Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Adventure Day, writing, reading log

Adventure Day today, with Daddy - in the forest.  Then she had to write about what she saw.  Mark said she was very reluctant at first to write - she has been that for a LONG time, but he got her past the initial huff and some remark about it being too hard and she just kept going after that.
Last night she read four chapters of Franny K. Stein 'The Fran with Four Brains', and we should finish some more of that tonight.  She read Happy Halloween Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt with me at the lake - switching pages here and there for her to read and then I read one.  We've started keeping a reading log on paper and also one here on the blog.

Mark did math with her, addition and place value, a list sorting activity,spelling families from her 1st grade list,  and let her do a find-a-word puzzle. 

Mark said she did have some small complaint today about how hard this is going to be compared to what she thought - and maybe she should go back to her school... but that was short-lived and by the time I came home she was saying 'And we do this all at our home, and it is what we choose, when we choose it!'  After that she told me about playing tigers in the woods, asked me to play Frisbee and ran around the lake area quite a bit.

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