Sunday, July 07, 2024

bit o bit o the onwards

 At one a.m. thoughts

Lately when scrolling in between language programs after work and before dinner or sleep: kick self to get 'onward' and go do something (either more language, yarn, clean, garden etc), fall over about 8 or 8:30 pm if I'm working the next day

And also at midnights : get up and poke around, usually because a dog has whined they want out, but sometimes just a dream shortcircuits my thinking with some impossible setup or realization... pour coffee, open duolingo, fall into same routine of scrolling after the coffee is done and the language program has gotten done, look up at the clock, kick self to get 'onward' and go back to bed, try to get some more sleep before 5:30 am rolls around, stare at the alarm with one eye, push snooze until nearly 6 am or the dog has whined too much to fall back asleep for ten more minutes

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