Friday, July 09, 2010

Esme with shape puzzles and drink from a cup

I don't know how - but out of the blue tonight Esme drank from a cup without a top on it. She was asking for the rest of her cereal milk 'in a cup' and instinct said not to put a top on it, see what she said. She picked it up like she had been doing so for years - and drank out of it, without spilling the majority down her face and actually draining the cup little by little until it was 'empty!' I am in shock with this kid! For how many months-to-a-year did I try to give her lessons, only ending up with us both in frustration? I just 'gave up' on the idea a good while ago, thinking - it will come someday, but I'm not going to mess with it. I wonder if Grandma has been trying to give her lessons? If not, I'm not sure where she finally clicked on it. She was drinking complete with 'mouth-wipe, AHHHHHHH' gestures and sound effects after each swig, like some kid from a commercial (and we don't have broadcast television coming in the house at all)....

Here are a few pictures I snapped before work this morning.
This is her part of the room where there are books, balloons (one of her favorite things) and then assorted storage. I really need to replace those plastic drawers as they are leaning to one side (make note for self for later)

She was playing with her two shape peg puzzles from the flea market and two sets of shape cards (what is left of them) that I made with construction paper and tape. It was cute as she kept matching up the puzzle alike shapes and the card alike shapes but was refusing that 3D triangle puzzle pieces and 2D card 'triangle' shapes were alike at all.

Me: See? Three triangles!
Esme: 'No.. no triangle (put puzzle piece carefully back with wooden pieces) . triangle, triangle, TWO triangle! (give me cards that match and expression like 'you should know this Mom!')

The ruffled blue pinnie top still fits, and she loves it. She asks for it often.
I have Friday off this week - not sure what we'll do yet! I bought an umbrella for $2.00 on clearance that is a HUGE wooden frame parasol. It was broken in two places and I fixed it using duct tape and K'nex sticks. Esme thinks it is great and we had to go walking with it as soon as I fixed it. We woke Grandpa and Grandma up though (sorry) and we'll have to be better about not going for walks in that direction so late in the evening! Because .. if we go in that direction at all (instead of to the lake) we always end up at their doorstep.. there just isn't any avoiding it unless I can tell her for certain they are 'not home' (no car)! She knows better now that if she sees car, they are there. *hmmm*

We've also been letting her sit in our lap while we play a very old version (2002) of the Sims game. She is fascinated. She picks out little actions like brushing teeth, washing hands, cooking, going upstairs/downstairs, using the potty (big deal for her as we are in PT), drawing on the easel, playing with a horse out of the toy box, set off 'booms' (fireworks)... I don't have to tell her what they are doing she tells me. And she then wants us to tell them what to do next. Eat girl, EAT (points at food and table). He used the potty - WASH HANDS, good job. I had that told to me the other day! She loves it when they swim in the pool, and overall the simple fact that there is a mommy, daddy and a little girl she can identify (in Mom's house at least ;)

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