Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My ravioli chair

Esme asked for ravioli downstairs today for lunch. It is funny, it sounds like she is saying 'bag of yoyo' when she means to say 'ravioli.' Then when I was getting it put on plates she runs up to her dining chair and says 'This is my RAVIOLI chair, HUG!! *overexaggerated hugging of chair*' That made me laugh too much **Smile**

We've also been playing with her wooden fruit/sandwich fixings kit and a small Littlefoot dinosaur toy. He is eating everything (except the burger) and hiding down in the bottom of the basket popping out and saying BOO..... funny but a little draining for me. The dinosaur asked for more ravioli! The dinosaur tried to eat ME and then Esme tried to eat ME. Daddy gave her another cookie and some juice.

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