Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finished Bird Spirit Mask

The last time you saw the bird mask, it still had to have all the symbols painted on it, and the disks made and attached. It is now done.

I am selling it on Etsy, and starting another, of a different type of animal. The purpose of the project wasn't to keep the mask - it was to use technique and skill to achieve the form imagined. I wanted to see the reoccurring images of these animal masks come out of my artworks and into the 'real world' as pieces of art.

My Reading: The symbols I used on the outside of the mask read basically 'Protector of Life.' On the inside of the mask, they read 'Seeker of Lifepath.' This isn't of any specific religion or ethnic culture, but rather a mixture of symbolism, language and mythology from many cultures I have studied over the years. This is the kind of bird mask that shows up in my random-line drawings like in the samples seen below.

General Reading: I see this kind of bird spirit, and the use of the mask in the drawings, as both a messenger and a giver of knowledge. The image or form of the bird can also be a medium for seeking such knowledge, depending on how it appears in the drawing. Birds have superior vision, the capability to escape to other places and return quickly. Birds bring messages from the spirit world, or secret knowledge that otherwise would not be accessible to the person receiving it.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the process of this mask designed and made.
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Jennifer said...

I like it! Very nice work.

Jeanne said...

Very cool. I like it alot.

Lynn said...

I was wondering how the bird mask was coming. Looks great!

Oh I talked about you in a document I wrote today for a counterpart of mine.
They wanted my insight on Automatic Writing.
You came into it in the form of....
There is a woman I know who does Automatic Drawing.......
It helped explain the idea of channeling as an outlet.
So, were your ears burning because someone was talking about you? hee hee

mrspao said...

It looks great!

Chris said...

Really creative and cool!

Vleeptron Dude said...

I don't know if Geeky Girl e-mails comments to you automatically, but if you find my Geek comments annoying here, please let me know.

Nevertheless, these bird spirit masks are totally dreamy! This morning S.W.M.B.O. (She Who Must Be Obeyed) was watching a show on HGTV about something I never saw before: making Topsy-Turvy dolls! They're exquisite! I love 'em!

Hope you and cats are well. I know a dog who attacked a porcupine THREE times! (And he wasn't even an Old Dog, just a Real Dumb Dog.)

Okay, I'll keep this Geek Intrusion short. Here's a little puzzle for your Geeky side:

and I mentioned you and your QuickSort win!