Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In Our Yard (and a knitting update)

Thanks for everyone who sent sympathy to Pogo. The swelling in her nose was gone by the next morning. The next time I saw her playing with a mud-dauber (a type of wasp - less sting) she was very careful and cautious about it. So, perhaps a valuable lesson learned :)

A funny thing happened in our yard today... Alas, it was not a photographable event. It was over before I stopped laughing about it. DeeDee and Blaze (two of the Great Danes) were standing staring into their water dish, which is the auto-fill type. Every time they would dip their head, they would shoot back up and look at each other. As I got close enough to see - there was a LARGE FROG sitting in the dish that was guarding the waterdish from two very confused dogs! Every time they tried to get a drink he would splash and hop as if to say 'Go Away Dog - MINE!' DeeDee eventually took her nose and pushed him hard to the other side (brave dog) and took a drink anyway.

Here are some shots from our yard, which is still bustling with life. And a knitting update on the circular shawl.

A hummingbird at our feeder.

Our strawberry patch is producing ample quantities for waffles and milkshakes. Amazing, if you knew how big it is!

A pretty yucca plant out by the garden.

A close-up shot of the yucca flowers.

The circular shawl is now 17 inches in diameter. Of course, the other 19 inches of diameter are going to take a lot more work to get than these past 17... gotta keep knitting.


Chris said...

Oh, too bad about not getting a picture of the frog stand off! Mmmm... fresh strawberries...

Jennifer said...

Love the story about the frog. That's one brave frog! Great Danes are huge!

Anonymous said...

I would really have loved a picture of two big dogs held at bay by a frog!! Cute!!

Lynn said...

Wow lots going on. I found a package I thought I mailed to you. But it got put under something. I will get it in the mail this week.
The stripes on the shawl are fantastic!

mrspao said...

Your garden looks great. I love the photo of the hummingbird.

Glad to hear Pogo is better!

Obsidian Kitten said...

that was indeed one brave frog! lol

i do miss the yucca flowers. but prickly! you could nearly needle-felt with those things.

great hummingbird photo. i love those little guys.