Thursday, May 02, 2024

bits and pieces

If all you can do is bits and pieces, with your energy, with your time, with the tools you have right now available to you - do some bits and pieces towards making a whole...  Didn't sleep well, had hodge-podge dreams that, even though they really didn't seem to be saying anything in particular, the main theme was that I feel like I don't really know what I'm doing and when other people seem to know exactly what they're doing - I don't see the point.



Some of my desk creatures on a high shelf I moved them to while I dusted yesterday, looks like they are peering down at me from sitting in my desk chair here

poem grumble

Four AM

I have been robbed of sleep again

by dreams of selling purple flashcards

and software applications and paperwork

in a little store – late to get out,

dragging a vehicle up a snowy hill

it would not go up under it’s own power

parking it oh so carefully, tucked between others

in order to get in line for dinner in fancy dress

in the middle of a lumberyard canopy

and yet no one else seemed to get the irony

and continued eating their linguine

in tuxedos and satin dresses

at little placard-graced tables

set up so gracefully on the smooth concrete

alongside the marine plywood sheets

so now, fully awake, unable to continue dreaming

I make multiple trips to the microwave

to heat midnight coffee, barely grown cold

and I ponder, I ponder so many things

And today, I'm doing bits and pieces all day, but it is adding up.  Ugh.  more cleaning - I can only do so much vacuuming before 1.) the limit of the hose really upsets me and 2.) I start to wheeze with some sort of asthma reaction because I'm so close to the floor with it.. it is what it is.

Also did some weeding out in the garden, repotted a plant and started cuttings from it, planted a few seeds, threw some scraps in with some chicken broth (tomatoes and zucch from freezer, carrots from fridge, lentils from cupboard, kale from garden, some of the seasoning packet I've been meaning to use for 'chicken parmesan' stirfry) and now letting that cool down so I can eat some with some bread for lunch/dinner

washed French lentils, 2 carrots, peeled and chopped, three large leaves of kale, washed and chopped, 1 small zucchini (was in the freezer), chicken broth, seasonings, slow simmered in the oven

A mystery seed, some brassica, kale? mustard?  I'm not sure, but it's in a place I can look for it now and it will get watered with the kale, radish and onions.  The poor little rose hip got thrown out.

Did a few more rows on the grey and orange blanket, while I waited for Duolingo to reinstall on my phone.  Pecking away at a high level Welsh section on my computer trying to get the spelling right for political and religious terms **facepalm**  and catching up on Spanish on the phone app after it finally let me back in.

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