Wednesday, June 05, 2024




I made and drew a nice little accordion card for someone, and sent it off in the mail.  I had planned to do a bit more today, but then upon mailing said letter out early in the morning, I did this - rubber ankle again, but I was wearing shorts, and this time I did not come out with just bruises - but it is already looking a bit better after cleaning and putting salve on - less purple, at least, for now.  I was walking fine on a normal surface in normal shoes - and my left ankle bent double outward... it happened so quickly I wasn't even sure I was on the ground - it's something I tell myself I need to be more careful sometimes but really, how?  I could wear a brace, but even then, it has happened in the knee instead of the ankle or still at the ankle and just bruised around the brace.

 It rained so heavily in the night - all the animals were okay.  I get to looking around the house and knowing I still have a lot I could attend to, but on the days I go to the post office I don't see it as much.  And, I know, I have bad habits of going overboard and feeling much worse for it - either by physically getting myself injured again or just throwing away too much for the sake of it looking cleaner - I have to ask myself am I actually cleaning to have it cleaner or just to feel better about it, and evaluate what both the question and the answer mean.  My inner philosopher doesn't quit.

Someone else had posted this as now I have to learn three languages

I fixed that to fit myself better

really : My Hindi is only at the alphabet stage - I hardly even know any words.. my Latvian though, that counts - I am picture-book level in that and know a lot more words when presented with them.

I've done a little bit here and there in the house, swept and washed a few of the places in the concrete floors where it gets all humid - towels and laundry and such - helped Mark with some of the greenhouse items, but probably not as much as he wanted me to.  Hanging lights over the begonia terrariums was a bit of a stretch for my shoulder (but I got it there) and I knelt on the knee on the stool and broke it open a little further.  I did several language programs, but nothing very deeply - and felt that I was procrastinating again. 

The blackberries are ripening outside.

poem :

The Winged Elm

I spoke to you of

perhaps, of all, that I would

be the winged-elm tree

and today, returning from the road

upon mailing a letter to a friend

I passed the tree and said

perhaps with irreverence

and not enough introduction

that very same thing

of all that are here

I would, perhaps, be you

and then the fault of gravity

and tendons too soft for their work

took me down to the ground

blood and stones brushing from my skin

a few blackberries in my hand

themselves uncrushed

oh no, I did not mean today

we’ll leave this topic for later

while I go and clean my wounds

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