Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 am puzzle

It was 'nom factor five' Daddy said last night when I brought home strawberries. They were excellent and Esme ate five huge ones one right after another. After the second one we were sure she was stashing them somewhere for later - it was just too quick and we were washing them so not watching exactly. But I watched the last three get chomped in big bites. She was SO happy about them. They were really good, although I only had half as much as she did! The rest is sugared in the fridge.

She laid down in her bed about 11 pm and read for a little bit - then she got up and tried to play - wouldn't go back to her bed when asked, so Daddy picked her up and dumped her there and stared at her for a few minutes. She got the point - but was unhappy. She went to sleep after that!

At about 7 I started getting puzzle pieces put in my hands and was made to participate even though I was trying to sleep. 'Mama this is a puzzle, this is a bike. no bike? ok I drop bike. Mama hand hold this. Mama... wake up!' etc etc... She ate some cereal I had put in a container for her (exactly for that purpose) and drank her drink cup. Finally she pulled the 'my butt is wet' card and I got up and changed her, bathed her, clothed her, fed her etc... She was really a good girl, I was just hoping to sleep till eight! I am really glad she can tell us what she wants now instead of crying.

I have 10-7's all week until Sunday.

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