Thursday, December 05, 2019

The Shadow of the Bird

There was a bird clinging to the side of a tree, digging in with his claws facing the sunrise.  It's shadow was hard and dark just underneath it, against the bark of the tree.  I saw it dig in even harder with its feet at the moment just before it launched itself into the air.  The physical bird flew upwards and away.  At the same time its shadow lightened to a fuzzy smear, falling down the tree towards the ground, but disappearing into nothingness.

It surprised me.  It felt wrong at first, like I had been tricked.  It felt wrong at first, even though I knew in my brain that science should produce exactly what I saw.  That moment was such a normal everyday thing.  Why did I feel surprised?  Have I become that unaccustomed to looking, and really seeing?  As a society, many of us have ceased to go to Nature, and to see these things every day.  It becomes an unusual occurrence, practiced by few.  My instinct had forgotten the truth until I saw it again with my eyes.  How did we get to where watching birds in trees has become a rarity instead of the natural way of things?

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