Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday scrabble night

This morning she came up to my bed and asked 'Can I have a break for cartoons before we start the school today?'  Well, it was a good and complete question!  And she didn't ask 'Do we have to have school today?'

9a    - Worksheets, punctuation, math, shapes
10a    - reading aloud (Bears in the Night, Reptiles book)
10.30a    - PE (30x 5lb deadlift, 20x situp, 50x 10lb bench press)
10.45a    - Writing practise
11.15a    - lunch break

12.30p    - ditch digging (helping Daddy move gravel in front of the garage, and talking about purpose)
1.30p    -
3p    - done

When I got home from work she wanted to make a cake, but we didn't have a good recipe or quite enough butter.  Daddy asked her to explain her objections to going to town all by herself and getting us more butter.  She laid them out pretty well - she can't drive the truck, if she walked the bears will eat her and it would take forever, and she had no money.  There is a brain starting to operate in there!   So, Daddy suggested we play Scrabble - and she helped add up the tile scores, search for words and learned more about how to fit possible words into the ongoing game.  She came in second place out of three :)  Most of her words were short but she made a few good ideas and we pointed out other things to her when she was stumped.  As her vocabulary improves she is going to kick tail in Scrabble just like Grandma :)

We read a few Shel Silverstein poems before bedtime.  She liked the push button one where the belly button just makes burps.

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