Tuesday, May 07, 2024

gardens and plants


Blue Angel hosta (and Frances Miller, in the middle)

 more crocheting projects while watching films or reading books - did a few more bags, and four rugs (for our own house) and am working on a sort of lap blanket in grey stripes with yellows and oranges

front bed full of greens, weeded some and planted in the empty places 

there is : hamburg parsley, green onions, kale, lettuce and radishes growing right now - every few days or so I harvest what won't hurt the plants too much, and freeze what I don't use  There is more in the main garden as well, but not any more than this


chickens, sapphire gem, cinnamon queen, olive eggers and maybe an americauna


wild pink dog rose we took cutting off out of the woods (during that electrical power lines project where they tore a bunch up in the ditch) - there is a white one too, usually, not sure if I've missed it or it hasn't started yet -- these are in our garden with the hosta now to replace the domestic pink rose that died off

there is a pink 'trailing confederate rose' as well that I took a cutting off out of a ditch around Trezevant, TN when I did mail out there - it is just starting to get buds ready to open, but not yet  Those roses are very tightly packed little heads

 commelina communis (dayflower) that blooms all over this time of year by our water hydrants

Sweetie dog

Mark's coleus, grown from seed

and dragonwing begonias (Rex line)

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