Tuesday, July 02, 2024

bit o bit my brain moves fast, my body doesn't



We went to the farmer's market last night and spent three hours there, only sold a few plants - but we bought from the other vendors so much we didn't even break even *ha* but good sourdough bread, and a few fresh vegetables, and a big handful of pineapple mint (never seen that before, it smells wonderful) that I washed and put on the dehydrator all night hoping to make some tea with it.  I made a chicken and yellow-tomato and pasta dish for Esme and I and we ate some sourdough with it.  I crashed hard about ten pm, with dogs bouncing me up twice during the night.

So, up at 4:30 am.. why?  I don't know.  I was disturbing myself dreaming about trying to find a vanity cabinet and top for someone with a 14 inch sidesplash (if you know, you know) and it has been a good long time since I dreamt about my old work - so, gah, up and at 'em...  did Italian and Spanish and Latvian, did the dishes, fed the chickens, went out to the garden and had a very nice 'not on a schedule' shower and hair routine that I usually don't have any time for.  Did a bit of German and my Busuu Russian course.  Laundry, more kicking around the garden, water stuff, fertilize, talk to a hummingbird, look at morning glories, pick a few things (lime basil! strawberries!), make an omelette and use up the rest of my rice.  I've made more dishes.  *sigh*  I think about the 'luxury' on my plate compared to my ancestors.  I think about how much I value it compared to others - and how little it feels in comparison to something like an electric bill.  Kick around the garden a third time feeding banana-peel water and egg-shell water to a few things, and found some lemon cucumbers!


Did more German and Latvian again to see if anything from earlier (correcting mistakes) stuck to my head, a few did.  Wonder if I'll do French later on my phone, yea maybe.  Give a good think about whether I need to read my library book (Hello Beautiful World Where are You, Susan Rooney) or it's still depressing - still depressing, I'd rather clean - so I guess that book is still motivating somehow.  Clean things up a little, trying to kick myself to do the rest of the laundry and wash some bedding.  It would be nice - I have the time, but I haven't folded the clothes out of the dryer and the towels are in the washer, so I'm in limboland until I push myself to fold the dryer stuff.


I am planning on cooking something a bit more elaborate for lunch later - thai eggplants and tomato - and yet, Esme won't really like that, a bit more limboland.. but we have pizza if they want something else.  Nod.  I should bake more as well, finished the last of my homemade pound cake yesterday.  I should pick blackberries if there are any - but I've already kicked around the garden three times now and it's going to be hot later.. if I get into things, I could end up doing a lot, or I could just pick at the edges and water and weed here and there and think about a hundred more things than I do.  <--that's me in a nutshell.  And now I've had all that breakfast and it will probably hold me for quite a while if I get involved in something else, so I'm wondering about pushing lunch to dinner.  I should make some more rice, but the glass container I put up the rice in (to serve for several meals) is now in the sink.  

 Sit down and write this.... it's not even eleven am!

the lemon cucumbers - they were hiding under leaves on very small plants - but they're ripe and ready to be used in sauce.

updated : my ambition fell off after dinner and I just did French review on phone, and then again on computer

noon : folded the laundry. *there were no fireworks*

Planted three potatoes that were in the chit stage, and some old white scallop squash seeds that needed to go out or throw out.  Saw a little skink run across the wellhouse and it was yelling Panic!  Minion thought that was hilarious - and she was following me a bit because it was shady there.  She watched me give water to the chickens, and hung out in the weeds.  She said no I'm fine, you go inside, I'm going to sit here and watch the birds.

I wanted to add that I've been doing something new for the past few weeks with my email.  I took a night to just EMPTY everything I didn't need.  And now I delete almost everything every morning out of all the folders - and basically, whenever I'm in there - if it's not save material it's gone almost immediately -  it's a little weird thing but I know it makes other people feel better and somehow I feel it's nice to see it empty as well, not stacking up in the thousands, who knows what is hiding in the depths sort of thing.  Modernity.  Gah.

nine pm - good, did things, felt like I made some progress on things, made rice, cut forage of lespedeza and ragweed to feed to the chickens, gave the dogs a treat of scrambled eggs, made a good dinner for Esme and I, watered the garden again (and Esme fed chickens, and I fed cats), Mark and I watched a movie, I finished the laundry, did dishes (again), wove a bit on two different projects, listened to some music while I did that, and sort of felt a plateau

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