Thursday, October 16, 2014

catch-up for Wednesday

We took Monday and Tuesday off from 'official' school.. as Esme's school district had the entire week off.
But, Wednesday was planned from the start to be a big day.
I have to work again today, so will post Thursday later today I hope, or tomorrow...


8.30a    - PE (30x 10lb bench press, 20x sit up, 30x 2lb curl R&L,
      20x 5lb lift)

9a    - Reading
9.30a    - Worksheets: math, maze

9.45a    - eeko creatures
    - Statue of liberty quiz

10.30a    - break

11a    - Tractor service, storm cleanup @ grandma's
11.30a    - Potato peeling and cooking

12p    - lunch break

12.45p    -
1.30p    - school journal
1.45p    - done

Then I got home from work at 2:30, left with Grandma for town at 3, and she ran with kids at the playplace until nearly 6:30 pm while we waited for Grandma to finish shopping.  She ordered her own drink,practicing speaking in a clear voice and not being shy - and spoke with several people I knew from work.  She listened well to me, came down from the playplace when I had questions, and when she had questions.

She played well with older and younger children.  We went out to get ice cream and she left her friends okay - was a little sad some of them had to leave before we got back..they were sad, too... but Esme kept her attitude mostly up.  I was impressed that she was very helpful and kind at the Walmart.  She wanted something reasonable on the way over to get Grandma - instead of a toy, because she has toys (nice comment).. she wanted a snack she likes.  I told her that was a reasonable request, and we would look for it before we found Grandma in the store. She was helpful in the line but fell asleep on the way home *heh*.. it was a long day for all of us (I was up at 3:50 am to start this all out.. so very long for me, another one today)

On the way home she asked me how phones were invented.
I think we need to cover just how sound is recorded, first - how it USED to be recorded physically, and now is recorded digitally - and then we can make the leap between how phones were INVENTED and how they work today.  So, science topics!

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