Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday apple barrel

They brought the barrel into the house workshop (downstairs on the concrete) and talked over the project.   She told Daddy she knew what to do - it was in her head.. he asked her to lay out the steps for him, she got to 'three'.. and decided she would write down a plan after all.

We washed the barrel outside and then Daddy cut it down the middle after we marked it.  Then we washed it inside and out again, and used the other half for planning.

We measured with the measuring tape, decided the size of the triangles and the distance between them, got some cardboard and cut pieces out to 'test the theory', and it seemed to work.   Then we drew all of the pieces out on wood for Daddy to cut with the saw.  She had to use a square and a marker to make the triangles (with my help).

She did a great job with the electric screwdriver, and put in seven of the eight screws for the triangle braces.

Testing it out - it fits.

 Trying it out - it works!

We did the project!
And now it is cleanup and rest before we do the more 'traditional' school stuff...

9.30a    - construction project, apple bobbing trough. - moving in, washing, cutting barrel, more washing
10.15a    - break
10.45a    - more construction - planning, trying out theory  marking and cutting wood, starting to construct.
12.30p    - break; trough finished.

After the project we took a small break and when she came back upstairs Daddy asked me if we should do P.E. or read.  I asked her - she said she wanted to do P.E.!

1.15p    - PE (30x 10lb bench press, 10x 10lb deadlift, 
              50 situps, 50x 2lb R&L curls,
Each time Daddy asks her what exercise she WANTS to do, and how many - we ask her 'really?' - and she says 'really really'... and each time she actually DID that many, with some breaks on the situps at every ten... 
After that, I suggested she snuggle up in the knitted blanket on the bed with me and read some - which she agreed to.  She just kept going and going on it.. she really liked this story as it had lots of 'gross' in it.

1.45p    - Reading aloud (Frannie Stein- Frantastic Voyage) 
              She wanted to go on and finish the book - so we did.
2.45p    - done - although she wanted to go play Frisbee outside in the sun and then we had her feed and gather eggs from the chickens, too.

As we were finishing the project she said she couldn't wait - when she went back to school (?) she would tell her friends all about using an electric screwdriver.  We just nodded along - she gets it some days and others she thinks she is going back 'next year'... we'll still have to see.  At this point she would be even MORE bored in that same sort of public school class..and not have anywhere near the choices and consideration we are giving her.  We still make her do things - like worksheets, and not 'drama' ... but we do listen to her and involve her with the day's events... which leads to her learning more about what she can really 'do.'

She told me the other day that she was glad she wasn't at school for the 'when there is trouble and it's my fault, even when it isn't.'... I thought that was an interesting note for her.. she said it kind of off-hand, while watching a Johnny Test cartoon... and that was that.  We didn't elaborate, I just said 'Yea..' and agreed that shouldn't happen.

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