Monday, December 16, 2019


It was raining and pouring this morning.  Lightning.. Nature's distant show of force, Esme says this morning that cultures all over the world have been frightened of it, it is coming to get you on the ground, the sound in the air etc...  She jumped a little bit when the flashing lights of the bus seriously reminded us of the lightning from a few minutes before.  Even our dogs look out the door at the rain, worry, hear the sound and then run back up the stairs.  A moment before they were doing the 'dog circus' dance four sets of paws dancing and stepping in a rhythmic beat as good as any alarm clock... come downstairs, open the door!  As I return from the bus stop, the remarkably orange and fluffy cat sits in the threshold hiding from the wet and asking plaintively to get inside.  I walk up the stairs and reach for the handle, shaking the wet off of myself, as well.  Mark asks why I am now taking Esme up in the car every morning, instead of walking like years previously.. well, accept that I've changed my mind.  The weather has been seriously terrible lately... bu at least it is not snow.

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