Friday, February 19, 2010

Green size five - in progress

fabric colors and picture of 1960s pattern

This is the progress on the green size five dress - which will be large enough when it is done that Esme will actually have to grow INTO it. I know I should make another size 4... and I've actually made two of them already, so this is a case of me just wanting to dive into the new thing! As I look through it I realize it isn't entirely 'new'... In many ways, this pattern is just like the size 4 (1975) dress I made. But there are several different elements in it that peak my interest. First off, it has darts on the front center - right at the belt attachment. And then the sleeves are much stranger... posted a few little picture of them here.

The one thing I worry about right now is that the collar piece of the pattern is missing... but can probably be made up if I think it is necessary. The belt pattern piece is missing as well -- but I never use the actual pattern for that piece as it is.

Esme in her blue dress, the size 4 that already has some 'growing room' in it. (So you see why me making a size 5 right now is very early!). She is playing with the check writing machine and eating her orange at my sewing table. The machine is an antique with lots of number slots that move like a combination lock and a big lever she loves to pull on. It still imprints on paper but there is no ink in it. We bought it at the flea market for 10 dollars last year and she loves it.

Also she loves to play with her 'grandma' and 'grandpa' and 'baby' playmobil characters. She will grab the phone and put on a play about going to see her grandparents.

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Theresia (Minori Design) said...

can't wait to see the finished dress, love the fabric!
Esme is soo cute :)