Monday, October 31, 2005

Treats for them, Knitting for me.

We only got one pair of trick-or-treaters :o( Oh well, the rest of the candy will go to the office tomorrow. I'm sure it'll disappear there ;o)

We watched North by Northwest (Yay Netflix!) while we sat in the front room. I could definitely see Jimmy Stewart in the same role as Cary Grant... but that is bias. The kits loved having the door open (screen door closed). They watched moths flutter in the porch light and cars race by on Poplar Street. J even put a little bench by the door so they could sit together.

I made the kittens a knit mouse last night. I had a certain unidentified grey yarn in my stash they kept 'stealing'. I decided if they liked that particular yarn, it wouldn't take much to make a toy for them. The resulting mouse was an instant hit. They fought over it so fervently that I already have another one on my needles!

Today's Finds (early morning excursion in town)
Thrift Store : New/old magazine Fall 1981 BH&G 100s of Needlework and Craft Ideas (lots of sweater patterns!) (donation) Odds&Ends Store: J.P. & Coats 1952 Baby Book of crochet and knitting (4page leaflet, 50 cents).

Plath posted that the new MagKnits was up! Thanks! There are some interesting patterns there. Holly will have to be added to my 'Beyond me' projects.

I have went to Knitpicks and made up my 'order list' about three times - and, each time, deleted it all. I keep saying 'I'm not worthy!' I have my 'much-too-fine' yarn purchase to use still... trying that out on size 8 bamboo needles (my on-the-way splurge from our trip to the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta )

And, overall, I am feeling very grateful for what I have. While I was in the thrift store this morning, I overheard a displaced family (from the hurricanes, maybe?) talking to the storekeeper. She was helping them find clothing, etc, and talking about finding work. The grandfather was keeping their beautiful little girl busy while they talked.

I started thinking how I was here in this store for a knitting magazine. Compared to clothes, food and shelter - a magazine is a luxury. I've heard of some people (even in our town) that weren't grateful of the help they have received. These people were grateful, well-spoken and looking to work and strive to get their lives back.

By choice, J and I do not have a lot of 'possessions'... although we are not complete minimalists, either. Everything we owned, came with us to Tennessee in two pick-up truck beds and a small pull-behind trailer. We still haven't found the need to unpack it all. Not everyone can live like that -- especially if they have kids.

I'm not sure what I can do to help, at least besides my spare change, at that particular shop. I have been looking at Children in Common's socks to knit. That's a reason for wool yarn!

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