Thursday, February 18, 2010

feb weekend

The snow from the other day is nearly gone - but they say we may get more over the weekend. I worked very early yesterday and have a late shift today. In between I have a terrible headache..trying to get rid of it. Esme is playing with her Playmobil family and hugging the cats until they run away.

Esme watched Curious George and then fetched her 'zip-zip' jacket that has George on it and tried to feed the picture on it some chicken. Coffee made the headache somewhat better - but more sleep would have made the late shift more manageable tonight. As it is I am very very tired. Esme went to see Grandma and Grandpa for a little bit, and now soon I have to go into work. I've gotten the dress pieces cut out for the 1960s dress size 5, some pretty bottle green and an Egyptian like print with daisies in it.. has to be seen to be understood. I'll have to iron the pieces better tomorrow and start to work on it, unless Mark decides he wants to go out to one of the towns. The front of the dress is more complicated, several darts and also several gathers on a much different kind of sleeve than I'm used to working with. I know this dress, when finished, will be much bigger than the size she is wearing now... which is also just a tad too big for her as it is. But it's better to grow into something than to have already nearly grown out of it by the time it is finished.

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