Wednesday, May 01, 2024

where the cabinet was


oh, the bits...  this had been a cabinet that had been there, screwed to the wall and full of flotsam, since Esme was a baby - it used to hold her baby clothes, once upon a time....  and today I demolished it with my vacuum cleaner, well.. 'our' vacuum cleaner because I really don't like the thing, but it seems to be the style we always end up with *sigh*  

Other bits : doing Welsh on the whiteboard, heading up some of the grammar and spelling mistakes both that I keep making.  Also, now trying to find places to put the things (many of them keepsakes) that had been in that cabinet, regular cleaning and this 'advanced cleaning'.. that other shelf is also screwed to the wall, but intact, and I can never clean behind it adequately and so often don't try too hard *sad* but there had been a flight of carpenter ants that came through a crack in the wall right THERE and fell down to the floor under the cabinet, and I was trying to pull it out just enough to clean behind/under it.. and it was screwed to the wall until it WASN't... and then the plastic bits actually shattered, so it is off to the curb (which here means the dump, eventually, after it sits in the garage for a week or so)

I should make more madeleines - but I got into this, and I'll probably skip it today and just keep cleaning some odd things, doing language, and then clean myself up and make dinner instead.

Here is a bag I made while we watched the Librarians this week - it was meant to be a rug and it had so many joins I put them all on the inside and made it a bag for carrying apples and peppers and soforth  - I'm also working on a blanket sort thing in orange and grey with a yellow stripe in it.  I really didn't like the yellow when I first put it on, then it got softened by the other colors again, and I like it a lot.

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