wrap out of Simply Soft yarn, but I was thinking socks or something more useful this time around.

I've been looking up some different types of yarn out there -- because my mom insists that wool is too itchy. I used to think so too! I slowly "walked" my way up using Dale of Norway's Baby Ull merino... so soft for wool.

Now I love almost all wool! I guess the supersoft merino convinced my skin wool was good!

I was looking up different kinds of sock yarn. Cotton Colori and/or Sockotta seem to be the best alternatives to wool. I would have to buy them online though.

Sally is quite busy being a resident lapwarmer. When she is not in my lap, she is curled up near one of my ankles. Willow has picked up a strange habit of sleeping in a box by the wall... I'm not sure why. She has her Greta Garbo moments.. or was it Bette Davis? I forget. **it was Greta Garbo**.

What do you keep your knitting needles in? : I saw a post on this at another site. I keep mine in a hot pink wine-bottle cylinder. I bought it at Michaels when I worked there. A lady I talked to about yarn said she had kept hers in one and it was working great. The only hitch I have with it is that the lid doesn't close with 14" needles. I keep my dpns and crochet hooks in an old checkbook box, away from the four-pawed wonders.

Book Wish List : Knitting in the Nordic Tradition... used is still 65-75$!! Our library at Fargo had a copy. I learned how to use DPNs and my sheepfeeding mittens out of this book!

Interesting site links :
Tote based on the French Market Bag
Knitted Bunny!

Current Pet Peeves :
1. People who post acrylic yarn in the wool category at Ebay. Read the label.
2. Sitting in a public library trying to read a cashmere sweater article that is directly opposite of a lingerie ad ON BOTH PAGES. (Real Simple magazine.. what were they thinking?)

ok.. I vented, ;o)


Rhiannon said...

Have you been to They have great yarn at amazingly low prices. Plus a really good selection of sock yarns. You could even get enough yarn to make a French Market Bag for less than $10. You can't beat that!!

Rhiannon said...

Nevermind...just went to knitpicks. All their sock yarn has wool in it. Sorry... but check them out for other great stuff!!