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Tourne à droite et textiles



I was thinking on textiles again last night, and working a bit on the navy item above - and then started another small pouch one and got it almost all the way to done, in comparison, the one above isn't too much wider but the density of the weave is much much tighter.  I have that bigger rug to finish in orange and grey (crochet, acrylic scraps), and I keep saying to myself I need to make new kitchen dishcloths (knit in cotton) again.  And this is another reason I feel I don't have enough time to make a lot of things to sell at the markets right now... or in September even, as I barely make time to make the things I want to use in my home, but I'm trying to make time for that, at least.

It's going to be very very hot today, especially if it does not rain.  So, I watered the garden in the early morning and just went out and got some vegetables and milk and bread etc. this morning - and then retreated back into the cool house.  I've done a little bit of language exercise - and we were trying to get some pictures of the tile set Mark has made for my Czech spelling.

 jam, carrot, seven, hoe, tiger, dishwasher, wing, wave, claws, garage, frog, apple, cheese, straw, barn, wire

Hey, I remember them all, too!


I really liked that 'plateau' last night that I felt, for at least that moment, that I was doing about the best I could for the day and I had done a LOT.. four loads of laundry, dishes twice, cooking, languages, gardening... and then I took time with music and that green and navy weaving until I was tired enough to sleep.

I did Greek and even Japanese this morning, but as you can see by the title. the French review is on my mind.  I should listen to some radio or podcast or something...after I do the Russian lesson.  I also still need to cook my eggplant lunch, since I settled for using up leftovers last night - the last bit of our pork barbeque leftover from last week, refried with peppers and tomato on a few pancakes and with peaches on the side- which was a huge dinner but Esme ate it with me.  


I had read something about the heat-related thing that my inner knee, just to the left/right of the kneecap on the inside, does swelling when it's hot, and the veins popping out there (but nowhere else, my weird body *sigh* probably harder for people with Ehlers Danlos syndrome and hEDS in general, as I'm reading up on it now) and realized I hadn't been getting or eating bananas lately because of the heat and how they don't keep so well then - and that bananas, and peaches, and making sure you are drinking enough fluids (I never drink enough normally, even when it's NOT hot, I have this thing about the pH of water and choking on it, so I drink mostly coffee and very specific liquids I have come to tolerate, like the kool-aid/tea mixture I bring cold in my thermos) and not sitting putting hard pressure on your legs all day long is the key to all of that -- I have only had trouble the past two years in the hottest part of the year with it - and it was odd I hadn't connected the bananas <--> hottest part of the year bit, but yes, I tend to stave off them for a month or two there, and I need to stop doing that and buy one or two and stick them in the fridge and make sure I eat them...  they turn black on the outside in the fridge, but a day or two they're still good to eat plain, and anything beyond that they can still be baked with


with tomorrow a holiday, and then work the next two days after that - I expect the variety to fall off... we'll see what happens.  I'm glad I got what I consider some of the harder languages in today.  I need to keep up with the Japanese it can get so easy sometimes to just let the words 'fall to pieces' in the hiragana and be staring at it trying to guess instead of decode and remember... but for not having done it for several months I still did good - one or two errors, and a good refresher on vocabulary.  In Greek I consistently got 'seventeen' wrong *smack forehead*.. guess there's a gap there and I've got to write it out a couple of times (along with several other words, to reinforce the differences)


Sauce Recipe for Eggplant :

light olive oil, water, balsamic vinegar - set in pan to heat

add 1.5 tablespoons to 2 tablespoons brown sugar (not packed)

stir while adding 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, and a large squeeze of lime juice

once heated, add about 1/4 tsp of less of garlic powder (Mark says I always put in more garlic than other people can survive next to *ha*) or however much minced garlic you want 

taste, and adjust ingredients if needed - there is a taste right in the middle of everything balanced that is SO good - for stronger sauce, less water at the beginning, but you'll have to watch the soy sauce and oil with the sugar closer as well

This same sauce is really good on kale - wash the kale, make the sauce, and then put the kale in the pan with the sauce and place a cover on it, steaming the kale in the sauce.  Maybe add some red peppers to that and it would be amazing.

I baked five small thai eggplants in some sauce at 350 degrees while I made other things - but putting them in the recipe below makes their skins less hard

What I made Esme tonight : 

light olive oil

1 large tomato cut up

a good handful of frozen onion

a handful of frozen kielbasa pieces

three kinds of frozen peppers (orange, yellow and green banana peppers)

some sauce from above PLUS some smoked paprika

I served that to her beside some of the chicken rice she likes and peaches from the last of the big can we had opened up a few days ago.  I put several strips of eggplant and some extra sauce on my plate with a bit of aged white cheddar on each piece.  It doesn't look great, and it's a bit slimy, but it tasted pretty good anyway.  I never get even that good of a result from trying to cook the large 'regular' eggplants - the long skinny ones seem to be the best fit for me.  Although, I'd like to get more eggplant after another week or so and make it in the recipe to get it written down better.

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