Thursday, May 09, 2024

language update

a flashback to 2007, almost the same time, in May, getting a sign ready for a flea market booth

Mark and one of our dogs, Kelba, also from maybe July 2007, getting the tires changed on our truck in town


 Henry and Irene on the day Esme was born, in the hospital room


It rained and had lightning last night, big storms to the north of us had tornadoes

We got a lot of rain, but not so much the road was too muddy.

 Esme has one week left of school, and her wildlife competition.  She said there is a Geometry test she is dreading, but not so much on the rest. 

French         L 25 XP 49867 19867 XP beyond Level 25
Welsh             L 24 XP 29758 +242 XP to next level
Spanish          L 23 XP 24570 +1430 XP to next level
Japanese         L 19 XP 14335 +665 XP to next level
Czech             L 19 XP 13581 +1419 XP to next level
Romanian         L 17 XP 11143 +857 XP to next level
Portuguese      L 16 XP 9632 +868 XP to next level
Italian             L 15 XP 7570 +1430 XP to next level
Greek             L 14 XP 6927 +573 XP to next level
German            L 14 XP 6041 +1459 XP to next level
Finnish             L 13 XP 5515 +485 XP to next level
Catalan (es)     L 12 XP 3953 +947 XP to next level
Swedish             L 11 XP 3689 +211 XP to next level
Norwegian         L 11 XP 3097 +803 XP to next level
Spanish (fr)         L 11 XP 3025 +875 XP to next level
Hungarian         L 10 XP 2438 +562 XP to next level
Ukrainian          L 10 XP 2288 +712 XP to next level
Irish                  L 9 XP 2174 +76 XP to next level
Turkish              L 9 XP 2044 +206 XP to next level
Polish                 L 9 XP 1798 +452 XP to next level
Chinese              L 8 XP 1446 +204 XP to next level
Russian                L 8 XP 1180 +470 XP to next level
Dutch                     L 7 XP 998 +127 XP to next level
Hindi                     L 7 XP 917 +208 XP to next level

 and Duolingo doesn't have Bulgarian or Latvian, but I've been working on little bits here and there - the Bulgarian is close to Czech and Russian, and I am going to work a bit more on the Russian just to familiarize myself with the Cyrillic characters more for studying on the separate Bulgarian site

-- got distracted, headed back to working on that - although it is also one of those mornings where I am hungry but don't want food, so thinking on that, will probably have to find some remedy to that with bread and butter or oatmeal

that other language site I like to go to is 'ba ba dum' I keep forgetting exactly and took me a few minutes to get to it today.  I am looking at BulgarianPod101 and doing some of the free lessons there, and then comparing my Czech and Russian language lessons to Google Translate and listening to what the same words are in Bulgarian and writing them down.  I have a Bulgarian phrasebook from a while back but I have to find it

Latvian : children's show 'Tutas Lietas' and children's website 'bern istaba'

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