Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Revivified Workspace

(done shots at bottom)

 this morning
 getting closer

 painting I did last night to complement the drawing from the other morning
I finally was able to get the easel  and all the paints back together upstairs and in a good spot

just have a bit more sorting out to do and  I will have a choice of three different surfaces to work at and the painting station or sewing machine or reading computer work at the desk  This will allow more than one project to be 'out' at any time and not being messed up by the others or in anyone's way

Esme's desk, printer papers, coats and part of the books we are going to be putting back on the shelves.  A crochet project out and getting progress done on it row by couple of rows, some drawing materials out to take a sketch as the thought comes, clipboards on the wall one for my remodeling program and the other for my daily to do's, the medical device side job I picked up and writing odd bits of poetry/sayings on

And the big wide space in between it all.  And the light coming in.  And no huge wall of stuff enmasse behind me.  It all really does have an effect, on mood, on productivity, and on motivation.

Little other things, that don't really 'bother' me when they aren't here, but make it nicer when they are - my covered wooden dish Bev's husband made, my cat drawing that I wanted up somewhere, the favorite camelhair brushes that were lost in the mix and suddenly showed up once I started sorting everything to its spaces...nuclear physics books and star charts and other things that although I don't 'need' them and I rarely even look at them, they are there and sometimes I used to take a break and go 'eye wander' chemical equations and math and stars and ancient art and then go back to my drawing board and have new ideas.

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