Thursday, June 06, 2024

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Latvian words

I have this old set of Bananagrams tiles from when Esme was small - and I found them in a box of mosaics I was looking through.  I've been pulling them out on my desk and saying 'what words do I see'.. and then trying to figure out which language they have come from.  And when I do my Latvian vocabulary site I sometimes spell out what words I can from the tiles to help reinforce.

Mark is making a set of fridge magnet holders and tiles, and also considering putting foreign language letters common to Czech, Latvian and Romana for me - and publishing different sets like that on his 3D printer site.

The knee is much better today, still stings but not purple and is healing.  I went and got some more groceries to hold us through the weekend.  We're still waiting on the other truck to finish being repaired.  I'm working on Latvian/Lithuanian (they are different languages but the words are somewhat similar in some areas, and interesting where they aren't - like frog is varde / varlė (Latvian / Lithuanian) and water is ūdens / vandens and cave is ala / urvas.  I'm getting much better at recognizing all of the words in the picture games (one is only Lithuanian on their site, baba dum, and the other baltoslav has both)

Gave Esme another French lesson out of the little book we are working on - and I am hoping she is getting something out of it.  She says she is - and that she likes it when I compare the Spanish words like Comment / Como to their French equivalent to emphasize the similarities.  I then did the Spanish vocabulary site (spanishdict) - still amazed how much I can mix that up with French - even when I'm trying hard, but I can remember a few more than I used to on the verbs, so it is working some.   Worked on Spanish on DuoLingo as well, and it always takes longer and loses all my hearts.  I've got my Russian lesson to take a little later, it will take about ten minutes, and then decide which language to continue on in my mobile DL.  


I should have grabbed more butter at the store and then made some more madeleines today.  We are going to decide on something for dinner here in a little while.

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