Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pogo Pictures

I asked Mark to take some picture of me to send to my Mom in Minnesota. Pogo has a funny 'What are we doing?' expression here as she tries to wiggle out and jump down.

This morning she was a little ball of energy attacking anything with ears or a tail. Mouse finally asked for solace outside and then Puck got hit by the Kitten Cannonball.

This tree frog with a white stripe was visiting one of our outside windows last night.

I still have some painting to do on the mask - then to try out my idea for the disks on the side. We leave for the Dayton trip next Wednesday, so there is a lot to prepare!


Chris said...

Crazy kitten energy!!

Chris said...

Oh! Thank you for the lovely artist's card!! I must get a teeny tiny frame for it - it's wonderful!

mrspao said...

That photo of you and Pogo is brilliant :)