Friday, July 05, 2024

we're in the long work weekend

well the chart is done - 15 languages in total, for the week, and I'm coming up on two months with working through the Russian course three lessons at a time - I like their format, and may continue the B1 French course when this one finishes (I'm halfway through, it says) or switch over to Spanish and see if that can help me a bit more.


2 am: Super long day-after-holiday, gotten so used to the holiday packages being worked on the holiday but this year we were told to take the 4th off and we did.. but that doesn't mean the packages aren't there waiting for us for the next day, along with the packages that would have been there anyway!  It was just a taste of what the extra surge of the sale later this month will bring us, I guess.. Christmas in July sort of thing.  I crashed after dinner and got up a few minutes ago to do some Catalan and let the dogs and cats in and out. 

When I was delivering mail today I had to go to a certified mail at someone's door and the first waft of their pizza-type food that came out of their house when they opened the door smelled wonderful on an empty stomach, but then the 'back half' of the odor hit me and I could tell it was a chemical food-product and not real food.  And that turned my stomach a little, so I knew I wanted real food when I got home.  I went and ate a pop tart while delivering anyway, but sometimes you get what you can get, until you can get better - and I was trying to drink enough and eat a little to keep myself from getting a headache.

Saw a recipe Carottes Râpées (French grated carrot salad).. makes me think, although I'd really like it about halfway cooked like noodles.  We still have that big bag of carrots to use - and I haven't felt like soup lately and Esme is cooking more little things for herself especially when I'm at work - although she needs to work more on the real food part and not just microwave or cans.  I say that, but the way I learned to cook was circumstances of not having anything easy to cook available - and I don't want to put that on her entirely, either.. part of mine was learned at home as a kid and even moreso when I was in college.  Tonight was a long one at work, so I got home late, and she had just eaten a big sandwich just before I walked in the door, and Mark was getting ready to cook himself a hamburger.  So, I used fresh cherry type tomatoes from the garden today, along with peppers and onions and a few tablespoons of hamburger Mark cooked extra for me, and taco seasoning, and a few tablespoons of rice.  I needed some 'real food' and that fit well enough along with some peanut butter toast.  I eat a lot of peanut butter. 

It will be hot again tomorrow, as well. Another day of delivering tomorrow... work at putting myself back to bed. 

update, 8pm : It was actually a fairly short route, which was good as I was starting out with that bit of a headache, and was still battling it when I got home.  Lots of broth, a bath, dinner with cucumber sauce on pizza (B vitamins) and lots and lots more liquids.  It is 8 pm and I'm headed for sleep again.  I just started on the Danish today on the phone and on the computer - it was one of those I avoided because I had so many other irons in the fire I didn't need more - but after doing Japanese today, and making myself take an extra break to drink more liquid -  I thought - why not?  It is a lot like German, which is also like Swedish and Finnish, and it sort of makes a little rounded parallelogram there as I am learning the words that are close to the words I know, and some identical, but all jammed together a little different. 

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