Thursday, May 03, 2007

Painting and miscellaney

Misha tries hard to pretend to sleep while Pogo goes after her tail

I try out a little painting before finishing the bird mask.

Playing around with some small samples

Strangely mechanical and yet anatomical -- not sure why I like it.

Cha Cha Cha!

I have the bird mask 3/4 of the way sewn over with fabric. I bought some craft paints today to use on it - and a small pad of acrylic paper to try some things out on. When I was in school they called my paintings 'stylistic Expressionist'... not sure, but this is just warming up. Mark also got out his G.I. Joes to look through for Ebay and we took turns setting them up with the equipment for pictures. As you can see above, it got silly at one point ;)

Hope you're all having a good week - the divorce proceedings were forwarded yet another time due to mislaid paperwork at my lawyer's office. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh joy. Nothing like dragging it all out even more and this time it's your own lawyer's fault. [sigh].

Interesting paintings!

Mischa is a saint.

Anonymous said...

Cool paintings.

I think you should smack your lawyer. Just a little.

Jeanne said...

Misha is very patient. I like the paintings. I agree you should smack your lawyer.

Chris said...

I'm with Jeanne - smack that lawyer! They should give you a credit or something.

mrspao said...

I love Misha's face - she is lovely!

Sorry to hear about your lawyerly woes.