Friday, December 11, 2020

Spotlight in Palima Castle : Atrium and secret tunnels

detail post about some of the elements at Palima Castle 

Palima is built for defense, quick escape / movement around the base and also to house the people who will keep this area safe in an attack.  It is hard to do all these things at once - and the families that live here know the danger they are in being on the Frontier.  This post showcases some of the protective details built into the castle and surrounding area.


Palima Castle lies South and West of Whitmoor, and is the defense between Whitmoor, Vaya village and the country of Kriganzy. Read the story of Palima for more on this...

The Atrium, seen from above.  The trapdoor panels in the wall can be brought down to shoot things with a crossbow, or walk out on to the lattice structure and back again

The downwards staircase in the Atrium leads down to barracks room that has tunnels going out to four places in the castle.  One tunnel comes up near the mines beside Garan's house, to the left, another on the other side in the barracks room underneath Rega's house.  A third tunnel comes up straight into the docks area (seen below) in the back of the castle, and a fourth runs long and comes up in Rygo's house at the stables in the back of the complex.  

 Dagan Weller's house with Helena Robinson on the left, Rega Vandreas' house  (with Dagan's youngest sister Bevy) tucked into the back of the castle (with a dormer room that comes up in the hill)

There is a door in the dock area here that goes down into the barracks room and mine entrance under the castle.  Dagan can come down from his house to the left with the villagers that live on the plain and get into the safety of the castle fairly quickly.  Another tunnel is planned (in the future) from this place behind the plain, but what is holding up construction is it will need to be defended as enemies could sneak in unawares otherwise.  Since no one is available full time at the moment to protect such an entrance with a house or guard station, it has been put on the back burner.

There is a natural cave here with entrances into the mines below the castle.  It could be used as an escape route if someone knew the way well, or if it was constructed with a better tunnel.  In the future it is planned to have someone construct a house or a new guard tower here to help protect the plains area a bit more.  The population of Palima has to grow just a bit more, as everyone present has plenty of work to do already!


The blacksmith building and the barracks house / stables

Rygo Vandreas and his wife Joan Arwen live in an apartment tucked to the side and above the ride-through stables.  The barracks has an underground tunnel leading back to the castle barracks, and just behind the stables there is a natural cave leading further East that outlets near the river.

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