Saturday, July 10, 2010

Esmes favorite book ever

I know I'm going to need this info. I just don't know when the book will be in such condition I can no longer reassemble and tape it back together. It is her favorite book - and there is always something else to find in it. It is also HUGE and heavy. There are so many stories with simple words and good pictures and characters. If I recall right it was fifty cents at a yard sale way back before she could even pick it up!

But the name is so hard to get right!
The ISBN numbers are
# ISBN-10: 0307165515
# ISBN-13: 978-0307165510
The name is Best Read-it-Yourself Book Ever
Author is Richard Scarry

I'm not asking anyone to get this book - we have one! I have posted the ISBN on the blog before but somehow can't find it to search for it, so making another post all of itself with a tag.

They are super cheap (three to five dollars), but I'd rather let this one live out it's last days and only replace it once I can't fix it anymore. So far duct tape and clear packing tape have saved it several times.


ElizabethEK said...

Thanks for the tip! This looks really good. We are going to get it for Emily.

I found it on Looks like there are others in the series as well - Best Storybook Ever, etc.

Michelle said...

We have the Little Critter's Read it Yourself Storybook. I really like Richard Scarry. :)