Monday, October 17, 2005

Ebay yarn & Earwarmer Pattern

J modelling the earwarmer

I have a super secret Ebay bid on a large cone of yarn... some multicolored dream stuff that would most likely become a rectangular shawl. I still love my Cascade 220 Quatro shawl. It is somewhere in the closet though. It's just about time to dig it out again.

J clipped the claws on the kittens' front feet. Willowpede still has an earache. She felt well enough to attack J's hand under a blanket. Salamander couldn't resist - she got so wild and energetic Willow gave up. She curled up in the egg crate. Poor girl. I know she is having a bad day.

One slipper sock down for Mom. One more to go. J's earwarmer will be finished tomorrow. I got the idea for it from World War II Other Warm Things at HJS Studio. I used the same increase method but up to 21 from 15. I measured it against J's head until one half was correct.

Black Wool-Ease, size 5 straight needles.
cast on 15, garter stitch for about 4 inches.
First Ear :
Increase every row back and forth until 21 stitches.
Knit 4 rows straight, begin to decrease back to 15 stitches.

Knit for 9.5 inches. Make a second ear. Garter stitch for 4 more inches again.
Bind off and sew short sides together. Weave in any tails.

Adjust for size of actual wearer. J has about 23" circ. around the back of his neck and over his forehead. The garter stitch will stretch some, but I'm not making it a tight stretch.

Time to make: would have been one night but I finished knitting a sock too ;o)

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