Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We're Off - be back Sunday night!

Mouse claims this never happened.. but we have photographic evidence.

We're off to the Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio!
Mark's parents will check in on the animals while we're gone.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Chris said...

Have a great weekend!

mrspao said...

Have a great time!!

Carrie K said...

Have fun!

Those kitty (and puppy) pix are adorable! Your crafts are amazing.

Vleeptron Dude said...

what kind of ham? amateur radio, or the swine thing?

Hi Dame RheLynn!

Big news! Our cat Benedict Spinoza Cat was chosen as Cat Of The Day, and is awaiting your admiration!

Unhappily, Benny and his bestest pal Elmer Elevator the Main Coon Cat celebrated by finding a burrow of newborn bunnies. To date, 3 adorable corpses in the basement. It's a jungle out there. I used to call Elmer "Starkweather," and now I call them both "Leopold and Loeb."


Okay, here's some Geek Stuph!!! Please visit Vleeptron to see a fascinating ancient astronomical stone circle -- which, with just a little luck, S.W.M.B.O. and I may visit this summer!

So like, where the heck are you now? MN? TN? If MN, are you happy? I always got really good hits off MN, I think it rawks! I heard the Boundary Waters are having fires, but hie yourself thither at the first safe opportunity!

RheLynn said...

Ham radio - no swine there ;) except maybe being sold by the food vendors. The HARA arena staff make a mean pizza slice! Mark is into scanners, and I've rekindled my interest in shortwave radio.

We're in TN, and very happy :) Haven't heard of BW fires recently, but yes, they do happen and it is very hard to fight them simply because there are a lot of restrictions (I've heard) about how to get equipment up there and how quickly it can be done.

I'll check our your kitty later today after we unpack!