Sunday, December 20, 2020

Bright Mountains castle (alternate saga)

 This is the castle for 'Around the Bright Mountains' which was supposed to be a short story about a shipwreck and the community that came out of it... I rolled for both Rivertown and this one a few times in early October, and then continued with Rivertown and left Bright Mountains dormant.

I decided to use that world today for some quick draw play, and built this in creative mode.  It took four hours from start to finish.

The quick sketch plan:

and a few shots of in-progress work (Finished below)
in the beginning... 
after the towers..
I told myself it was okay they weren't identical... I was doing this for fun
  in progress (above and below)
It is like playing with a 3D puzzle except I have to pull the pieces out of thin air and nobody gave me an exact plan to go by...

 and from there it was just making sure all the rooms were sealed and had doors and stairs to them etc...
And now the finished images 
Finished : front of castle 

Finished : Back of castle, stable side

Finished : side of castle - side dock

Finished : back of castle - central view

castle and town at night (with the Bright Mountains namesake in background) 

one of the town houses 

a view of the little stable building in back

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