Wednesday, July 14, 2010

little things

Esme's hair and legs and arms are all getting longer...She has been going through some sort of epic spurt the last month. Her hair in the back is to the middle of her back even with a little bit of curl in it. She has leaped forward in the potty training progress - and drank from an open cup all by herself. Both of those she refused to do just a few months ago. When she sits on the little potty chair I can tell her legs have gotten a LOT longer than when we first got it, her knees bend up now. And the pants I made a few months ago with fabric from Grandma used to be below her anklebones. Now they are just above them.

She has been repeating a lot more of what we say and coming up with some ideas all by herself.. And, even though her pronunciation is still limited - I can identify more words. She is also coming up with odd connections etc... She has been trying to write letters, identifying 'words' by first letter IE: Anything starts with a 'j' is a jelly/jellybean and anything with a 'b' is a ball etc.. I've heard more counting as well, as she stacks blocks. She is singing along with the Muppets and repeating words on the Electric Cmpany. She is also saying sorry and thank you again in social situations in town - and even 'thank you Daddy/Mumum' when we give her something. I love that I finally have my own name 'Mum-mum' and am no longer 'Daddy.' I think I've even heard her say her own name a few times this month.

Another little thing I wanted to remember was that she was going through my fabric the other day and found a small piece of alphabet fabric. She came to me and said OFF SHIRT and then wanted me to make the small piece of fabric into a shirt for her. She understands part of it! She was so disappointed when I told her it wasn't big enough, and it takes a long time to make a shirt!

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ElizabethEK said...

What a great update! Emily's vocab has also taken off like crazy in the last few months. We still can't understand everything, but it is getting MUCH better.