Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bird Mask continues...

I say I get a lot out of my dreams, and my art ... this bird mask is an extension of a project that takes elements from both.

First I finished the sewing of the fabric to the wireframe.

Then I sat down and planned out what the decorations and symbols should be.
I didn't intend for it to look like Spiderman... but while putting the background into the picture I realized it kind of does! *eep* Well, those are the colors this should be, so if it shares them with Spiderman it does hehe.

Interpreting the Art: This is meant to be a dream or spirit mask. It is covered in 'good' symbols from my artwork. A bird is a common symbol of a giver or deliverer of messages. The symbols inside and out on this mask 'talk' about seeing the path, and protecting life. The deep rust-red colour is a tie to the earth.

Put the first coats of red and gold paint on the mask and let it dry

I'll be continuing this project later - it will take some careful pencil drawing and painting to get it to look like the plan. I'm not sure what to put for the 'life' disks that are hanging like 'ears' either -- will have to think up what materials will work best for that.


Chris said...

How much later??

RheLynn said...

I'll finish the base coats on the inside and bottom of the beak -- then take some time with a pencil sketching the symbols out.

So, probably a few days at least, before anything is more photoworthy again ;)

Jennifer said...

This is so interesting to watch form!

mrspao said...

Looks intriguing.