Friday, June 07, 2024

work weekend

Last night I dreamt it was raining, three times or so, and it wasn't.. so I started out the day a little tired.  But when I laid down to sleep last night, I couldn't get my brain to stop moving - so it is six of one, half a dozen of the other.  Heading deeper into the work weekend, did the route today, got home, bathed dogs, lots of laundry, made dinner - and headed off to bed soon....

Also : quite a bit of Spanish on both Duo profiles, then Russian on Busuu, and Latvian on three programs, and round about with more Spanish on the other app

The banana pancake recipe :

one banana with brown spots, peeled, mashed into a bowl

three eggs or so, mix with the mashed banana

add salt, and about 1/4 cup of sugar or less (depending on quantity of banana)

Put some baking powder into some flour, and add to the mixture until it is the proper consisitency

Heat butter on a pan, use a measuring cup to add a large pancake blob to hot butter - flip, put on plate

serve with maple syrup, or fruit (we had ours split in half beside a rice dish, with peaches and another plain omelet, also split between the plates)

Mark says every time I make this he thinks of the movie Noises Off - and the four plates of mashed banana (instead of sardines).. but he says he hasn't said that out loud to me before last night.  We watched the movie, because I couldn't remember the line - but yes it is there.  The tired guy goes off to make the plates at one point during that rehearsal - I wonder if he ever made them?  The sardines make so many points of being slipped on and thrown around and mashed into people's hair/faces in the movie, that it is hard to imagine the role being taken over by banana.

Mark will have his letter set ready in a few more days - he is making tweaks and adjustments, and one of the filaments didn't work out well so he is making it with another.

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