Sunday, July 07, 2024


Did package run, had a lunch date cancelled but picked up an avocado and came home and made good food.  Esme said she had already eaten - so made the recipe down below.  I have another heavy shift tomorrow.  I've continued some Danish - interesting mix of the other languages coming into focus there - and did Japanese and French and Spanish today so far, as well as the Russian course I've been working on.  Not charting now, though.  Will sit down with some yarn and work on something while it is still so very hot outside, do the laundry, and then will head out to the garden perhaps as I didn't water this morning (but did last night)

Have gotten several of these plum tomatoes from the plants I bought at our local high school plant sale.  They aren't what I expected, at all - these plants.. but they're producing something.  I've got a sneaking suspicion they are also determinate - but we'll hold the flag out for a bit longer on that.  I'm still waiting for the first blush of pink on the other tomato plant.  I had a couple of leaves from the small collard patch, as well, to check the taste. 

tomatoes billed as : 'Gardener's Favorite' I bought at a plant sale 
earlier this year, not quite what I expected!

Recipe :

light olive oil, frozen yellow squash, frozen greens bag (kale, nasturtiums and other bits from last fall - wow, it was good though, in the whole mix) and some 'chicken parmesan' 'skillet seasonings' mix I've been using up

half of a (regular sized, slicing type) tomato, cut up, added to the above mixture as it started to heat up - I stashed the other half of that large tomato in the freezer

cut up avocado, put it on my plate

stirred in about four tablespoons of rice, added black pepper

served with a torn up tortilla

Danish : (for spelling practice)

dejlig - lovely

hyggeligt - cozy

undskyld - excuse me / sorry

hvor - how

engelsk - English

En dejlig aften : A cozy evening

Det er hyggeligt - That is cozy

Et hyggeligt hus - A cozy house

Kan du hygge dig - Have a cozy time

Hvor er det hyggleligt - How cozy 

Jeg hygger mig med dig - I am having a cozy time with you

bit : I had read somewhere - in one of my culture lessons maybe even a year ago - about the French habit of lightly perfuming their pillowcases and even their body at night, often with lavender, to assist with sleep.  And they will often use a different scent on their body during the day and when out in the evening to differentiate to their subconscious when they smell the other scent it is 'rest' time vs active time.  At the time that I read it, the article didn't make much of an impression on me.  But, I have remembered it.  I usually use an hour of music on my computer set at a low level when my brain can't slow down.  Once the music has proceeded through the album song by song, it shuts off, and if I haven't fallen asleep by the time I hear that last song - I might get up and put on a different playlist.   However, a few times this week I did put a little bit of lavender scent along my shoulders, since I already had a lavender scented lotion.  We'll see.  I can't say if it worked well or not, until I've tried it a few more times.

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